October Horoscopes

By Allie Shyer

Aries: If work is grinding at your last sore nerve, ask yourself why you do what you do. If you cannot find a satisfying answer to this question then move on. For a fire sign passionless labor is a sin. You are willing to work so hard and burn so bright for projects that feel important and exciting to you. However, be sure that the decisions that you make this month are not impulsive. Remember that labor that allows you money and time to practice what you are passionate about is still labor in line with passion in a more indirect way. If your job feels unbearably dull then start finding an escape route that is practical and will allow you leeway into new options.

Taurus: You appreciate the tactile and sensory aspects of life, this is a strong foundation from which you generate and practice your passions. It is also a place of escape and solace for you. With the richness of the leaves changing, deep reds and rusting complex colors, the warm spiced smells and mossy decomposition of fall is a haven for you. Let the splendor of the exterior world provide inspiration for you. explore your leanings towards the baroque and the decadent, the marrow that lines a thing that touches death is sweet and fat. You have a unique proclivity to explore this dichotomy without being sucked into morbidity, but with a renewed passion for life itself.

Gemini: Sometimes you are unsatisfied because You want what you do not want. You are sometimes stepping on your own feet because you have two sets of feet. When you run you do not know if it is towards what draws you or what repulses you. This can make you lash out in anger when you get somewhere that you did not expect, particularly in romantic relationships. Instead of holding your partner to unrealistic expectations of fulfilling contradictory roles or desires, practice trust and transparency. Tell them your frustrations and exhaustions, tell them your insecurities. Ask with patience for partners and loved ones to help you sort through the things that are preventing you from finding satisfaction, and they will help you to gaindeeper knowledge of yourself and your desires this month.

Cancer: We exist in our own patterns based on memories of past actions. These patterns are deep set in our muscle memories and our coping mechanisms. They are presets solidified so long ago we are not even conscious of them anymore, but they have the ability to dominate our daily lives. It is so hard to get out of old habits. It is just as hard to deal with the popular rhetoric of “healthy and unhealthy” habits that often does little but make us feel shame for the way that we are going about our lives. It is important to reframe this conversation in your head. It is not about others perceptions about a healthy lifestyle or healthy habits. It is about being intentional in the way you choose to live your life. It is about seeing through a vision that you have for yourself. It is about fulfillment that does not come from doing the “right thing” or “the healthy thing” but from doing the thing you most sincerely want to do with clarity and honesty.

Leo: People are giving you contradictory advice about what you need to do to stay alive. You don’t show it but it’s wearing on you. Financial realities are starting to feel constricting this month, as they may prevent you from making the sexier career or life choice. Don’t get bogged down by what if’s. It’s ok to make a practical decision. You have so much life in you that you will find joy and adventure in the stuff of daily living, and you have the ability to inspire and excite people about what they are doing just by being around you. Use these abilities to keep you away from feelings of bleakness as you work towards larger goals.

Virgo: This month will be about setting boundaries, Virgo. Your energy is a precious and finite resource. You have to keep track of how it is being used and who it is using it in order to have enough left for yourself. If interactions with friends or co-workers are feeling draining for you it is ok to make yourself more scarce. If you worry about hurting others feelings by limiting your availability, tell them you will give exactly as much as you can, but you do not owe anyone your time or your energy; those who believe that you do are often trying to avoid harder conversations with themselves .

Libra: You build harmonies, but sometimes beauty can be found in the atonal and illogical. allow yourself to be surprised by something this month. Ordering chaos does not prevent chaos from existing, you can invite it into your life in a safe way. Invite the universe to surprise you by doing things you have never done before (it’s October, if you live in the midwest like me, it is the perfect time to find a gigantic corn maze and conquer that ish.) These small steps to be in tune with chaos will ultimately help you next time a bigger interruption knocks on your door.

Scorpio: A stirring up of deep seated patterns and unfounded fears will make you feel destabilized at the beginning of the month. As a sign so in tune with the depths of beauty in the more abject recesses of human emotion, you will have to be careful not to fetishize your own faults to a point of self destruction. It is good to wear your emotional labor as a part of your identity, but do not let it consume you. Can you engage in a dialogue with your own fear? Can you sit down and have a conversation with it? Can you invite it over to tea between the hours of one to four and then ask it to leave when it has overstayed its welcome?

Sagittarius: The perpetuity of an experience can make it hard for us to conceive of a different reality but no feeling is final. Now that you are stable, it is a good time to stretch out some emotional muscles that have been underutilized while you were in survival mode. We put things away for a time when we can use them. Take out what you have in storage, draw inspiration from old family photo albums, do what you can to ground yourself in your current reality so you have strong roots to help you stay grounded next time the wind blows.

Capricorn You, of all the zodiac are the master of exchanges. You are known for your savvy business sense, and you know how to strike a deal, but you still have a poetic leaning. You are fluent in exchanges because you are sensitive to the weights of relationships. Do you remember that O’henry story about the man who sold his prized watch to buy his wife a comb for her hair, while his wife was selling her hair to buy her husband a gold chain for his watch? Capitalism asks us to take humanity out of economic exchange in order for the ruin that it can create to be glossed over. If you forget this then you will be seceding your unique gift and your inherent intuition, Capricorn.

Aquarius Aquarius, you are always getting free, but what is free getting you? your obsession with liberation on a personal and global scale may lead you to shed things that are valuable. You travel light, but don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. In your quest for perpetual reinvention you are sometimes overly eager to cast away former iterations of yourself, instead of taking time to look back at those old yous and seeing what this new you can learn from them. Embrace your mistakes and your past instead of hiding from them, and you may find some hard won insight this month.

Pisces Don’t let them tell you to explain yourself this month, Pisces. Your unique eye creates a landscape that may seem strange for those who are not willing to take a second look. Trust in your vision, and that the people who need your work will find it and understand it. Do not struggle to translate your dreams or ideas into something more palatable for the general public.

by Robin Berryman 

by Robin Berryman