"Walk Like Thunder"

by Skylar Belt

Courtesy of Meg Zulch

Courtesy of Meg Zulch

I'm about to leave to go outside

but before I go Im looking in the mirror,

checking to make sure my outfit looks good,  

that my hair is in the just right spot.


My partner is there with me

watching me adjust my outfit,

and they tell me how cute I look.

It makes me smile. A lot.

I leave



I pass by a tall lanky boy with a buzzed head.

He looks at me up and down, in utter confusion,

I keep walking.


I pass by a short tan boy wearing bright green sneakers

"Woah!" he blurts out as he stares at me,

I smile awkwardly

and walk faster.


Then I pass by an acquaintance

she has soft brown hair and wears a white summer dress

I try and wave hello as we brush past each other

but she keeps her head down at her feet

and doesn't say a word.


I walk a little faster

until I pass by a friend of mine,

She begins to wave at me and then stops


her eyebrows curl over each other.


"Skylar?"she asks.

"What are you doing?"


And I shrug

as if I dont know what shes referencing

"Just heading to class," I say

and I give her a big toothy grin

as I walk just a little bit faster.


Then I make it to a crowded area on campus

and I can feel eyes darting towards me

some refusing to look away

others anxiously avoiding me--


I shove my chin out with confidence

but I can feel my tights all too well around my legs

as if they're choking me.


I breathlessly retreat around a corner

and I pass by a person with denim overalls and short green hair

they casually say to me,

"Hey, I really like your dress."


And I smile. A lot.

I feel like I'm about to cry

but I slow down a bit and just keep walking.

Courtesy of Skylar Belt

Courtesy of Skylar Belt