March Hooligan Horoscopes

By Allie Shyer

Aries: Be careful with revenge. A rule of magic is that every intention you put out comes back to you three fold. Sometimes, I think about how we are not given proper structures to deal with negative feelings and experiences that come our way. Platitudes like “life goes on” or “forgive and forget” don’t always make it better. It’s not enough for you, Aries, but it’s up to you to harness the energy that comes from a negative experience or interaction towards positive change. This change can be small or grandiose. If it means cutting a toxic friend out of your life, or taking on unfair policies at an institution, coming at the situation from a position of desiring personal growth, and a better environment for others will ultimately bring energy back to you that is positive and help you to grow.

Taurus: Reconsidering and getting a second opinion is underestimated. You are known as one of the most steadfast and stubborn of the signs, and sometimes when you make a choice, you suppress your own self doubt, and the little voice in the back of your head that is telling you to consider other options. This month, listen to that voice, allow yourself to back track, flip flop and be wishy washy. Give yourself time to make decisions before you invest in them so wholeheartedly and ultimately you you will feel more confidence in the choices you make.

Gemini: This month will be about doing the work it takes to be true to yourself. This might mean taking time away from social engagements to be alone, practicing mindfulness or getting back to writing in your journal. Gemini’s are known for their duality, but in fact getting to know your own minds contradictions and discordances is incredibly valuable. Knowing that yourself is not one cohesive unity is actually a gift that you hold as a Gemini. By getting to know yourself as a multiplicity, a conflagration of identities, influences, feelings, talents and setbacks, you are becoming more expansive and adaptable. Allow yourself to delight in your own discoveries this month however if you avoid the more difficult or irreconcilable parts of your past, you will not be able to fully benefit from these discoveries.

Cancer: My friends mother craved hot dogs and was chased by a crab when she was pregnant. Stories of the time before our birth, the influence of that time on our personality and our future selves, hold allot of power. The question “who was I before I was myself” is so interesting to many of us because we want to know which parts of our personality are inherent and which are developed. We are always gathering evidence to try to make sense of who we are. (that might be why you are reading this horoscope right now.) If you feel like you need some reminding this month, turn to the archives. Look at family photo albums or actually call your grandma for once. Seriously, feel yourself reverberate off of the stories of your past, the stories of people who knew you before you were you.

Leo: You think people are always looking at you like you have something to prove, and this is a part of what motivates you. Is it possible this month to examine how much of that pressure comes from inside of yourself, and how this internal policing influences your actions? If there’s a Greek chorus in your head every time you make a decision, you might be jeopardizing what is best for yourself in favor of what is considered better, or what you perceive to be considered better by others. This is not to say that the chorus isn’t valid, or helpful in making strategic choices, just make sure it’s not overpowering those softer voices that might be speaking to deep needs that don’t coincide with popular taste or opinion, or even actively go against it.

Virgo: a month of unexpected and unprecedented rituals. Rituals that come from a place of desperation, necessity or hope. Rituals for and of love. Let them guide you towards safety in your own mind, and in the space of yourself. Take that and bring it out into the world.

Libra: This is a month about discovering you own power. Harnessing the things that drive you, and stoke the coal fire in your belly. You feel unstoppable, you feel like the first warm day after a long winter, like the nubby head of a budding tulip, like the first bite of a chocolate croissant. That joy radiating out of you can be felt by those in your presence, it’s going to make for breakthroughs in collaborations and partnerships this month.

Scorpio: If you look at your trajectory kind of like a spider web, with yourself at the center (the spider) you can see all around you the work that you have done constructing a path with choices that have stretched from your past into your future.  You did this through intuition, an intrinsic understanding of geometry, and a way with silk spinnerets. Through your own strength and will you have created a space for yourself that feels safe and workable. That is as much a part of yourself as your own skin. These strides towards self actualization deserve acknowledgement.   (side note, did you know spiders eat their own silk to give them energy after a long day of spinning?)

Sagittarius: This month finds you deep in the refuse of life, the stuff of archeologists. Your ability to see the value in things other people might toss aside or find trivial is actually one of your greatest gifts, It is a sensitivity to the long life of ideas and feelings. You feel stories and histories everywhere, by following them, you uncover deep currents of human life and emotion.

Capricorn: This month is going to be about letting go. About giving yourself permission to put down burdens from your past, about singing the ghosts in your house to sleep instead of being afraid of them. When you give yourself permission to move on, you are taking a step towards transcending your own trauma. These first steps towards healing longstanding emotional wounds are going to be about patience and self soothing. About developing mantras and rituals that steady you as you walk away, soon you are going to feel the power and excitement of the wind at your back.

Aquarius: Water metaphors are complicated for us. Water bearers but not water signs. Our relationship with water is about collaboration as much as it is about control. In a trance I picked the star card. A card representing hope and positive transformation. Notice how she holds the water, in discreet containers but also incorporating itself into the landscape. In order to share our gifts, we have to be connected with a deeper source. The mystery of the water bearer, that she is always pouring but never runs dry, is not a mystery for us. The source of our power must be indiscreet from its environment. 

Pisces: A syncopation, a misaligned beat slowly finding its rhythm. With an eclipse in your sign to start off the month, you feel energy being brought in around you. It’s like a thin blanket that barely touches your skin. You feel a cocoon of your own protective energy like a shield of tenderness surrounding you. It is made of your own breathing and heartbeat.  What you accomplish this month will come from knowing yourself well, and making choices based on this deep knowledge. Listen to Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, spend some time with plants, love your own strange rhythm this month.