PREMIERE: Billie Aon, "Mid City Feeling"

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‘Mid City Feeling,’ the painstakingly authentic debut single from Billie Aon, is premiering today on Hooligan. The track is built on the struggle of finding yourself, and taking the time to become comfortable with your chosen path.

After writing nearly three records worth of music, Billie boldly decided to scrap it all, turn the page and write about their struggle in a more honest way, while drawing inspiration from artists across the board from Cheetah Chrome to Patti Smith to Iggy Pop.

Billie chose to take the suffering of their lowest point and spin it into gold in the form of ‘Mid City Feeling,’ and there’s still more to come. Keep your eyes peeled for their debut LP, releasing this fall.

Stream ‘Mid City Feeling’ and read more about the inspiration behind the track below -

“'Mid City Feeling’ represents a particularly blue period for me. It was a time I was having a lot of issues with my identity and struggling to realize what it was I wanted to do — typical mid 20’s shit, I know. It was a transitional period. I shut out a lot of people and put up a lot of walls because I needed to heal. I was living in Mid City as a recluse, feeling down and out, pumping my body with copious amounts caffeine and Dole, and trying to plot my next move. Somewhere along the line hiding out and making these records, I lost all my confidence. ‘Mid City Feeling’ sums up this time and helps me turn the page.”
- Billie Aon

All proceeds from the digital release of ‘Mid City Feeling’ will benefit Red Light Legal.

"Red Light Legal provides direct legal services, legal representation, community education, and effective policy advocacy to sex workers in all corners of the industry. We advocate to reduce the stigma, discrimination, and violence associated with the sex industry, particularly for those who face intersectional oppressions due to racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, and classism."