G-Eazy at the Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL

all photos by  Mike G. 

all photos by Mike G. 

A matte black tour bus parked behind a barbed wire fence, a line full of fans winding through the surrounding streets, and the hum of excitement carried through cold air, G-Eazy had touched down in Chicago.

With Kevin, his personal barber parked outside the venue, front and center inside of a silver camper serving as a pop-up barber shop, you immediately understand going to a G-Eazy concert is a multidimensional experience. It is not just music and dance, it is his own world.


As night falls, the rambunctious crowd grows impatient. In due time, the sold out venue opens its doors to the awaiting fans, and the night begins. The lines flood through the warm lobby, up the gold and blue tiled staircase, and onto the main floor of the breathtaking Aragon Ballroom.

With support from Anthony Russo and Phora, the opening acts showcase their talent flawlessly. Not long after, the crowd is ready when the lights dim, and with the haunting words, “Ladies and gentlemen, The Beautiful & Damned” are spoken by none other than Halsey, cueing Act I of a three part show.

Emerging from the smoke filled shadows, clad in black and leather, G-Eazy steps toward a center stage mic stand. Scanning the enormous crowd with a villainous smirk, the Oakland based rapper kicks off the most impressive production of his career.

To showcase the highs and lows of living a rock-n-roll lifestyle, as well as the dual personality he believes is caused by being a Gemini, G-Eazy has split his production into three separate acts, the first being “The Beautiful”, the second being “The Damned”, and inevitably finishing with “The Epilogue”.


G-Eazy closed out the night with his song ‘Eazy’, and reunited with the stage one last time sporting a personalized Cubs jersey for a two song encore. Jumping off stage, joining the fans, and eventually whipping his jersey into the crowd, G-Eazy has yet again proven to be the top tier performer he has always cut out to be. From selling mixtapes on the corner, to selling out shows worldwide, Gerald Gillum is the must see performer of 2018.