February Horoscopes

By Allie Shyer

Aries: A ram with the horns curled inward, tucked in a ready position to defend yourself. While you are pushing away, you are also tucking further in the things you try to ward off. In time this coils into a distinct shape. It is the shape of you, it is the shape of your traumas and your fears and your desires spiraling and solidifying. It is a beautiful shape, it is a distinct shape, it is as natural and unique and intrinsic as they come. Do not be ashamed of the form you have taken.

Taurus: This month it will feel like you have all your ducks in a line. That’s kind of strange because its rather unnatural for ducks to sit in an organized fashion just because you want them to. Ducks are going to do whatever they are inclined to do. The fact that at this given moment, it happens to be what you want them to do too is a combination of circumstance collaboration between yourself and the ducks. What I mean to say it that maybe its time to take a look at the relationship between success and circumstance. It’s time to thank your lucky ducks.

Gemini: bright and flickering like a candle wick, this is how you envision yourself, always passing through like a shooting star. This month is not about centering yourself, but instead about appreciating the glib, tricky and smart parts of you that allow you to shine out and barrel through. You are cunning, you are ready, you are full of joy.

Cancer: A dance in slow motion is a series of actions performed over and over again. So too is a life lived. The patterns of your footsteps as you walk down a familiar street are as important to who you are as your own name, given or chosen. If you slow down to think about what you do, maybe it will help you to understand who you are.

Leo: this is a month for looking at things in a new way. A new outlook may come from a strange interaction or an unfamiliar place. The goal is to disorient yourself in order to change your perspective. Here are some ideas on how to do this: 1. Talking to children-children have a sense of humor and wonder that is well documented. 2. go to things alone: going to things alone gives you a chance to explore your passions with a pretense or history that might exist otherwise. 3. Do something new with your body: our emotional and physical selves are connected in mysterious ways that we often neglect. Try taking a Butoh class.

Virgo: In math class my teachers always used to tell me to show my work. I hated math class but this was actually good advice. Most good ideas do not appear to us magically from thin air (although some of them do.) In a culture that largely encourages us to hide our work, uphold the façade and pretend that the end result is easily achieved, showing your work can be an act of resistance. Showing emotional labor is particularly frowned upon but can be a particularly vital act, and even help others who may be going through the same thing. Show your work because you deserve to acknowledge how far you have come, and that it was a process and it wasn’t easy.

Libra: Some hurt is warm. It caresses, it soothes, it is tender and molten like the inside of the earth, this makes it hard to escape. Some hurt lets you touch it like a pet or a talisman, but its not. This is not to say you should throw it away, but maybe it’s a time to give it an interview. It's time to ask yourself some questions about how and why you are holding on to your pain, and it might be hard and uncomfortable but it is a step on a path to growth and healing. Ultimately, it is an act of self love to pay attention to every part of yourself when it calls out.

Scorpio: the core of yourself is so evident this month. It is making you very sensitive. You feel very aware of your positioning in the universe and how your interactions affect chains of events so much bigger than you. If you can handle it, it’s great, but it is also an overwhelming feeling. It’s probably a good time to read some Gabriel Garcia Lorca, to think about the opacity and layers of things, to think about what is a choice and what is not. It’s a good time to make a map or an outline or a plan.

Sagittarius: this is a month for asking questions. You are finding yourself in a new role that lands you in the position of the novice. Embrace this time that allows you to grow and learn so much. Do not let feelings of an injured ego get in the way of this opportunity for growth. It is important to be affirming to yourself as you learn and navigate so many new things. Try to forgive yourself when you inevitably make mistakes because this is part of the process of learning. Practice self care and positive affirmations, find ways to create the environment you need to help you deal with new challenges.

Capricorn: A time for culling and refining, a time for rituals, a time for discipline and practice, Be it a gym routine, honing a skill, or practicing witchcraft, this month will be about rigor and intention for you. Do not let the intensity of your drive this month isolate you from your support systems. Those who care deeply for you understand that you are devoting yourself to a process and a passion, but remember to check in with yourself about what you need. Make dates, be intentional, tell the ones you love they are important to you.

Aquarius: how will you take your rest? How will you sleep when the wind is in your ears and your brain all the time? You are always making change, who is going to change you? The world is so big and there’s allot of things to do and allot of people who want something from you and you’re not always sure what it is. People see the future in you and your left with the question “what am I going to do about it?” This month is going to be about how you feel safe. Your energy is more precious and finite than you let on. Be with people who celebrate you and protect you. Who don’t ask you to perform, or to give them any vision of their future. This is so important so that you can maintain your vitality.

Pisces: What parts of yourself are you putting away this month? What parts of your past are you leaving behind? What parts are you taking with you? How are you blessing your space to make room for the sun in your sign? How are you blessing yourself? This month you are very much involved in the process of creating something new. Be it a new career, a new relationship, a new apartment, you are making choices about what you want to take along as you transition in a new way of life. Be intentional about these choices, nostalgia is an appropriate response but it is one of the many things to consider as you embark onto something new.