Reviving The Scene: Charly Bliss at Subterranean 6/2

By Rivka Yeker

Charly Bliss is a band you want to see live, as they bring forth every ounce of energy their bodies muster. Each member is excited to be on stage and makes it clear, working with the rest of the band in a well-done synchronized execution. Vocalist Eva radiates in a pastel pink dress, jumping up and down and smiling throughout their entire set. Even after breaking a string during their first song, the band managed to bring forth their all and get the crowd moving.

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They’re described as grunge-pop, but all I thought about the entire time watching them was impressive sonic guitar rifts and an ultra sweet girly voice that hit every note perfectly, just like in their recordings.  Eva celebrates femininity and strategically embraces her aesthetic, by proving that girls can play the shit out of a guitar without exuding masculinity.

While it was only the second night of tour, it seemed like the band felt confident on stage, each visibly enjoying themselves, each other, and the crowd. Similarly to the other bands on the tour, Rozwell Kid and PUP, they all know how to have a good time. These are the kinds of people that make all these sub-genres less elitist and more inclusive; they’re reminding people that it really is all about having fun and singing & dancing along.

Although this was a pretty big tour for Charly Bliss, I have no doubt that people are going to be following them on social media directly after seeing them, because they’re a band that blows you away at a show, pushing you to listen to their entire discography. They have a sweet sound with indie rock vibes and an emphasis on guitars, and I couldn’t help but compare their stage presence to Looming, another incredibly talented group of folks that just love playing music.

The whole show made me leave feeling revived, like punk had let me down over and over again, but then I was reminded that good-hearted people that just wanna rock do exist. Charly Bliss are those people, and I’m stoked for everyone that will be touched by their sincerity and energy.