November Horoscopes

By Allie Shyer

Aries: For the past few months you may have been feeling a lack of clarity in your romantic relationships or business partnerships. You are often perceived as confident and outspoken, but this lack of stability may have been throwing off your game as of late. As Mercury enters Scorpio, emotional honesty is in the tenor of the planets. Ask for the information you need, even if it might be a hard pill to swallow. Ultimately knowing will prove to be better than guessing.

Taurus: This month will be about courage for you, Taurus. About stepping outside of your comfort zone and challenging yourself to push your own boundaries. Hearth and home will provide the stability you need to grow and experiment in other aspects of your life, and the steps can be small. Maybe it’s finally sending out that manuscript or reaching out to a mentor, maybe it’s confessing a crush or trying oysters for the very first time, the chances you take this month will ultimately benefit you.

Gemini: This month is about the dynamic between comfort and chaos. Ruled by Mercury, sometimes you are moving so fast you can’t see the progress you have made, but others see it. As you struggle to find a home for yourself that feels impermanent enough to last, you are jumping from star to star like an acrobat and that’s ok! Keep jumping, you have unwittingly crafted a net to catch you if you fall.

Cancer: This month is a challenge to find safe and magic things. Things that have reverberations, be it tokens of your childhood home or a lock of a lover’s hair. When you have found your talisman, hold tight to it and figure out how you can use its magic to get you through the emotional upsets and hard conversations that might be coming your way towards the middle of the month. Your strength is often interpersonal, Cancer, but it also lies within yourself. By harnessing and externalizing your own magic, you can then hold it for safe keeping and give it back to yourself in a time of need.

Leo: You worry about presentation because how the world perceives you is important. You may experience a rift between the reflections that come back to you and the core values that you understand to be true for yourself this month. If these things aren’t matching up, maybe it’s time to evaluate how you project what is important to you. It is ok to save those secret things, maybe for the best in the long run, but not at the expense of how you feel in your body and how you feel in your life. Let friends in, be vulnerable, occasionally, maybe even be alone if that’s what it takes.

Virgo: This is a month for establishing yourself. You are so good at doing the work behind the scenes to make things happen, and this is satisfying, but you need to be able to stand up and claim what you have worked for when the time comes, and it’s coming this month. Allow yourself to be receptive to the praise of others and the fruits of your labor. Sometimes it can be brutal to step into the light but if you let the opportunity pass you by, it will inhibit your ability to continue to pursue your passions.

Libra: You are going to feel it lining up this month as your ruling planet Venus reenters your sign. It is exciting and sinister and powerful. It comes from places in yourself that have been dark and that have grown. It is all you, it is all growth, it is all the sinewy power of your will for the better and for the stronger and for the more transcendently joyous. Growing pains are fading to reveal a new shape for yourself, a life of purpose and passion that you are working towards.

Scorpio: Nothing soothes you like a crowded room and that is almost entirely how you will remember this month, shifting faces as they pass below a green light, or a glittering bracelet or a clever joke. It’s not superficial, it is a way to survive when you are in touch with the deepest sadness and familiar with the possibility of despair. Passing through this month like a honey bee casually pollinating the flowers that interest you because you know that your presence is enough for them to grow is a way to embody a unique kind of joy that is all about survival for you.

Sagittarius: This month finds you in a state of transition. The instability makes you anxious, the anxiety manifests in patterns that can lead you away from what you need. It will be frustrating because what you need is still in the works and for a few days you might not know which way is up. Riding it out might find you in a position of powerlessness, so practice being intentional in the way you are choosing to approach each day. Give the unknown space to be what it is, and trust that resolution is just another step in a chain of reactions that is perpetual and unending. Remind yourself that you have resources and friends to ground you. Find outlets for your excess anxiety in new projects.

Capricorn: A feeling of social ease will facilitate the emergence of new projects this month. People are excited to work with you and hear your ideas. You have to remember that these intangible interactions have weight and value, and as the abstract ideas grow a more formal structure, you can count on yourself to commit hard work to seeing them through. Enjoy this month of dreaming and planning, though you are sometimes skeptical of the abstract, allow it to inform your movements this month.

Aquarius: This month is fertile if you let it be. There will be strangeness in the flowers from your soil and the fruits of your labor might be entirely different then the ones you planted, but you knew that already. If there is anyone ready to embrace the jagged zig-zag of success it is you. One of your best qualities is that you never expect anything to only be what it is. Embracing non-linearity, spirituality, and imagination will bring you a month of unanticipated joy, productivity and self-assuredness.

Pisces: Love and curiosity go hand in hand. You are demanding of your partners in a way that allows them to see themselves and allows them to grow. You may find yourself growing creatively inside the idea of another person. This is exciting, but don’t let it overpower you. Make sure that you have a handle on yourself as you delve in to the histories of loved ones. Make sure you are communicating and stay away from fantasies of people that might turn them into your own fetish objects, because this destroys relationships. Your practice, coming from a place of deep compassion, might be too much even to show to the one who has inspired it. Let your sensitivities guide you in this area. If it is too much, step back and try to remember that the world also moves outside of your relationships.

Photo Courtesy of Allie Shyer

Photo Courtesy of Allie Shyer