"Compact" by Liz Barr

Photos by Elizabeth Barr

by Mikey Jakubowski

In this two-piece series, "Compact", Liz Barr uses her minimalist and electric style to explore the idea of identity and how it is reflected by a mirror. Barr asks the questions, "What is a mirror with no reflection? What does it look like?" and explains that her photos hint at the idea of our identities being second-hand simulations of our surroundings and, often times, "projected onto us by others."

The series was taken with a scanner, which Barr says she was beginning to explore with. "I was excited to find all the ways I could manipulate an image using very rigid technical restrictions. I found the photos I made with the scanner were eery and slightly unsettling because of the bizarre lighting and the extremely short depth-of-field." Eery and unsettling indeed, but hard to look away from.

Thought-provoking, original, and aesthetically pleasing, "Compact" acts as a mirror of her own, speaking for the kind of adventurous art she is eager to share with the world.

Make sure to keep up with Barr's generous and expanding portfolio, with a varied array of social and personal themes, on her website and tumblr!