PREMIERE: "Rows of Roses" by Boo Baby

By Rivka Yeker

"Rows of Roses" is Chicago-based Boo Baby's first single off their newest album Orange You Glad. The video's simplistic yet tasteful style plays with aesthetics and somewhat of a bizarre plot line. Frontman Robert Salazar finds himself distracted by his own writing and ends up dreaming of roses, leading him to turn into a rose monster.

Silly yet strangely existential, the music video's sound reminds me of a more vibrant Sun Kil Moon. Salazar slowly dances on the line between nonsensical ramblings and poetry, but manages to still hit the mark for a solid indie rock song. 

The beauty of "Rows of Roses" is that it doesn't take itself too seriously, which makes the video all the more enjoyable. It is well-made and a fun story to watch unfold, perhaps one we might know all too well; it is the inner workings of an artist's brain when it decides to venture off into an unknown realm when it needs to hunker down and work. 

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The video was directed by Robert Salazar and Chris Le.