Email 3 poems to poetry@hooliganmagazine.com

- google/word doc only
- poem(s) must be unpublished and titled
- include a photo with proper credit to publish with the poem(s)* - include a short 3-5 sentence bio to publish with your poem(s)
- in the subject of the email, include “spilled ink weekly — hooligan mag”
photo attached is not a photo to accompany a bio, this is a photo to accompany your poem(s)
Poems will be published every Monday.
*these details are for Spilled Ink (Weekly) only


Subject line begins with FEATURE REQUEST

Feature requests are all web-based until stated otherwise - an editor will reach out if we’d like a feature to be issue specific.

Please email info@hooliganmagazine.com with a press release / more about you (or the artist you are representing). Requests with photos + detailed information + direct links are likely to be reviewed in a more timely manner.


Subject line begins with REVIEW REQUEST

Review requests on all art forms / releases should be sent directly to info@hooliganmagazine.com

Please include:
- release date / show date
- press release if possible
- vaguely specific subject line
- listening links to pass onto writers
- link to socials where you are active

Feel free to copy the editors on the email
rivka@hooliganmagazine.com / morgan@hooliganmagazine.com

As much as we’d love to read through every single email and feature / review / publish all requests + submissions, it’s not always possible. If we don’t get around to working together the first time, please continue to reach out to us. We encourage it.