REVIEW: KAINA's Debut EP "4u"

Music Video By  Dennis Larance

Music Video By Dennis Larance

Kaina Castillo is a 22 year old first-generation Latina rising in the Chicago music scene. After being mentored by Chicago natives like the O’My’s, the mega-magical singer’s multidisciplinary work around the city has finally brought her to a sound all her own. Castillo released her soft and soulful debut R&B EP, 4u, on March 16. The 3-track compilation, "cry," "happy", and "4u", produced by longtime friend Sen Morimoto takes you to a warm world dripping with Castillo’s honey vocals. This EP is a follow-up to her collaborating with the Burns Twins on sweet asl. Castillo was recently a direct opener for Kali Uchis at Concord Music Hall, Jamila Woods at House of Vans and played Mamby on the Beach in 2017.

"happy" is Castillo’s first music video, and with visuals by Dennis Larance and design by Kevin Shark her flowery aesthetic is brought to life. She is bathed in a calming blue light as the camera zooms in on her glittery eyeshadow and wavy dark hair. Plant life surrounds the black-romper clad crooner as she holds flowers and vines, looking like Mother Earth herself. Castillo is here to bless us with a project that is perfect for these upcoming starry summer nights.

The EP flows seamlessly as tinkering piano notes float below Castillo’s hauntingly beautiful voice, giving the listener the sensation of gliding through water. It is easy to know the words of Castillo’s lullabies, each sentence folding into the next. In cry Castillo sings “Sunny day won’t take your love for granted / Just stay this way there’s nothing better than you in the worth that makes the bad things get much better / Oh I hope and pray that things will never fade.” She ends the number with a rhythmic homage snapping as she encourages listeners ‘lean with it and rock with it’ with her.