A Hooligan Conversation with Becca Brown & Elly Tier

Interviewed, recorded and edited by Elly Tier

Photo by Sean Kelly

Photo by Sean Kelly

Back in August, I sat down with actor/comedian/musician Becca Brown (she/they) and we discussed her recent creative endeavors of being cast for the NBC show Bring the Funny, dropping her first single "Forgot Your Name" and the making of its music video, as well as their involvement in the web series "Just Call Me Ripley".

In our conversation, Becca opens up about sobriety as a 20-something performer, birth chart placements, and the importance of being more present in everyday life. Becca Brown is someone with a message wrapped into their catchy, ear bug tunes, and someone whose vulnerability with herself and audiences all over has proven just how transformative being honest and true to yourself can be.

Listen to the conversation below: