January Horoscopes

By Allie Shyer

Courtesy of Morgan Martinez

Courtesy of Morgan Martinez

When I was young I remember looking up at the ceiling of the main concourse at Grand Central Station, painted on it, the zodiac coming to life. Star outlines giving way to fleshed out celestial creatures, The Tauran bull, the scales of Libra, Cancer’s scuttling crab. The artists, Paul César Helleu and Charles Basing, spent months searching for the perfect color of sky, cerulean blue, to cover the 275 feet of vaulted ceiling with the help of fifty assistants. I love that mural, the delicate gold milky way coming in at the corners, the calming opulence of crystalline blue and gold leaf, all laid out with intention specificity and imagination. What I did not know about it until I got older was that the entire scene is depicted backwards.

A statement in the New York Times from 1913: "Officials didn't deny the charge that things were a bit mixed, but held that it was a pretty good ceiling for all that. Mr. Basing showed little interest in the technical defects and added that he thought the work had been done very well."

I remember sitting with a book in the reading corner in elementary school, struggling to make sense of the words that appeared before me. “the world doesn’t work that way, sweetheart.” My elementary school teacher said to me, and flipped the book around in my hands.

The point I am trying to make, Aquarius, is sometimes people will try to tell you that “the world doesn’t work that way,” but don’t listen to them. Sometimes you don’t have to do things the right way in order to do them well. Continue to forge your own path, and you can create things that are better than “right,” they can be lastingly and transcendently beautiful.

As the moon slides into your sign, you will start to find your stride, things that have been bothering you for a long time, questions about your life and your purpose, may begin to yield answers. It is going to be hard work to accept the gifts that are coming your way this month. It is going to take incentive and drive to actively follow your own path, and you are going to have to ask questions and be an active participant in making your own life.

Have you ever had a dream that you are out in the middle of the ocean but you don’t know how you ended up there? I have, so many times. Usually the dreams accompanies one of two sets of feelings, the feeling of being stranded, abandoned and overwhelmed, or the feeling of surrendering to the drift of the unknown shifting peacefully all around you. It is possible to feel both of these things at the same time, when the bottom falls out of your proverbial boat. But you are ready to swim, Aries.

Things have been changing very fast and this month you need to make time to catch up with yourself. You might be afraid to stop and take a breather because it necessitates looking under the hood, and you might not entirely be ready to face the depth of the feelings you have simply been moving too fast to fully recognize. Organize time to undergo this process slowly. Make yourself a cup of coffee and draw all afternoon or talk into a tape recorder, before you feel relief, you are bound to feel some discomfort in the release of these feelings that have stuck with you for a long time.

This month you are encounter your past and your future, but it is going to be difficult to tell which is which. You will find yourself sorting through your experiences with a fine toothed comb saying “did this happen in a dream? Did this happen in my past? Is this going to happen to me?” You are a magnet of energy, every memory feels so present, so tender for you. Winter is a good time to come to terms with our past, with the ones we have wronged, a good time to ask for forgiveness of ourselves and find a way to grow into our thorniest throbbing imperfections. As the month comes to a close, you will begin to see this time of concurrences, almost magnetic is giving way to a feeling of clarity, and peace with yourself and your past mistakes.

Move towards the light! That makes you feel warm and whole! Find it, find the angle that lights up your face like you are the dream of a distant star. You are fire, you are so warm, getting warmer, how can it be better? It can. Someone is going to love you in a way that you couldn’t previously imagine being loved. The late Bowie said of his true love Iman: “I have someone who loves me. Seriously, it really helps!” and it does. Culturally we are told stories that only romantic love can create this kind of stabilizing and life changing effect, but it is important to broaden your scope to see love as that which informs so many kinds of relationships, and that can be cultivated with anyone who is willing to give you a chance, to see your honest and whole self, regardless of they are a friend, a romantic partner, or even your own self.

What does it mean to earn something, to be satisfied with our own work? This is a question that will be relevant to you this month, as you receive some shine that you might feel at first to be undeserved. Maybe you think that you didn’t work hard enough to receive the praise you have been getting for a project, or you got a raise at a job that does not reflect your passion. You have to go deep and contend with your feelings of unreservedness and find their root cause. Perhaps your denial of success comes from feelings of guilt, as you come to comprehend more deeply the struggles of others. Perhaps you see yourself at an unfair advantage in your workplace, what does it mean to experience the guilt of privilege in whatever realm you are occupying? And how can you contend with those feelings in a way that is not pejorative, self-derogatory, or ultimately unproductive? Receiving these questions with an openness, and a readiness to listen to others around you is the only way to make a productive change that does not feel like the twisted knife of guilt digging deeper into you, and ultimately leaving the status quo unchanged. 

This month you are going to watch the light change from bright morning to afternoon diffusion, illuminating roadways of dust and tiny molecules, how peculiar and fascinating is the mundane when you are really giving it a good look. This month is going to feel like finally returning home after a long period of uprootedness. Feelings of centering and serenity are going to be important, actions of nesting and settling will feel fulfilling and essential. Maybe you are going to learn to do some new crafts, take some time for yourself and have geriatric cozy fun. By the end of the month your warm homecoming vibes will be radiating off of you and making those around feel safe and welcome.

This month, you may discover an itching desire to learn more about your family or your heritage, it is not important to understand the words “family and heritage” literally in this context, but rather as anything foundational to how you have come to understand yourself. It is important that you honor these urges to gain a deeper knowledge of where you came from, although these inklings may lead you to information that can be hard to take in or even incredibly sad. Unearthing troves of family secrets can be incredibly exciting, particularly when it involves scouring libraries and archives for information about those who came before you, or helping an elderly relative finally unclutter the attic. It is important to pay attention to the connection between stories and objects as you embark on this journey, in the words of Marcel Proust, “the past is hidden beyond the reach of the intellect in some material objects.” Notice what objects have power that is hard to put a finger on, and let them guide you on this generative and emotional journey of unearthing your past. 

Things in your life have shifted and changed significantly, but maybe its like a mountain pass opening up, here you are suddenly looking into all this sky. Amazing, yes. Terrifying, also yes, as that sky is so expansive and uninterested in your small human life. If you can embrace adventure, this month can be everything you need. You have to be ready to be adaptable, to change your plans, and most importantly to drink in every beautiful thing you find as if it is keeping you alive. Adventure is really about finding unexpected grace, so it is possible to have an adventure anywhere. You can celebrate making it this far, and you deserve to, even if you don’t know what comes next.

“In a dream you saw a way to survive, and you were full of joy.”- Jenny Holzer. This quote by one of my most favorite contemporary artists applies to how the last few months have been going for you. We are taught to believe that our dreams are inessential, things to be accomplished after the stuff of living, but this method has always seemed contrary to your way of life, Sagittarius. Your dreams and your survival are so entwined into one. This also means that the lengths you will go to for your dreams are sometimes more than other people can understand. As you work towards your dream this month, remember when it is hard that you are working towards your own survival, working towards the possibility of your own self, sustaining, growing and being complete in the world.

The past few months have really been about building towards concrete goals one step at a time for you, this month is about blowing off steam. It is bitterly cold; projects are going screeching slow. It is ok to sleep in every once and a while. Venus is giving you a boost in charm that will help you breeze things that seemed like challenges from a distance. Do some stretches, learn a new skill just for yourself, like how to bake gluten free pies or do woodworking, your fast trajectory is going to pick up again perhaps sooner than you would like it to. 

December Horoscopes

By Allie Shyer

Aries: You are tough, and this month you are going to need to call on your reserves of strength and energy to see you through some obstacles that you have been watching grow on the horizon, as they begin to take shape and develop more detail, you will understand them not to be new challenges, but a reiteration of the same troubles in a new form that you have faced time and time again. This realization may feel both comforting and unsettling for you, but perhaps you can start to see it as the reiteration of a theme in a symphony. Each time that melody grows and changes, in this way it gives structure to the overall symphony—your life. 

Taurus: Sometimes being creative means flickering like a candle between ideas, between people, this may feel uncomfortable for you at first; being so steadfast, but if you loosen the reigns of your creative spirit, it will guide you to unexpressed parts of yourself. It is ultimately your passion for beauty that will give you the push you need into a new form of creativity, or a new lifestyle, that will lead you to unexpected joys this month.

Gemini: You trust your instincts about people but you don’t trust people. Your skepticism does not come from a lack of love, but in fact the opposite. Your distrust comes from an abundance of love. You worry that your load is so heavy that if you asked someone to share it, that modicum of relief could throw off your balance. It is better to be distrustful, you decide, and feel each moment of carrying that weight as love. Some people would tell you that it is time to share this burden, to relieve yourself of the weight and the pain of your love, but maybe it is to be argued that this weight is what makes you a compassionate and emotionally intelligent person. Trust your instincts this month. Continue to operate in a way that makes you feel safe, but do not doubt that there are others out there who see you and appreciate you deeply. 

Cancer: It is the time of year where you find yourself retreating. Do no be hard on yourself for this shift. Are there places or people who give you a sense of comfort or a feeling of home? It is important to keep those touchstones near and dear to you as you take the time that you need for self-reflection. This shift inward may bring up some dark memories and feelings for you. Remember that there is a difference between loneliness and aloneness and try to keep track of which side of that line you are balancing on. This is not to say you should avoid loneliness, as it may be one of the most essential feelings of the human condition. A wise friend once told me that there is a difference between feeling sad and being sad. Maybe now is a good time to set a goal, which is to experience these essential and universal emotional states without letting them consume you. 

Leo: What vegetables grow in winter? Garlic, leeks, onions, radishes, rhubarb, bok choy and kale. They are hearty and do not have an excess of water. They are bulbous and grow underground and are high in nutrients. You too grow in winter, Leo. You feel the brisk air as a beckoning challenge. This month you are underground, but you are growing towards the sun and you have a strong root system, you feel strong, warm, glowing expanding, alive. 

Virgo: There are some water pipes underneath the city of New York that have been there since 1845. They are constantly supplying water to the greater metropolitan aria, they have done so ceaselessly since the system was created. Systems are amazing. They silently maintain a way of life that we take for granted. December is a time for you to examine the systems that allow you to exist, to be thankful for them and to do maintenance to allow them to continue to support you. We rely on emotional systems too. Networks of friends, coping mechanisms, and strategies for problem solving. Make sure that you give these structures their due this month. 

Libra: This is a month for big goals and big dreams. You are surrounded by people who want to see you thrive and grow into your visions for your future. People say that Libras can be a tease, an appeaser, but in truth your great interpersonal skills come from seeing the deepest desires of people and being able to relate to them. If you can harness this skill, there is no telling what good you can do. It is empathy Libra, that sets you apart, that makes your ambitions attainable this month. 

Scorpio: Cruelty and kindness. Darkness and light. You are always playing with these things, mixing them together, mixing them up, putting in them in a new order, because sometimes life is so unkind and so sad and so cruel that all you can do is laugh. People appreciate your candor, people appreciate that you take life for what it is, the giblets of the turkey, and savor even those parts. In her book Cruel Optimism, Lauren Berlant talks about how what we have been made to believe about how we can reach fulfillment through upward mobility within society is a false image presented within governing and economic structures that make it unobtainable. You already understand this in a deep and fundamental way, maybe it is your job now to console others and help them find light outside of structures that are failing them. 

Sagittarius: You are trying to figure out what you want. You are feeling allot of pressure from external forces in this department. You may even wish it was possible for someone else to tell you what you want, but you know its not. When you were a kid and you went to the diner with your family, the menu would be full of pictures of shiny tempting foods, but you would just feel overwhelmed and always order the same thing. Choice does not equal freedom, the idea that it does is a construction of capitalism, so maybe it’s not about making a choice. It is about acting and moving in a way that feels natural, even essential for your growth and development. 

Capricorn: These past few months have been about networking, expanding and creating, but you are a winter baby, as the days grow shorter and colder you find yourself returning to your own hearth. It is time to turn inward to find a place of growth and stability that is not outward or showy. This month will appear to you as the glowing embers of a fire, so deep, so warm, lusting after its own smoldering heat. 

Aquarius: You are so ambitious that it hurts. You uncompromisingly dedicate yourself to dreams of a better world but can feel downtrodden when your reality does not match up. This month will be about execution. Instead of being daunted by how much there is to accomplish, try to prioritize and plan so that you can start to work through your dreams one at a time. This is not easy because sometimes your thoughts and words come in clusters that are as brilliant as they are disorganized. Find collaborators who share your vision to help you start to detangle your goals and avoid inertia. 

Pisces: The water is soft and warm and clear, you feel the porous membrane between yourself and everything else get very thin this month. It is good, your eyes are everywhere, you are seeing everything so vividly; it can also be frightening. Bring a sketchbook with you to jot down these moments, capture how everything seems so vividly alive, find yourself a part of it, in it and floating above observing.

Courtesy of Allie Shyer

Courtesy of Allie Shyer

November Horoscopes

By Allie Shyer

Aries: For the past few months you may have been feeling a lack of clarity in your romantic relationships or business partnerships. You are often perceived as confident and outspoken, but this lack of stability may have been throwing off your game as of late. As Mercury enters Scorpio, emotional honesty is in the tenor of the planets. Ask for the information you need, even if it might be a hard pill to swallow. Ultimately knowing will prove to be better than guessing.

Taurus: This month will be about courage for you, Taurus. About stepping outside of your comfort zone and challenging yourself to push your own boundaries. Hearth and home will provide the stability you need to grow and experiment in other aspects of your life, and the steps can be small. Maybe it’s finally sending out that manuscript or reaching out to a mentor, maybe it’s confessing a crush or trying oysters for the very first time, the chances you take this month will ultimately benefit you.

Gemini: This month is about the dynamic between comfort and chaos. Ruled by Mercury, sometimes you are moving so fast you can’t see the progress you have made, but others see it. As you struggle to find a home for yourself that feels impermanent enough to last, you are jumping from star to star like an acrobat and that’s ok! Keep jumping, you have unwittingly crafted a net to catch you if you fall.

Cancer: This month is a challenge to find safe and magic things. Things that have reverberations, be it tokens of your childhood home or a lock of a lover’s hair. When you have found your talisman, hold tight to it and figure out how you can use its magic to get you through the emotional upsets and hard conversations that might be coming your way towards the middle of the month. Your strength is often interpersonal, Cancer, but it also lies within yourself. By harnessing and externalizing your own magic, you can then hold it for safe keeping and give it back to yourself in a time of need.

Leo: You worry about presentation because how the world perceives you is important. You may experience a rift between the reflections that come back to you and the core values that you understand to be true for yourself this month. If these things aren’t matching up, maybe it’s time to evaluate how you project what is important to you. It is ok to save those secret things, maybe for the best in the long run, but not at the expense of how you feel in your body and how you feel in your life. Let friends in, be vulnerable, occasionally, maybe even be alone if that’s what it takes.

Virgo: This is a month for establishing yourself. You are so good at doing the work behind the scenes to make things happen, and this is satisfying, but you need to be able to stand up and claim what you have worked for when the time comes, and it’s coming this month. Allow yourself to be receptive to the praise of others and the fruits of your labor. Sometimes it can be brutal to step into the light but if you let the opportunity pass you by, it will inhibit your ability to continue to pursue your passions.

Libra: You are going to feel it lining up this month as your ruling planet Venus reenters your sign. It is exciting and sinister and powerful. It comes from places in yourself that have been dark and that have grown. It is all you, it is all growth, it is all the sinewy power of your will for the better and for the stronger and for the more transcendently joyous. Growing pains are fading to reveal a new shape for yourself, a life of purpose and passion that you are working towards.

Scorpio: Nothing soothes you like a crowded room and that is almost entirely how you will remember this month, shifting faces as they pass below a green light, or a glittering bracelet or a clever joke. It’s not superficial, it is a way to survive when you are in touch with the deepest sadness and familiar with the possibility of despair. Passing through this month like a honey bee casually pollinating the flowers that interest you because you know that your presence is enough for them to grow is a way to embody a unique kind of joy that is all about survival for you.

Sagittarius: This month finds you in a state of transition. The instability makes you anxious, the anxiety manifests in patterns that can lead you away from what you need. It will be frustrating because what you need is still in the works and for a few days you might not know which way is up. Riding it out might find you in a position of powerlessness, so practice being intentional in the way you are choosing to approach each day. Give the unknown space to be what it is, and trust that resolution is just another step in a chain of reactions that is perpetual and unending. Remind yourself that you have resources and friends to ground you. Find outlets for your excess anxiety in new projects.

Capricorn: A feeling of social ease will facilitate the emergence of new projects this month. People are excited to work with you and hear your ideas. You have to remember that these intangible interactions have weight and value, and as the abstract ideas grow a more formal structure, you can count on yourself to commit hard work to seeing them through. Enjoy this month of dreaming and planning, though you are sometimes skeptical of the abstract, allow it to inform your movements this month.

Aquarius: This month is fertile if you let it be. There will be strangeness in the flowers from your soil and the fruits of your labor might be entirely different then the ones you planted, but you knew that already. If there is anyone ready to embrace the jagged zig-zag of success it is you. One of your best qualities is that you never expect anything to only be what it is. Embracing non-linearity, spirituality, and imagination will bring you a month of unanticipated joy, productivity and self-assuredness.

Pisces: Love and curiosity go hand in hand. You are demanding of your partners in a way that allows them to see themselves and allows them to grow. You may find yourself growing creatively inside the idea of another person. This is exciting, but don’t let it overpower you. Make sure that you have a handle on yourself as you delve in to the histories of loved ones. Make sure you are communicating and stay away from fantasies of people that might turn them into your own fetish objects, because this destroys relationships. Your practice, coming from a place of deep compassion, might be too much even to show to the one who has inspired it. Let your sensitivities guide you in this area. If it is too much, step back and try to remember that the world also moves outside of your relationships.

Photo Courtesy of Allie Shyer

Photo Courtesy of Allie Shyer

October Horoscopes

By Allie Shyer

Aries: If work is grinding at your last sore nerve, ask yourself why you do what you do. If you cannot find a satisfying answer to this question then move on. For a fire sign passionless labor is a sin. You are willing to work so hard and burn so bright for projects that feel important and exciting to you. However, be sure that the decisions that you make this month are not impulsive. Remember that labor that allows you money and time to practice what you are passionate about is still labor in line with passion in a more indirect way. If your job feels unbearably dull then start finding an escape route that is practical and will allow you leeway into new options.

Taurus: You appreciate the tactile and sensory aspects of life, this is a strong foundation from which you generate and practice your passions. It is also a place of escape and solace for you. With the richness of the leaves changing, deep reds and rusting complex colors, the warm spiced smells and mossy decomposition of fall is a haven for you. Let the splendor of the exterior world provide inspiration for you. explore your leanings towards the baroque and the decadent, the marrow that lines a thing that touches death is sweet and fat. You have a unique proclivity to explore this dichotomy without being sucked into morbidity, but with a renewed passion for life itself.

Gemini: Sometimes you are unsatisfied because You want what you do not want. You are sometimes stepping on your own feet because you have two sets of feet. When you run you do not know if it is towards what draws you or what repulses you. This can make you lash out in anger when you get somewhere that you did not expect, particularly in romantic relationships. Instead of holding your partner to unrealistic expectations of fulfilling contradictory roles or desires, practice trust and transparency. Tell them your frustrations and exhaustions, tell them your insecurities. Ask with patience for partners and loved ones to help you sort through the things that are preventing you from finding satisfaction, and they will help you to gaindeeper knowledge of yourself and your desires this month.

Cancer: We exist in our own patterns based on memories of past actions. These patterns are deep set in our muscle memories and our coping mechanisms. They are presets solidified so long ago we are not even conscious of them anymore, but they have the ability to dominate our daily lives. It is so hard to get out of old habits. It is just as hard to deal with the popular rhetoric of “healthy and unhealthy” habits that often does little but make us feel shame for the way that we are going about our lives. It is important to reframe this conversation in your head. It is not about others perceptions about a healthy lifestyle or healthy habits. It is about being intentional in the way you choose to live your life. It is about seeing through a vision that you have for yourself. It is about fulfillment that does not come from doing the “right thing” or “the healthy thing” but from doing the thing you most sincerely want to do with clarity and honesty.

Leo: People are giving you contradictory advice about what you need to do to stay alive. You don’t show it but it’s wearing on you. Financial realities are starting to feel constricting this month, as they may prevent you from making the sexier career or life choice. Don’t get bogged down by what if’s. It’s ok to make a practical decision. You have so much life in you that you will find joy and adventure in the stuff of daily living, and you have the ability to inspire and excite people about what they are doing just by being around you. Use these abilities to keep you away from feelings of bleakness as you work towards larger goals.

Virgo: This month will be about setting boundaries, Virgo. Your energy is a precious and finite resource. You have to keep track of how it is being used and who it is using it in order to have enough left for yourself. If interactions with friends or co-workers are feeling draining for you it is ok to make yourself more scarce. If you worry about hurting others feelings by limiting your availability, tell them you will give exactly as much as you can, but you do not owe anyone your time or your energy; those who believe that you do are often trying to avoid harder conversations with themselves .

Libra: You build harmonies, but sometimes beauty can be found in the atonal and illogical. allow yourself to be surprised by something this month. Ordering chaos does not prevent chaos from existing, you can invite it into your life in a safe way. Invite the universe to surprise you by doing things you have never done before (it’s October, if you live in the midwest like me, it is the perfect time to find a gigantic corn maze and conquer that ish.) These small steps to be in tune with chaos will ultimately help you next time a bigger interruption knocks on your door.

Scorpio: A stirring up of deep seated patterns and unfounded fears will make you feel destabilized at the beginning of the month. As a sign so in tune with the depths of beauty in the more abject recesses of human emotion, you will have to be careful not to fetishize your own faults to a point of self destruction. It is good to wear your emotional labor as a part of your identity, but do not let it consume you. Can you engage in a dialogue with your own fear? Can you sit down and have a conversation with it? Can you invite it over to tea between the hours of one to four and then ask it to leave when it has overstayed its welcome?

Sagittarius: The perpetuity of an experience can make it hard for us to conceive of a different reality but no feeling is final. Now that you are stable, it is a good time to stretch out some emotional muscles that have been underutilized while you were in survival mode. We put things away for a time when we can use them. Take out what you have in storage, draw inspiration from old family photo albums, do what you can to ground yourself in your current reality so you have strong roots to help you stay grounded next time the wind blows.

Capricorn You, of all the zodiac are the master of exchanges. You are known for your savvy business sense, and you know how to strike a deal, but you still have a poetic leaning. You are fluent in exchanges because you are sensitive to the weights of relationships. Do you remember that O’henry story about the man who sold his prized watch to buy his wife a comb for her hair, while his wife was selling her hair to buy her husband a gold chain for his watch? Capitalism asks us to take humanity out of economic exchange in order for the ruin that it can create to be glossed over. If you forget this then you will be seceding your unique gift and your inherent intuition, Capricorn.

Aquarius Aquarius, you are always getting free, but what is free getting you? your obsession with liberation on a personal and global scale may lead you to shed things that are valuable. You travel light, but don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. In your quest for perpetual reinvention you are sometimes overly eager to cast away former iterations of yourself, instead of taking time to look back at those old yous and seeing what this new you can learn from them. Embrace your mistakes and your past instead of hiding from them, and you may find some hard won insight this month.

Pisces Don’t let them tell you to explain yourself this month, Pisces. Your unique eye creates a landscape that may seem strange for those who are not willing to take a second look. Trust in your vision, and that the people who need your work will find it and understand it. Do not struggle to translate your dreams or ideas into something more palatable for the general public.

by Robin Berryman 

by Robin Berryman 

September Horoscopes

By Allie Shyer

You have been running so fast that you forgot you had feet; it’s time to feel your feet. Does this mean slow down? Does this mean stop? It means do what you have to do to maintain a sense of reality so that you are in control of your own pace, of your own body. Slowing down will allow you to take in more, to get more magic in each breath. Action and magic are not opposites, but they are counterpoints, so make sure you are not going too fast to allow magic space to grow, space to change you. Magic can’t change you if you are going according to a pre-set plan, but it might still squeeze in and mess up your plan. Be in tune with magic and you will rebuild speed, and the pace will resume organically.

Venus in retrograde brought a specter of a past love into focus, be it a pattern, a person, or a place, there are reasons that you had to part with it. Parting is not your strong suit, Taurus, so those haunting feelings are going to stick around in your life for longer that you would like. September is going to be a month of letting go of parts of the past that might seem comforting, but that are keeping you from moving on, and this is not going to be easy. You will have to be intentional about forming new routines and mental pathways to follow that will lead you away from memories that feel so vivid they could still be happening. Be gentle with yourself because it is impossible for this to happen all at once. By the end of the month though you will be experiencing the beginnings of tangible movement in a new direction.

It is a month to remember that your autonomy is sacred, Gemini. “You are the surprise result of old plans”—in the words of Jenny Holzer, so don’t allow those plans to shackle you. Although you may ghost and glimmer an unfulfilled idea in the eyes of someone else, you are responsible for how you use every hour of your time on earth. It doesn’t matter if you choose to take a long and meandering walk or write the next great American novel, what matters is that it is your choice to make. Although reaching a feeling of self-acceptance is going to be an uphill battle this month as others project desires onto you, ultimately it will only strengthen your understanding of your own true desires.

It’s a month about sad sweet magic and it's shining in and out of you. This month you will feel like a mouth that is always open, you are a yonic hole of mercy and creation. Yes that’s intense, Cancer, but you of all the zodiac are most prepared to own the creative potential of this open and vulnerable state. Follow those paths that lead you to create from a place of the authentic and vulnerable self, but be sure to leave room for self-care. Have a dark aromatic room ready and lit with candles that you can escape to when it becomes overwhelming, ask someone you trust to give you a back rub, snuggle in your favorite blanket even if it means turning the AC on. It is important to protect, care for, and maintain yourself as you create.

This is a month for dreaming and scheming. It is a time for getting things down on paper so that you are ready to cease the opportunities when they start appearing. Do not mistake this moment of rest as a fallow point in your life. It is important to keep in mind that planning and preparation are as important as action.

An eclipse in your sign this month will lend a shine to you. Its going to feel like running with your shoes off in wet grass, like kissing the person who you most want to kiss, like taking a bite of the crunchiest, most buttery waffle. Take a moment to enjoy the sweetness of life Virgo, because joy is not frivolous, it is necessary and healing.

This will be a wildly vacillating month for you. Venus has just come out of retrograde and Venus is your ruling planet, but just as you are catching up, mercury goes into retrograde in your sign. Don’t be disheartened Libra. This is a time for reflecting on the imperfections that make you who you are. Your tendency towards the beautiful and balanced aspects of life is not all there is to you. Get down into the grit of yourself this month. You might find something super valuable to your own self-discovery in that muck. Make a lot of collages and call up an old friend who knew a previous iteration of yourself. Make sure to feed yourself well, most importantly, don’t shy away from the messier parts of your feelings and emotions as they emerge this month.

This month might ask you to make difficult social choices, maybe even ones with moral implications. Do not stray away from those who lead you towards the disruption of the social order Scorpio, it is time to stick by the side of friends who are speaking up for the marginalized and oppressed. But you already know this, go with your gut. Your naturally performative nature may attract the wrong kind of attention this month from people who are not doing radical work, use your powers of persuasion to sway them on issues that matter to you.

This month is all about self-determination. You feel fire in your belly and you have the energy and the drive to achieve big goals. Make sure you are following passions this month, your impulses will lead you towards those things which make you feel excited and alive. Also, make sure you carve out time to stand still and notice what’s around you, to feel the green things that stay bright and simple. You don’t have to be too much, you just have to be.

This is a month to feel proud of your accomplishments; you work hard, and now is the time to bask in the glory of a job well done. Things will be harmonious for you this month, not because of the fate of the stars, but because you willed it. Thanks to your careful planning and execution, people will begin to ask you to share your passions with those to those who want to learn from you.

In the words of Bob Dylan, “everybody will help you, some people are very kind” this is not a month to go it alone, Aquarius. This month you may feel like you are glimmering on the precipice of something unsettling, maybe it is quiet and terrible, maybe it is too bright for you to look at head on. Although you tend to be at your most aloof when you are at your most vulnerable, don’t be afraid to reach out to those close to you for help, they will offer you new perspectives that might change your outlook on what might at first seem to be a daunting situation.

The solar eclipse in Virgo will allow you to see possibilities for love and connection everywhere this month. This fresh bloom in the face of autumn may seem strange and off key, but it is also a shift towards a new order, giving you a glimpse into who will come to be important to you as the days get shorter and colder. Practice mantras of openness and follow your most outlandish whims, the people who come into your life at this time are ready to take you as you are.

Drawing by Emily Scheulert Photo by Allie Shyer

Drawing by Emily Scheulert
Photo by Allie Shyer