What’s Your Sign?: On Horoscopes and What the Internet Is Saying About Me

By Jaclyn Jermyn

“What’s your sign?”

My friend leaned closer towards me and squinted, as if my facial expression was going to give away the answer.

“Taurus,” I said quietly, looking down at the drink in my hand. I knew what she was going to say next. Of course I was a Taurus. I am often described as stubborn and possessive by those I am unfriendly with—reliable and fiercely loyal by those who are fond of me—all apparently classic Taurus traits.

I do occasionally glance at a horoscope to see what the world apparently has in store for me. It’s sometimes hard to resist the temptation when the internet is telling me that apparently this will finally be the month that I find true love or lose a lot of money—usually it can go either way. I try not to make a habit of it because aren’t I just unconsciously holding myself to someone else’s standards? Maybe I want to be more of a gentle, peaceful Libra this week.

When I turned 18, or maybe it was 16, my grandmother gave me a folder with a stack of yellowing paper stapled together inside of it. This was my natal chart, otherwise referred to as a birth chart and loosely related to more widely known horoscope concepts. Wikipedia defines a natal chart as “a stylized map of the universe,” that is, “calculated for the exact time and location of the native's birth for the purposes of gaining insight into the native's personality and potential.”

This stack of papers that my grandmother had quite possibly been hanging onto for the entire duration of my life, was supposed to have me all figured out and as I started to read through the descriptions, I couldn’t help but think that maybe the universe did have me all figured out or maybe I was just once again holding myself to someone else’s standards.

I don’t have that original packet anymore, it’s probably in a box somewhere in my parent’s basement, but I did my best to try and replicate it by using astro.cafeastrology.com because it was the first option that came up on Google:

Taurus natives are sensual folk—and this includes sex, but extends to pleasures in all areas: they delight in the sensual pleasures of food, a comfortable blanket, a richly colored aquarium to look at, the smell of flowers or spring rain, pleasing melodies coming from their stereos, and so forth. Some might even say they live through their senses more than most. 

This is fair, I think. I can’t speak to whether I live more through my senses than others but I do take pleasure in moments and feelings and then work very hard to get them back, even after they have passed.

In love and relationship, there is an earthy kind of possessiveness that may be considered jealousy by some, but there is actually quite a difference between being possessive and being jealous. Taurus natives are rarely jealous and petty. They do, however, think of the people they love as theirs—it adds to their sense of security.

This is absolutely true and it tends to get me in trouble. Security is key for me in a lot of aspects of my life.

You are a humanitarian who aims to treat everyone as equals. You seek to be unique and original, and you do your best to avoid bias and prejudice. Social status is less important to you than belonging to a group of diverse personalities. Your identity, in fact, is somehow linked to a larger unit than yourself. You have high hopes and goals, and tend to look at life in terms of opportunities. You have magnetic appeal, as people sense your broad tolerance and openness. The friendships you establish are crucial to your development.

Well, I at least hope that that part is accurate. Can anyone confirm? This would be a nice thing if it is in fact, true.

The thing about reading through these passages is that I got further into the text, I started started skimming over the parts that didn’t fit quite right or those that were a stretch to apply to myself. This leads to an overwhelming sense that “wow, yeah the whole thing was spot on,” when I look back on the experience. But no one person can be fully explained by the time and place they were born. We grow up. We meet new people. Sometimes, in my case, we move far away from where we were born and mix with different cultural values that help shape us. Of course, my East Coast elitism occasionally shines through but that Midwestern niceness has seeped into my life as well.

So, yes, go look at your natal chart. Waste an afternoon trying to twist someone else’s loose astrology to your life experience. Send screen shots to your friends when parts are just too accurate, it’s laughable. But you’re still a complex human being who is far more than what the internet says about you. Or maybe that’s just my stubborn Taurus self talking—I hate not being right.


March Hooligan Horoscopes

By Allie Shyer

Aries: Be careful with revenge. A rule of magic is that every intention you put out comes back to you three fold. Sometimes, I think about how we are not given proper structures to deal with negative feelings and experiences that come our way. Platitudes like “life goes on” or “forgive and forget” don’t always make it better. It’s not enough for you, Aries, but it’s up to you to harness the energy that comes from a negative experience or interaction towards positive change. This change can be small or grandiose. If it means cutting a toxic friend out of your life, or taking on unfair policies at an institution, coming at the situation from a position of desiring personal growth, and a better environment for others will ultimately bring energy back to you that is positive and help you to grow.

Taurus: Reconsidering and getting a second opinion is underestimated. You are known as one of the most steadfast and stubborn of the signs, and sometimes when you make a choice, you suppress your own self doubt, and the little voice in the back of your head that is telling you to consider other options. This month, listen to that voice, allow yourself to back track, flip flop and be wishy washy. Give yourself time to make decisions before you invest in them so wholeheartedly and ultimately you you will feel more confidence in the choices you make.

Gemini: This month will be about doing the work it takes to be true to yourself. This might mean taking time away from social engagements to be alone, practicing mindfulness or getting back to writing in your journal. Gemini’s are known for their duality, but in fact getting to know your own minds contradictions and discordances is incredibly valuable. Knowing that yourself is not one cohesive unity is actually a gift that you hold as a Gemini. By getting to know yourself as a multiplicity, a conflagration of identities, influences, feelings, talents and setbacks, you are becoming more expansive and adaptable. Allow yourself to delight in your own discoveries this month however if you avoid the more difficult or irreconcilable parts of your past, you will not be able to fully benefit from these discoveries.

Cancer: My friends mother craved hot dogs and was chased by a crab when she was pregnant. Stories of the time before our birth, the influence of that time on our personality and our future selves, hold allot of power. The question “who was I before I was myself” is so interesting to many of us because we want to know which parts of our personality are inherent and which are developed. We are always gathering evidence to try to make sense of who we are. (that might be why you are reading this horoscope right now.) If you feel like you need some reminding this month, turn to the archives. Look at family photo albums or actually call your grandma for once. Seriously, feel yourself reverberate off of the stories of your past, the stories of people who knew you before you were you.

Leo: You think people are always looking at you like you have something to prove, and this is a part of what motivates you. Is it possible this month to examine how much of that pressure comes from inside of yourself, and how this internal policing influences your actions? If there’s a Greek chorus in your head every time you make a decision, you might be jeopardizing what is best for yourself in favor of what is considered better, or what you perceive to be considered better by others. This is not to say that the chorus isn’t valid, or helpful in making strategic choices, just make sure it’s not overpowering those softer voices that might be speaking to deep needs that don’t coincide with popular taste or opinion, or even actively go against it.

Virgo: a month of unexpected and unprecedented rituals. Rituals that come from a place of desperation, necessity or hope. Rituals for and of love. Let them guide you towards safety in your own mind, and in the space of yourself. Take that and bring it out into the world.

Libra: This is a month about discovering you own power. Harnessing the things that drive you, and stoke the coal fire in your belly. You feel unstoppable, you feel like the first warm day after a long winter, like the nubby head of a budding tulip, like the first bite of a chocolate croissant. That joy radiating out of you can be felt by those in your presence, it’s going to make for breakthroughs in collaborations and partnerships this month.

Scorpio: If you look at your trajectory kind of like a spider web, with yourself at the center (the spider) you can see all around you the work that you have done constructing a path with choices that have stretched from your past into your future.  You did this through intuition, an intrinsic understanding of geometry, and a way with silk spinnerets. Through your own strength and will you have created a space for yourself that feels safe and workable. That is as much a part of yourself as your own skin. These strides towards self actualization deserve acknowledgement.   (side note, did you know spiders eat their own silk to give them energy after a long day of spinning?)

Sagittarius: This month finds you deep in the refuse of life, the stuff of archeologists. Your ability to see the value in things other people might toss aside or find trivial is actually one of your greatest gifts, It is a sensitivity to the long life of ideas and feelings. You feel stories and histories everywhere, by following them, you uncover deep currents of human life and emotion.

Capricorn: This month is going to be about letting go. About giving yourself permission to put down burdens from your past, about singing the ghosts in your house to sleep instead of being afraid of them. When you give yourself permission to move on, you are taking a step towards transcending your own trauma. These first steps towards healing longstanding emotional wounds are going to be about patience and self soothing. About developing mantras and rituals that steady you as you walk away, soon you are going to feel the power and excitement of the wind at your back.

Aquarius: Water metaphors are complicated for us. Water bearers but not water signs. Our relationship with water is about collaboration as much as it is about control. In a trance I picked the star card. A card representing hope and positive transformation. Notice how she holds the water, in discreet containers but also incorporating itself into the landscape. In order to share our gifts, we have to be connected with a deeper source. The mystery of the water bearer, that she is always pouring but never runs dry, is not a mystery for us. The source of our power must be indiscreet from its environment. 

Pisces: A syncopation, a misaligned beat slowly finding its rhythm. With an eclipse in your sign to start off the month, you feel energy being brought in around you. It’s like a thin blanket that barely touches your skin. You feel a cocoon of your own protective energy like a shield of tenderness surrounding you. It is made of your own breathing and heartbeat.  What you accomplish this month will come from knowing yourself well, and making choices based on this deep knowledge. Listen to Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, spend some time with plants, love your own strange rhythm this month.


February Horoscopes

By Allie Shyer

Aries: A ram with the horns curled inward, tucked in a ready position to defend yourself. While you are pushing away, you are also tucking further in the things you try to ward off. In time this coils into a distinct shape. It is the shape of you, it is the shape of your traumas and your fears and your desires spiraling and solidifying. It is a beautiful shape, it is a distinct shape, it is as natural and unique and intrinsic as they come. Do not be ashamed of the form you have taken.

Taurus: This month it will feel like you have all your ducks in a line. That’s kind of strange because its rather unnatural for ducks to sit in an organized fashion just because you want them to. Ducks are going to do whatever they are inclined to do. The fact that at this given moment, it happens to be what you want them to do too is a combination of circumstance collaboration between yourself and the ducks. What I mean to say it that maybe its time to take a look at the relationship between success and circumstance. It’s time to thank your lucky ducks.

Gemini: bright and flickering like a candle wick, this is how you envision yourself, always passing through like a shooting star. This month is not about centering yourself, but instead about appreciating the glib, tricky and smart parts of you that allow you to shine out and barrel through. You are cunning, you are ready, you are full of joy.

Cancer: A dance in slow motion is a series of actions performed over and over again. So too is a life lived. The patterns of your footsteps as you walk down a familiar street are as important to who you are as your own name, given or chosen. If you slow down to think about what you do, maybe it will help you to understand who you are.

Leo: this is a month for looking at things in a new way. A new outlook may come from a strange interaction or an unfamiliar place. The goal is to disorient yourself in order to change your perspective. Here are some ideas on how to do this: 1. Talking to children-children have a sense of humor and wonder that is well documented. 2. go to things alone: going to things alone gives you a chance to explore your passions with a pretense or history that might exist otherwise. 3. Do something new with your body: our emotional and physical selves are connected in mysterious ways that we often neglect. Try taking a Butoh class.

Virgo: In math class my teachers always used to tell me to show my work. I hated math class but this was actually good advice. Most good ideas do not appear to us magically from thin air (although some of them do.) In a culture that largely encourages us to hide our work, uphold the façade and pretend that the end result is easily achieved, showing your work can be an act of resistance. Showing emotional labor is particularly frowned upon but can be a particularly vital act, and even help others who may be going through the same thing. Show your work because you deserve to acknowledge how far you have come, and that it was a process and it wasn’t easy.

Libra: Some hurt is warm. It caresses, it soothes, it is tender and molten like the inside of the earth, this makes it hard to escape. Some hurt lets you touch it like a pet or a talisman, but its not. This is not to say you should throw it away, but maybe it’s a time to give it an interview. It's time to ask yourself some questions about how and why you are holding on to your pain, and it might be hard and uncomfortable but it is a step on a path to growth and healing. Ultimately, it is an act of self love to pay attention to every part of yourself when it calls out.

Scorpio: the core of yourself is so evident this month. It is making you very sensitive. You feel very aware of your positioning in the universe and how your interactions affect chains of events so much bigger than you. If you can handle it, it’s great, but it is also an overwhelming feeling. It’s probably a good time to read some Gabriel Garcia Lorca, to think about the opacity and layers of things, to think about what is a choice and what is not. It’s a good time to make a map or an outline or a plan.

Sagittarius: this is a month for asking questions. You are finding yourself in a new role that lands you in the position of the novice. Embrace this time that allows you to grow and learn so much. Do not let feelings of an injured ego get in the way of this opportunity for growth. It is important to be affirming to yourself as you learn and navigate so many new things. Try to forgive yourself when you inevitably make mistakes because this is part of the process of learning. Practice self care and positive affirmations, find ways to create the environment you need to help you deal with new challenges.

Capricorn: A time for culling and refining, a time for rituals, a time for discipline and practice, Be it a gym routine, honing a skill, or practicing witchcraft, this month will be about rigor and intention for you. Do not let the intensity of your drive this month isolate you from your support systems. Those who care deeply for you understand that you are devoting yourself to a process and a passion, but remember to check in with yourself about what you need. Make dates, be intentional, tell the ones you love they are important to you.

Aquarius: how will you take your rest? How will you sleep when the wind is in your ears and your brain all the time? You are always making change, who is going to change you? The world is so big and there’s allot of things to do and allot of people who want something from you and you’re not always sure what it is. People see the future in you and your left with the question “what am I going to do about it?” This month is going to be about how you feel safe. Your energy is more precious and finite than you let on. Be with people who celebrate you and protect you. Who don’t ask you to perform, or to give them any vision of their future. This is so important so that you can maintain your vitality.

Pisces: What parts of yourself are you putting away this month? What parts of your past are you leaving behind? What parts are you taking with you? How are you blessing your space to make room for the sun in your sign? How are you blessing yourself? This month you are very much involved in the process of creating something new. Be it a new career, a new relationship, a new apartment, you are making choices about what you want to take along as you transition in a new way of life. Be intentional about these choices, nostalgia is an appropriate response but it is one of the many things to consider as you embark onto something new.

January Horoscopes

By Allie Shyer

Courtesy of Morgan Martinez

Courtesy of Morgan Martinez

When I was young I remember looking up at the ceiling of the main concourse at Grand Central Station, painted on it, the zodiac coming to life. Star outlines giving way to fleshed out celestial creatures, The Tauran bull, the scales of Libra, Cancer’s scuttling crab. The artists, Paul César Helleu and Charles Basing, spent months searching for the perfect color of sky, cerulean blue, to cover the 275 feet of vaulted ceiling with the help of fifty assistants. I love that mural, the delicate gold milky way coming in at the corners, the calming opulence of crystalline blue and gold leaf, all laid out with intention specificity and imagination. What I did not know about it until I got older was that the entire scene is depicted backwards.

A statement in the New York Times from 1913: "Officials didn't deny the charge that things were a bit mixed, but held that it was a pretty good ceiling for all that. Mr. Basing showed little interest in the technical defects and added that he thought the work had been done very well."

I remember sitting with a book in the reading corner in elementary school, struggling to make sense of the words that appeared before me. “the world doesn’t work that way, sweetheart.” My elementary school teacher said to me, and flipped the book around in my hands.

The point I am trying to make, Aquarius, is sometimes people will try to tell you that “the world doesn’t work that way,” but don’t listen to them. Sometimes you don’t have to do things the right way in order to do them well. Continue to forge your own path, and you can create things that are better than “right,” they can be lastingly and transcendently beautiful.

As the moon slides into your sign, you will start to find your stride, things that have been bothering you for a long time, questions about your life and your purpose, may begin to yield answers. It is going to be hard work to accept the gifts that are coming your way this month. It is going to take incentive and drive to actively follow your own path, and you are going to have to ask questions and be an active participant in making your own life.

Have you ever had a dream that you are out in the middle of the ocean but you don’t know how you ended up there? I have, so many times. Usually the dreams accompanies one of two sets of feelings, the feeling of being stranded, abandoned and overwhelmed, or the feeling of surrendering to the drift of the unknown shifting peacefully all around you. It is possible to feel both of these things at the same time, when the bottom falls out of your proverbial boat. But you are ready to swim, Aries.

Things have been changing very fast and this month you need to make time to catch up with yourself. You might be afraid to stop and take a breather because it necessitates looking under the hood, and you might not entirely be ready to face the depth of the feelings you have simply been moving too fast to fully recognize. Organize time to undergo this process slowly. Make yourself a cup of coffee and draw all afternoon or talk into a tape recorder, before you feel relief, you are bound to feel some discomfort in the release of these feelings that have stuck with you for a long time.

This month you are encounter your past and your future, but it is going to be difficult to tell which is which. You will find yourself sorting through your experiences with a fine toothed comb saying “did this happen in a dream? Did this happen in my past? Is this going to happen to me?” You are a magnet of energy, every memory feels so present, so tender for you. Winter is a good time to come to terms with our past, with the ones we have wronged, a good time to ask for forgiveness of ourselves and find a way to grow into our thorniest throbbing imperfections. As the month comes to a close, you will begin to see this time of concurrences, almost magnetic is giving way to a feeling of clarity, and peace with yourself and your past mistakes.

Move towards the light! That makes you feel warm and whole! Find it, find the angle that lights up your face like you are the dream of a distant star. You are fire, you are so warm, getting warmer, how can it be better? It can. Someone is going to love you in a way that you couldn’t previously imagine being loved. The late Bowie said of his true love Iman: “I have someone who loves me. Seriously, it really helps!” and it does. Culturally we are told stories that only romantic love can create this kind of stabilizing and life changing effect, but it is important to broaden your scope to see love as that which informs so many kinds of relationships, and that can be cultivated with anyone who is willing to give you a chance, to see your honest and whole self, regardless of they are a friend, a romantic partner, or even your own self.

What does it mean to earn something, to be satisfied with our own work? This is a question that will be relevant to you this month, as you receive some shine that you might feel at first to be undeserved. Maybe you think that you didn’t work hard enough to receive the praise you have been getting for a project, or you got a raise at a job that does not reflect your passion. You have to go deep and contend with your feelings of unreservedness and find their root cause. Perhaps your denial of success comes from feelings of guilt, as you come to comprehend more deeply the struggles of others. Perhaps you see yourself at an unfair advantage in your workplace, what does it mean to experience the guilt of privilege in whatever realm you are occupying? And how can you contend with those feelings in a way that is not pejorative, self-derogatory, or ultimately unproductive? Receiving these questions with an openness, and a readiness to listen to others around you is the only way to make a productive change that does not feel like the twisted knife of guilt digging deeper into you, and ultimately leaving the status quo unchanged. 

This month you are going to watch the light change from bright morning to afternoon diffusion, illuminating roadways of dust and tiny molecules, how peculiar and fascinating is the mundane when you are really giving it a good look. This month is going to feel like finally returning home after a long period of uprootedness. Feelings of centering and serenity are going to be important, actions of nesting and settling will feel fulfilling and essential. Maybe you are going to learn to do some new crafts, take some time for yourself and have geriatric cozy fun. By the end of the month your warm homecoming vibes will be radiating off of you and making those around feel safe and welcome.

This month, you may discover an itching desire to learn more about your family or your heritage, it is not important to understand the words “family and heritage” literally in this context, but rather as anything foundational to how you have come to understand yourself. It is important that you honor these urges to gain a deeper knowledge of where you came from, although these inklings may lead you to information that can be hard to take in or even incredibly sad. Unearthing troves of family secrets can be incredibly exciting, particularly when it involves scouring libraries and archives for information about those who came before you, or helping an elderly relative finally unclutter the attic. It is important to pay attention to the connection between stories and objects as you embark on this journey, in the words of Marcel Proust, “the past is hidden beyond the reach of the intellect in some material objects.” Notice what objects have power that is hard to put a finger on, and let them guide you on this generative and emotional journey of unearthing your past. 

Things in your life have shifted and changed significantly, but maybe its like a mountain pass opening up, here you are suddenly looking into all this sky. Amazing, yes. Terrifying, also yes, as that sky is so expansive and uninterested in your small human life. If you can embrace adventure, this month can be everything you need. You have to be ready to be adaptable, to change your plans, and most importantly to drink in every beautiful thing you find as if it is keeping you alive. Adventure is really about finding unexpected grace, so it is possible to have an adventure anywhere. You can celebrate making it this far, and you deserve to, even if you don’t know what comes next.

“In a dream you saw a way to survive, and you were full of joy.”- Jenny Holzer. This quote by one of my most favorite contemporary artists applies to how the last few months have been going for you. We are taught to believe that our dreams are inessential, things to be accomplished after the stuff of living, but this method has always seemed contrary to your way of life, Sagittarius. Your dreams and your survival are so entwined into one. This also means that the lengths you will go to for your dreams are sometimes more than other people can understand. As you work towards your dream this month, remember when it is hard that you are working towards your own survival, working towards the possibility of your own self, sustaining, growing and being complete in the world.

The past few months have really been about building towards concrete goals one step at a time for you, this month is about blowing off steam. It is bitterly cold; projects are going screeching slow. It is ok to sleep in every once and a while. Venus is giving you a boost in charm that will help you breeze things that seemed like challenges from a distance. Do some stretches, learn a new skill just for yourself, like how to bake gluten free pies or do woodworking, your fast trajectory is going to pick up again perhaps sooner than you would like it to. 

December Horoscopes

By Allie Shyer

Aries: You are tough, and this month you are going to need to call on your reserves of strength and energy to see you through some obstacles that you have been watching grow on the horizon, as they begin to take shape and develop more detail, you will understand them not to be new challenges, but a reiteration of the same troubles in a new form that you have faced time and time again. This realization may feel both comforting and unsettling for you, but perhaps you can start to see it as the reiteration of a theme in a symphony. Each time that melody grows and changes, in this way it gives structure to the overall symphony—your life. 

Taurus: Sometimes being creative means flickering like a candle between ideas, between people, this may feel uncomfortable for you at first; being so steadfast, but if you loosen the reigns of your creative spirit, it will guide you to unexpressed parts of yourself. It is ultimately your passion for beauty that will give you the push you need into a new form of creativity, or a new lifestyle, that will lead you to unexpected joys this month.

Gemini: You trust your instincts about people but you don’t trust people. Your skepticism does not come from a lack of love, but in fact the opposite. Your distrust comes from an abundance of love. You worry that your load is so heavy that if you asked someone to share it, that modicum of relief could throw off your balance. It is better to be distrustful, you decide, and feel each moment of carrying that weight as love. Some people would tell you that it is time to share this burden, to relieve yourself of the weight and the pain of your love, but maybe it is to be argued that this weight is what makes you a compassionate and emotionally intelligent person. Trust your instincts this month. Continue to operate in a way that makes you feel safe, but do not doubt that there are others out there who see you and appreciate you deeply. 

Cancer: It is the time of year where you find yourself retreating. Do no be hard on yourself for this shift. Are there places or people who give you a sense of comfort or a feeling of home? It is important to keep those touchstones near and dear to you as you take the time that you need for self-reflection. This shift inward may bring up some dark memories and feelings for you. Remember that there is a difference between loneliness and aloneness and try to keep track of which side of that line you are balancing on. This is not to say you should avoid loneliness, as it may be one of the most essential feelings of the human condition. A wise friend once told me that there is a difference between feeling sad and being sad. Maybe now is a good time to set a goal, which is to experience these essential and universal emotional states without letting them consume you. 

Leo: What vegetables grow in winter? Garlic, leeks, onions, radishes, rhubarb, bok choy and kale. They are hearty and do not have an excess of water. They are bulbous and grow underground and are high in nutrients. You too grow in winter, Leo. You feel the brisk air as a beckoning challenge. This month you are underground, but you are growing towards the sun and you have a strong root system, you feel strong, warm, glowing expanding, alive. 

Virgo: There are some water pipes underneath the city of New York that have been there since 1845. They are constantly supplying water to the greater metropolitan aria, they have done so ceaselessly since the system was created. Systems are amazing. They silently maintain a way of life that we take for granted. December is a time for you to examine the systems that allow you to exist, to be thankful for them and to do maintenance to allow them to continue to support you. We rely on emotional systems too. Networks of friends, coping mechanisms, and strategies for problem solving. Make sure that you give these structures their due this month. 

Libra: This is a month for big goals and big dreams. You are surrounded by people who want to see you thrive and grow into your visions for your future. People say that Libras can be a tease, an appeaser, but in truth your great interpersonal skills come from seeing the deepest desires of people and being able to relate to them. If you can harness this skill, there is no telling what good you can do. It is empathy Libra, that sets you apart, that makes your ambitions attainable this month. 

Scorpio: Cruelty and kindness. Darkness and light. You are always playing with these things, mixing them together, mixing them up, putting in them in a new order, because sometimes life is so unkind and so sad and so cruel that all you can do is laugh. People appreciate your candor, people appreciate that you take life for what it is, the giblets of the turkey, and savor even those parts. In her book Cruel Optimism, Lauren Berlant talks about how what we have been made to believe about how we can reach fulfillment through upward mobility within society is a false image presented within governing and economic structures that make it unobtainable. You already understand this in a deep and fundamental way, maybe it is your job now to console others and help them find light outside of structures that are failing them. 

Sagittarius: You are trying to figure out what you want. You are feeling allot of pressure from external forces in this department. You may even wish it was possible for someone else to tell you what you want, but you know its not. When you were a kid and you went to the diner with your family, the menu would be full of pictures of shiny tempting foods, but you would just feel overwhelmed and always order the same thing. Choice does not equal freedom, the idea that it does is a construction of capitalism, so maybe it’s not about making a choice. It is about acting and moving in a way that feels natural, even essential for your growth and development. 

Capricorn: These past few months have been about networking, expanding and creating, but you are a winter baby, as the days grow shorter and colder you find yourself returning to your own hearth. It is time to turn inward to find a place of growth and stability that is not outward or showy. This month will appear to you as the glowing embers of a fire, so deep, so warm, lusting after its own smoldering heat. 

Aquarius: You are so ambitious that it hurts. You uncompromisingly dedicate yourself to dreams of a better world but can feel downtrodden when your reality does not match up. This month will be about execution. Instead of being daunted by how much there is to accomplish, try to prioritize and plan so that you can start to work through your dreams one at a time. This is not easy because sometimes your thoughts and words come in clusters that are as brilliant as they are disorganized. Find collaborators who share your vision to help you start to detangle your goals and avoid inertia. 

Pisces: The water is soft and warm and clear, you feel the porous membrane between yourself and everything else get very thin this month. It is good, your eyes are everywhere, you are seeing everything so vividly; it can also be frightening. Bring a sketchbook with you to jot down these moments, capture how everything seems so vividly alive, find yourself a part of it, in it and floating above observing.

Courtesy of Allie Shyer

Courtesy of Allie Shyer