September Horoscopes

By Allie Shyer

You have been running so fast that you forgot you had feet; it’s time to feel your feet. Does this mean slow down? Does this mean stop? It means do what you have to do to maintain a sense of reality so that you are in control of your own pace, of your own body. Slowing down will allow you to take in more, to get more magic in each breath. Action and magic are not opposites, but they are counterpoints, so make sure you are not going too fast to allow magic space to grow, space to change you. Magic can’t change you if you are going according to a pre-set plan, but it might still squeeze in and mess up your plan. Be in tune with magic and you will rebuild speed, and the pace will resume organically.

Venus in retrograde brought a specter of a past love into focus, be it a pattern, a person, or a place, there are reasons that you had to part with it. Parting is not your strong suit, Taurus, so those haunting feelings are going to stick around in your life for longer that you would like. September is going to be a month of letting go of parts of the past that might seem comforting, but that are keeping you from moving on, and this is not going to be easy. You will have to be intentional about forming new routines and mental pathways to follow that will lead you away from memories that feel so vivid they could still be happening. Be gentle with yourself because it is impossible for this to happen all at once. By the end of the month though you will be experiencing the beginnings of tangible movement in a new direction.

It is a month to remember that your autonomy is sacred, Gemini. “You are the surprise result of old plans”—in the words of Jenny Holzer, so don’t allow those plans to shackle you. Although you may ghost and glimmer an unfulfilled idea in the eyes of someone else, you are responsible for how you use every hour of your time on earth. It doesn’t matter if you choose to take a long and meandering walk or write the next great American novel, what matters is that it is your choice to make. Although reaching a feeling of self-acceptance is going to be an uphill battle this month as others project desires onto you, ultimately it will only strengthen your understanding of your own true desires.

It’s a month about sad sweet magic and it's shining in and out of you. This month you will feel like a mouth that is always open, you are a yonic hole of mercy and creation. Yes that’s intense, Cancer, but you of all the zodiac are most prepared to own the creative potential of this open and vulnerable state. Follow those paths that lead you to create from a place of the authentic and vulnerable self, but be sure to leave room for self-care. Have a dark aromatic room ready and lit with candles that you can escape to when it becomes overwhelming, ask someone you trust to give you a back rub, snuggle in your favorite blanket even if it means turning the AC on. It is important to protect, care for, and maintain yourself as you create.

This is a month for dreaming and scheming. It is a time for getting things down on paper so that you are ready to cease the opportunities when they start appearing. Do not mistake this moment of rest as a fallow point in your life. It is important to keep in mind that planning and preparation are as important as action.

An eclipse in your sign this month will lend a shine to you. Its going to feel like running with your shoes off in wet grass, like kissing the person who you most want to kiss, like taking a bite of the crunchiest, most buttery waffle. Take a moment to enjoy the sweetness of life Virgo, because joy is not frivolous, it is necessary and healing.

This will be a wildly vacillating month for you. Venus has just come out of retrograde and Venus is your ruling planet, but just as you are catching up, mercury goes into retrograde in your sign. Don’t be disheartened Libra. This is a time for reflecting on the imperfections that make you who you are. Your tendency towards the beautiful and balanced aspects of life is not all there is to you. Get down into the grit of yourself this month. You might find something super valuable to your own self-discovery in that muck. Make a lot of collages and call up an old friend who knew a previous iteration of yourself. Make sure to feed yourself well, most importantly, don’t shy away from the messier parts of your feelings and emotions as they emerge this month.

This month might ask you to make difficult social choices, maybe even ones with moral implications. Do not stray away from those who lead you towards the disruption of the social order Scorpio, it is time to stick by the side of friends who are speaking up for the marginalized and oppressed. But you already know this, go with your gut. Your naturally performative nature may attract the wrong kind of attention this month from people who are not doing radical work, use your powers of persuasion to sway them on issues that matter to you.

This month is all about self-determination. You feel fire in your belly and you have the energy and the drive to achieve big goals. Make sure you are following passions this month, your impulses will lead you towards those things which make you feel excited and alive. Also, make sure you carve out time to stand still and notice what’s around you, to feel the green things that stay bright and simple. You don’t have to be too much, you just have to be.

This is a month to feel proud of your accomplishments; you work hard, and now is the time to bask in the glory of a job well done. Things will be harmonious for you this month, not because of the fate of the stars, but because you willed it. Thanks to your careful planning and execution, people will begin to ask you to share your passions with those to those who want to learn from you.

In the words of Bob Dylan, “everybody will help you, some people are very kind” this is not a month to go it alone, Aquarius. This month you may feel like you are glimmering on the precipice of something unsettling, maybe it is quiet and terrible, maybe it is too bright for you to look at head on. Although you tend to be at your most aloof when you are at your most vulnerable, don’t be afraid to reach out to those close to you for help, they will offer you new perspectives that might change your outlook on what might at first seem to be a daunting situation.

The solar eclipse in Virgo will allow you to see possibilities for love and connection everywhere this month. This fresh bloom in the face of autumn may seem strange and off key, but it is also a shift towards a new order, giving you a glimpse into who will come to be important to you as the days get shorter and colder. Practice mantras of openness and follow your most outlandish whims, the people who come into your life at this time are ready to take you as you are.

Drawing by Emily Scheulert Photo by Allie Shyer

Drawing by Emily Scheulert
Photo by Allie Shyer