Hair: A Political Statement?

By Ashley Johnson

Courtesy of Ashley Johnson

Courtesy of Ashley Johnson

My hair

My crown

My roots

My hair defies gravity

The hair that is atop my head

Has been, for generations, for centuries


The braids on my head show history,

Status, class, culture

My bald head

Holds the bondage, the enslavement

The strength to move forward

My 'fro represents

The never-ending revolution 

Between me and the system

That presses me down

As I fight to get up

My dreads show

My fight, my eternal divinity

My stance on the forces against me

My straight hair

Shows the assimilation

And the transformation of


My hair is art

My hair is religion, faith

It holds so much power

It represents everything and

Nothing at once

Don't tell me that my hair isn't 

Good enough

My hair has withheld 

Generations of

Love, pain, anger

My hair reaches the skies

Carries the message of

My ancestors

I fight the power

With my hair

Injustices and manifestos


My hair is for me