All Eyes On Bibi

By Delaney Clifford



FEBRUARY 19, 2016 – Acclaimed artist Bibi Bourelly has released her new track “Sally” on Def Jam Recordings alongside LA-based tech genius Master of Shapes for a collaborative project that will change the way that the world watches music videos. This isn’t the first time that Bourelly has turned heads with her music. In addition to working with chart-toppers such as Rihanna (“Bitch Better Have My Money,” “Higher,” “Pose” and “Yeah, I Said It”); Selena Gomez (“Camouflage”); Usher & Nas (“Chains,” and Usher’s upcoming new single); and Nick Brewer (“Talk To Me” featuring Bibi Bourelly), Bourelly has created music of her own that has earned its spot in hip hop and R&B. “Sally” is the follow-up to Bourelly’s hit single “Ego” which topped national charts in the United States, Canada, and the UK as well as the Spotify Viral 50. “Ego” was hailed as “lyrically idealistic, a song that she hopes will galvanize listeners ‘to have a little more backbone and be a bit louder,” (Noisey) and put her on the map as an artist that would steal the spotlight from any competitor, even the artists that she’s worked with to collaborate on music in the past.

           But enough about the past. “Ego” is what put Bourelly on the map, but “Sally” is what tore the damn map in half. Speaking only to the power of her music, Bourelly has lost no steam since “Ego.” In fact, she has only pushed on harder, with the pounding groove that “Sally” provides being enough to shake anybody out of their seat. This song could easily be the backtrack to an entourage taking on the streets of Los Angeles, New York, you name it – or the craziest, most drug-induced night of your life, either way really. Bourelly’s angelic voice still shines through the intrinsic grooves and bounces that the beat has to offer, keeping you entranced through the entire thing. The song is, for lack of a better term, one you need to listen to. It oozes emotion, bashes your eardrums in, and keeps your heart pounding all throughout. Check this one out before you miss the train.

           If Bourelly’s musical artistry wasn’t enough to get you hooked, perhaps her collaboration will be. With releasing “Sally,” Bourelly worked alongside Master of Shapes, a technological genius who has revolutionized the way we use computers and graphic design. With this project, Master of Shapes has created a way for people to make their own music videos with a mere copy and paste. Users include a link to their favorite Tumblr site, and the program that Master of Shapes has created takes the .gifs and images from that site to create a music video that reacts to Bourelly’s “Sally.” This idea brings the listener into the art in a whole new fashion, creating one of the most interactive experiences that the art of music videos has ever faced. This new interactivity and collaboration only creates more interest in Bourelly and her music, as we patiently wait to see what she’ll do next. Whatever that happens to be, Bourelly is stepping from behind the curtain of making music for other artists and coming into her own. This is an important motion, as other ghost writers and engineers begin to take the spotlight. Whatever you do, be sure to keep your eyes on Bibi.

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