January Horoscopes

By Allie Shyer

Courtesy of Morgan Martinez

Courtesy of Morgan Martinez

When I was young I remember looking up at the ceiling of the main concourse at Grand Central Station, painted on it, the zodiac coming to life. Star outlines giving way to fleshed out celestial creatures, The Tauran bull, the scales of Libra, Cancer’s scuttling crab. The artists, Paul César Helleu and Charles Basing, spent months searching for the perfect color of sky, cerulean blue, to cover the 275 feet of vaulted ceiling with the help of fifty assistants. I love that mural, the delicate gold milky way coming in at the corners, the calming opulence of crystalline blue and gold leaf, all laid out with intention specificity and imagination. What I did not know about it until I got older was that the entire scene is depicted backwards.

A statement in the New York Times from 1913: "Officials didn't deny the charge that things were a bit mixed, but held that it was a pretty good ceiling for all that. Mr. Basing showed little interest in the technical defects and added that he thought the work had been done very well."

I remember sitting with a book in the reading corner in elementary school, struggling to make sense of the words that appeared before me. “the world doesn’t work that way, sweetheart.” My elementary school teacher said to me, and flipped the book around in my hands.

The point I am trying to make, Aquarius, is sometimes people will try to tell you that “the world doesn’t work that way,” but don’t listen to them. Sometimes you don’t have to do things the right way in order to do them well. Continue to forge your own path, and you can create things that are better than “right,” they can be lastingly and transcendently beautiful.

As the moon slides into your sign, you will start to find your stride, things that have been bothering you for a long time, questions about your life and your purpose, may begin to yield answers. It is going to be hard work to accept the gifts that are coming your way this month. It is going to take incentive and drive to actively follow your own path, and you are going to have to ask questions and be an active participant in making your own life.

Have you ever had a dream that you are out in the middle of the ocean but you don’t know how you ended up there? I have, so many times. Usually the dreams accompanies one of two sets of feelings, the feeling of being stranded, abandoned and overwhelmed, or the feeling of surrendering to the drift of the unknown shifting peacefully all around you. It is possible to feel both of these things at the same time, when the bottom falls out of your proverbial boat. But you are ready to swim, Aries.

Things have been changing very fast and this month you need to make time to catch up with yourself. You might be afraid to stop and take a breather because it necessitates looking under the hood, and you might not entirely be ready to face the depth of the feelings you have simply been moving too fast to fully recognize. Organize time to undergo this process slowly. Make yourself a cup of coffee and draw all afternoon or talk into a tape recorder, before you feel relief, you are bound to feel some discomfort in the release of these feelings that have stuck with you for a long time.

This month you are encounter your past and your future, but it is going to be difficult to tell which is which. You will find yourself sorting through your experiences with a fine toothed comb saying “did this happen in a dream? Did this happen in my past? Is this going to happen to me?” You are a magnet of energy, every memory feels so present, so tender for you. Winter is a good time to come to terms with our past, with the ones we have wronged, a good time to ask for forgiveness of ourselves and find a way to grow into our thorniest throbbing imperfections. As the month comes to a close, you will begin to see this time of concurrences, almost magnetic is giving way to a feeling of clarity, and peace with yourself and your past mistakes.

Move towards the light! That makes you feel warm and whole! Find it, find the angle that lights up your face like you are the dream of a distant star. You are fire, you are so warm, getting warmer, how can it be better? It can. Someone is going to love you in a way that you couldn’t previously imagine being loved. The late Bowie said of his true love Iman: “I have someone who loves me. Seriously, it really helps!” and it does. Culturally we are told stories that only romantic love can create this kind of stabilizing and life changing effect, but it is important to broaden your scope to see love as that which informs so many kinds of relationships, and that can be cultivated with anyone who is willing to give you a chance, to see your honest and whole self, regardless of they are a friend, a romantic partner, or even your own self.

What does it mean to earn something, to be satisfied with our own work? This is a question that will be relevant to you this month, as you receive some shine that you might feel at first to be undeserved. Maybe you think that you didn’t work hard enough to receive the praise you have been getting for a project, or you got a raise at a job that does not reflect your passion. You have to go deep and contend with your feelings of unreservedness and find their root cause. Perhaps your denial of success comes from feelings of guilt, as you come to comprehend more deeply the struggles of others. Perhaps you see yourself at an unfair advantage in your workplace, what does it mean to experience the guilt of privilege in whatever realm you are occupying? And how can you contend with those feelings in a way that is not pejorative, self-derogatory, or ultimately unproductive? Receiving these questions with an openness, and a readiness to listen to others around you is the only way to make a productive change that does not feel like the twisted knife of guilt digging deeper into you, and ultimately leaving the status quo unchanged. 

This month you are going to watch the light change from bright morning to afternoon diffusion, illuminating roadways of dust and tiny molecules, how peculiar and fascinating is the mundane when you are really giving it a good look. This month is going to feel like finally returning home after a long period of uprootedness. Feelings of centering and serenity are going to be important, actions of nesting and settling will feel fulfilling and essential. Maybe you are going to learn to do some new crafts, take some time for yourself and have geriatric cozy fun. By the end of the month your warm homecoming vibes will be radiating off of you and making those around feel safe and welcome.

This month, you may discover an itching desire to learn more about your family or your heritage, it is not important to understand the words “family and heritage” literally in this context, but rather as anything foundational to how you have come to understand yourself. It is important that you honor these urges to gain a deeper knowledge of where you came from, although these inklings may lead you to information that can be hard to take in or even incredibly sad. Unearthing troves of family secrets can be incredibly exciting, particularly when it involves scouring libraries and archives for information about those who came before you, or helping an elderly relative finally unclutter the attic. It is important to pay attention to the connection between stories and objects as you embark on this journey, in the words of Marcel Proust, “the past is hidden beyond the reach of the intellect in some material objects.” Notice what objects have power that is hard to put a finger on, and let them guide you on this generative and emotional journey of unearthing your past. 

Things in your life have shifted and changed significantly, but maybe its like a mountain pass opening up, here you are suddenly looking into all this sky. Amazing, yes. Terrifying, also yes, as that sky is so expansive and uninterested in your small human life. If you can embrace adventure, this month can be everything you need. You have to be ready to be adaptable, to change your plans, and most importantly to drink in every beautiful thing you find as if it is keeping you alive. Adventure is really about finding unexpected grace, so it is possible to have an adventure anywhere. You can celebrate making it this far, and you deserve to, even if you don’t know what comes next.

“In a dream you saw a way to survive, and you were full of joy.”- Jenny Holzer. This quote by one of my most favorite contemporary artists applies to how the last few months have been going for you. We are taught to believe that our dreams are inessential, things to be accomplished after the stuff of living, but this method has always seemed contrary to your way of life, Sagittarius. Your dreams and your survival are so entwined into one. This also means that the lengths you will go to for your dreams are sometimes more than other people can understand. As you work towards your dream this month, remember when it is hard that you are working towards your own survival, working towards the possibility of your own self, sustaining, growing and being complete in the world.

The past few months have really been about building towards concrete goals one step at a time for you, this month is about blowing off steam. It is bitterly cold; projects are going screeching slow. It is ok to sleep in every once and a while. Venus is giving you a boost in charm that will help you breeze things that seemed like challenges from a distance. Do some stretches, learn a new skill just for yourself, like how to bake gluten free pies or do woodworking, your fast trajectory is going to pick up again perhaps sooner than you would like it to.