PREMIERE: Jessica Mindrum Releases Two Song EP

Jessica Mindrum - Better Now_River FULL.jpg

Jessica Mindrum has released another striking pair of songs that explore longing, heartache, and a hollow sense of loneliness. "Better Now' and "River" captures early winter stillness, one full of nostalgia and contemplation.

On "Better Now", she explores the questions that appear in the wake of a break up, the ones that you ask a million times, just not out loud. You can't help wanting to comfort her, or your best friend, or yourself when you hear Mindrum ask "Have you met her yet?.” On "River" she captures a feeling of subtle detachment with lines like "my friends sing along to songs I don't know", which perfectly invokes that sense of being "alone in a crowded room.” I'm not sure if I've heard someone quite capture the disheartening feeling of an endless back and forth like she does with the line "I'll never give you what you've always had.”

Purchase / stream the EP here and on Spotify below: