VIDEO PREMIERE: Little Crown // "Melancholy"

I often find myself in a state of melancholy as way to feel sad when I have nothing to be sad about. Surrounding myself with thoughts, people or things that remind me of what I should be happy about or proud of snaps me out of that melancholic state & brings me back into reality.

A place of self expression and honesty, Little Crown has become a place for Southern Louisiana Native, Phoenix, to express her voice in a comforting way. Struggling with ways to express struggle, experience, and emotions mixed with a background in jazz and french horn, Little Crown has broken away from the ukelele songs from her first release to a new lighter, pop-centric style. With the change in style, Phoenix still sees Little Crown as her outlet, a place to speak freely about the tough-stuff- but also a place where everyone can remember to celebrate personal victories and emotional up-turns. This new single “Melancholy” touches on the mindset of understanding yourself and understanding your personal emotions. 

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