December Horoscopes

By Allie Shyer

Aries: You are tough, and this month you are going to need to call on your reserves of strength and energy to see you through some obstacles that you have been watching grow on the horizon, as they begin to take shape and develop more detail, you will understand them not to be new challenges, but a reiteration of the same troubles in a new form that you have faced time and time again. This realization may feel both comforting and unsettling for you, but perhaps you can start to see it as the reiteration of a theme in a symphony. Each time that melody grows and changes, in this way it gives structure to the overall symphony—your life. 

Taurus: Sometimes being creative means flickering like a candle between ideas, between people, this may feel uncomfortable for you at first; being so steadfast, but if you loosen the reigns of your creative spirit, it will guide you to unexpressed parts of yourself. It is ultimately your passion for beauty that will give you the push you need into a new form of creativity, or a new lifestyle, that will lead you to unexpected joys this month.

Gemini: You trust your instincts about people but you don’t trust people. Your skepticism does not come from a lack of love, but in fact the opposite. Your distrust comes from an abundance of love. You worry that your load is so heavy that if you asked someone to share it, that modicum of relief could throw off your balance. It is better to be distrustful, you decide, and feel each moment of carrying that weight as love. Some people would tell you that it is time to share this burden, to relieve yourself of the weight and the pain of your love, but maybe it is to be argued that this weight is what makes you a compassionate and emotionally intelligent person. Trust your instincts this month. Continue to operate in a way that makes you feel safe, but do not doubt that there are others out there who see you and appreciate you deeply. 

Cancer: It is the time of year where you find yourself retreating. Do no be hard on yourself for this shift. Are there places or people who give you a sense of comfort or a feeling of home? It is important to keep those touchstones near and dear to you as you take the time that you need for self-reflection. This shift inward may bring up some dark memories and feelings for you. Remember that there is a difference between loneliness and aloneness and try to keep track of which side of that line you are balancing on. This is not to say you should avoid loneliness, as it may be one of the most essential feelings of the human condition. A wise friend once told me that there is a difference between feeling sad and being sad. Maybe now is a good time to set a goal, which is to experience these essential and universal emotional states without letting them consume you. 

Leo: What vegetables grow in winter? Garlic, leeks, onions, radishes, rhubarb, bok choy and kale. They are hearty and do not have an excess of water. They are bulbous and grow underground and are high in nutrients. You too grow in winter, Leo. You feel the brisk air as a beckoning challenge. This month you are underground, but you are growing towards the sun and you have a strong root system, you feel strong, warm, glowing expanding, alive. 

Virgo: There are some water pipes underneath the city of New York that have been there since 1845. They are constantly supplying water to the greater metropolitan aria, they have done so ceaselessly since the system was created. Systems are amazing. They silently maintain a way of life that we take for granted. December is a time for you to examine the systems that allow you to exist, to be thankful for them and to do maintenance to allow them to continue to support you. We rely on emotional systems too. Networks of friends, coping mechanisms, and strategies for problem solving. Make sure that you give these structures their due this month. 

Libra: This is a month for big goals and big dreams. You are surrounded by people who want to see you thrive and grow into your visions for your future. People say that Libras can be a tease, an appeaser, but in truth your great interpersonal skills come from seeing the deepest desires of people and being able to relate to them. If you can harness this skill, there is no telling what good you can do. It is empathy Libra, that sets you apart, that makes your ambitions attainable this month. 

Scorpio: Cruelty and kindness. Darkness and light. You are always playing with these things, mixing them together, mixing them up, putting in them in a new order, because sometimes life is so unkind and so sad and so cruel that all you can do is laugh. People appreciate your candor, people appreciate that you take life for what it is, the giblets of the turkey, and savor even those parts. In her book Cruel Optimism, Lauren Berlant talks about how what we have been made to believe about how we can reach fulfillment through upward mobility within society is a false image presented within governing and economic structures that make it unobtainable. You already understand this in a deep and fundamental way, maybe it is your job now to console others and help them find light outside of structures that are failing them. 

Sagittarius: You are trying to figure out what you want. You are feeling allot of pressure from external forces in this department. You may even wish it was possible for someone else to tell you what you want, but you know its not. When you were a kid and you went to the diner with your family, the menu would be full of pictures of shiny tempting foods, but you would just feel overwhelmed and always order the same thing. Choice does not equal freedom, the idea that it does is a construction of capitalism, so maybe it’s not about making a choice. It is about acting and moving in a way that feels natural, even essential for your growth and development. 

Capricorn: These past few months have been about networking, expanding and creating, but you are a winter baby, as the days grow shorter and colder you find yourself returning to your own hearth. It is time to turn inward to find a place of growth and stability that is not outward or showy. This month will appear to you as the glowing embers of a fire, so deep, so warm, lusting after its own smoldering heat. 

Aquarius: You are so ambitious that it hurts. You uncompromisingly dedicate yourself to dreams of a better world but can feel downtrodden when your reality does not match up. This month will be about execution. Instead of being daunted by how much there is to accomplish, try to prioritize and plan so that you can start to work through your dreams one at a time. This is not easy because sometimes your thoughts and words come in clusters that are as brilliant as they are disorganized. Find collaborators who share your vision to help you start to detangle your goals and avoid inertia. 

Pisces: The water is soft and warm and clear, you feel the porous membrane between yourself and everything else get very thin this month. It is good, your eyes are everywhere, you are seeing everything so vividly; it can also be frightening. Bring a sketchbook with you to jot down these moments, capture how everything seems so vividly alive, find yourself a part of it, in it and floating above observing.

Courtesy of Allie Shyer

Courtesy of Allie Shyer