October Tarotscopes

By Jillann Morlan
Spirit Speak Tarot Deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans

ARIES // Page of Cups, reversed

Eclipse season is over, Mercury is out of retrograde, and we should all be breathing a sigh of relief.  September was all about radical shifts in energy and letting go of what no longer serves us.  Many of us had to say some hard goodbyes, but with every ending comes a new beginning, and you are being asked to embrace your new beginnings with as much gentleness and childlike wonder as possible, Aries.  Get excited about the new people, opportunities, and creativity that show up in your life this month.  Let it be easy.  Have fun.  Play!  However, remember that all areas of your life still require balance.  It’s Libra season, and we will all be asked to make some adjustments to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual weight that we carry.  Libra is the seeker of balance and harmony, so align yourself with this energy throughout the month and you won’t go wrong.  Make a conscious choice to not get swept up in any extremes.  Be light and say yes when it feels right, but continue to set firm boundaries when the answer is no.  Don’t drop in frequency for others.  Recalibrate whenever you feel called to do so.  Stay open but remain grounded in your truth.  Always come back to your center and October will bring you some much needed whimsy and joy.

GEMINI // Six of Swords, reversed

It’s time to take a breather, Gemini.  September’s cosmic climate was brutal for most of us, and you may still be reeling from all of the ups and downs.  Take the time you need to get grounded and reflect on all that has transpired in the last month before moving forward with your agenda for October.  Take the time you need to honor anyone and anything that has fallen away.  Honor your struggles.  Honor your fears.  Be present and honor the moment you are in now.  It is all that you have.  It is all that we ever truly have.  You may be feeling the shadow period after Mercury retrograde a bit more intensely than others, but trust that it will lift soon.  Trust that on the other side of your trauma is your transformation.  Keep doing your inner work.  Keep talking to the universe.  Keep listening.  Trust that you are being heard.  Even if it feels like you are moving at a snail’s pace, trust that you are moving nonetheless.  Take your time and tap into Libra’s equalizing energy this month to balance out all areas of your life.  Don’t rush this process.  Believe in yourself and know that you are healing.  Use this time wisely and you will find yourself in much greater alignment by the end of the month.

LEO // Ace of Cups, reversed

Good things are on the horizon for you this month, Leo.  Inspiration is on the way, and your cup is sure to be filled, but not before you empty out the remaining contents.  It’s time for a fresh start.  You must release any limiting beliefs you have about yourself before you are able to move onto the next phase of your life and fully step into your power.  Investigate all areas of your life where you feel blocked.  Commit to destroying any walls that stunt your mental, emotional and spiritual growth.  Find beauty in the breakdowns and commit to rebuilding.  Aim big, strive for brilliance, and trust that with a little work it is all within your reach.  Have a larger goal in mind.  Honor your evolution, but don’t be afraid to start small.  Clean out your closet.  Give away what you don’t want or need.  Create space for the new.  Give back the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and fears that you’ve accumulated from others over the years.  Create space for clarity.  Figure out who you really are and what you really want before proceeding.  October is all about resetting and realigning with our authentic selves.  Once you get clear and create space, you’ll be amazed at the multitude of ways in which abundance starts showing up in your life.

LIBRA // Eight of Swords, reversed

It’s your season, Libra!  Now is the perfect time to harness your powers of harmony and balance.  Start within before you go without.  The world needs you and your gifts more than ever, so get grounded in your innate abilities and don’t be afraid to blind others with your inspiring light.  You may still be feeling a little unsettled as we finish up the shadow period after Mercury retrograde and Eclipse season, but rest assured that you will be feeling much more confident as the month goes on.  You’re advised to take your time getting back into the swing of things, but once you feel you have reached a point of equilibrium, go forth and send your magic out into the world.  Your ego may be working behind the scenes trying to keep you small and stuck in a feeling of lack this month.  Commit to heart-centered communication with yourself and others.  Trust your intuition and speak your truth.  You are more worthy and more needed than you may be able to recognize right now.  We all need each other on a deeper level than ever before and you, Libra, are our archetype for intimacy and relationships.  Don’t be afraid to step into the spotlight this month, but only after you tend to your higher self – the most important relationship of all.

SAGITTARIUS // Seven of Pentacles

You’re likely to be seeing some progress in your personal life this month, Sagittarius.  Eclipse season and Mercury retrograde set us all back a bit, but now that things are moving again, you are being encouraged to charge ahead without hesitation.  Libra season will still require you to do some rebalancing, but only minor adjustments will be needed before your energies are fully aligned.  Figure out what those adjustments are and make them as soon as you can in order to capitalize on the abundant energy surrounding you this month.  Success is certainly within reach, but your main challenge will be deciding where to place your focus.  You may be feeling on top of your game, but be careful not to become overconfident and spread yourself too thin.  Where will your energy be best served this month?  Libra season brings us the gift of greater clarity and intimacy in our relationships.  Have you been thinking about a creative project or collaboration, but failed to act on it?  Now would be a good time to instigate connections with others.  Or, perhaps, you’ve been meaning to start a solo project, but haven’t felt inspired or supported by the universe.  In truth, you are always supported, but you may be more able to see and feel it this month.  Tap into your magic.  Connect with others, collaborate with your higher self, and you will surely succeed.

AQUARIUS // The Empress

Give thanks and praise this month, Aquarius.  We made it through the chaos of Eclipse season and Mercury retrograde, and if you did your personal work, you will now be feeling significantly lighter, freer and truly transformed. October will provide you with a much needed break from fear and uncertainty, and you are likely to feel at much greater ease with yourself and in the world this month. Lean into this time. Relish in the change of season. Deeply tune into your body and luxuriate in your senses. You don't have to do anything. The only real assignment for you this month is to let go and let the universe serve you. If you have been giving a lot of your time and energy to others, take a step back. It's time for you to receive! The more open you are, the more beauty and abundance will be able to come into your life. Many of us are being asked to make active choices and change this month to get in better balance with the universe, and ourselves but you are simply being asked to relax and be in the moment. Your only work is whatever is in front of you in any given moment. Pay attention to potential creative pursuits and romantic partnerships that show up this month. Nothing is off limits for you, and there will certainly be magic in the air.

TAURUS // Seven of Wands

Now is not the time to give up or give in, Taurus.  We’re coming out of an intense cosmic moment with the end of Eclipse season and Mercury retrograde.  Don’t let the lingering shadow period of this time get you down.  You are making moves, so keep moving!  Even if it doesn’t feel like it, trust that things are happening and that the universe has your back.  Harness the creative energy that is sure to be bubbling up around you, but be careful not to overexert yourself.  Believe in yourself and your pursuits, but be careful not to become overconfident.  Press on, but go slowly if need be.  Assess the situation, make a plan, go with the flow and adjust accordingly.  Libra season is all about balance, and all signs of the Zodiac are being asked to take this into account throughout the month of October.  Some of us will be called to take a pause before moving forward in order to reach equilibrium, but you, Taurus, are being given the green light to move forward with confidence and assurance that you have everything you need to come out on top this month.  Go at your own pace.  Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back.  Even the smallest spark can become a blaze of fire.  Don’t be afraid to light up the night sky.

 CANCER // Death, reversed

September's transformative cosmic climate incited death cycles in all of us. We were forced to face what could no longer be ignored. We were asked to truly let go of anything and anyone that wasn't serving us, both individually and collectively. Some of us answered the call, and some of us did not. Some of us are doing the work required for true transformation, and some of us are stuck in our old ways of being in the world. No matter where you currently find yourself, you are being asked to press on and fully commit to your transformation this month, Cancer.  Take a hard and fast look at your life as it is in the present moment, compare it to where you want to be, and do whatever you can to bridge that gap. You must feel it all to heal it all. You won't be able to ignore the things that you need to change this month. Don't fight it. Don’t be afraid to lean into any frustration, anger and confusion that you are currently facing.  Don’t be afraid of change. Your evolution is inevitable.  Something must give.  Investigate. Face all parts of yourself in order to get in tune with your higher self.  Know that even in death there is movement. Keep moving and October will be a potent time of transformation and rebirth for you.

VIRGO // The Moon

We’re all being asked to examine our lives and make some much needed adjustments this month.  Eclipse season and Mercury retrograde illuminated our subconscious fears and inconsistencies.  Under such a spotlight we can no longer find peace in the dark.  Sleepwalking through our lives is not an option anymore. We must wake up.  Although we will all be granted the gift of clarity in some way or another this month, you may feel it on a much smaller scale, Virgo.  Have faith.  Even if you can’t quite see where you are going yet trust that you are on the path.  This is not the time for analyzing or making plans.  Your innate analytical powers won’t help you out this month.  It’s time to quell the mental chatter and be still. Investigate your dreams.  Indulge your senses.  Above all else, spend October getting in touch with your intuition.  Get quiet.  Listen to your inner voice and pay attention to the synchronicities that are popping up in your life.  Suspend your disbelief.  The signs are real and they are trying to communicate with you.  Your ability to perceive the messages the universe is sending you directly relates to your willingness to receive them.  Be willing to not have the answers.  Be willing to receive them from another plane.

SCORPIO // Five of Cups

October will challenge you to see things in a different light, Scorpio.  The truth is that the world is full of turmoil, negativity and violence.  There is always someone or something to blame for our frustrations and fears.  This month you must ask yourself where you consistently put your focus.  Have your perceptions been holding you back?  Are you an optimist or a pessimist?  Could you benefit from a change of heart or mind?  Watch your thoughts.  Be aware of your feelings.  Are they always yours and yours alone?  Do you ever take on the thoughts and feelings of those around you?  If you feel triggered by a person or situation, stop before reacting and investigate why.  This work is worthy of your attention.  Be willing to transform the way you interact with your own thoughts, feelings and emotions.  We can’t always control our circumstances, but we can always control our reactions to them.  Don’t take yourself so seriously.  Be willing to relax.  Be willing to see another way.  You always have the power of choice, so be vigilant about your choices this month and know that you always have the power to turn it around even if you feel completely stuck.  Keep moving.  Shake things up, and you’ll be feeling in much greater balance by the end of the month.

CAPRICORN // Queen of Cups, reversed

Libra is the archetype of intimacy and relationships, and during Libra season we will all feel a greater push to examine how we commune with others and ourselves. What is the current state of your relationships, Capricorn?  Who can you always call on for support?  Who is an energy drain?  Who inspires you?  Who intimidates you?  How do you see yourself in relationship with others?  What role do you play? Do you take on multiple roles?  How is your relationship with yourself? Are you happy? What is your relationship to the Earth?  What is your relationship to the Divine?  Do you feel supported?  Where do you feel a lack?  What changes need to be made?  You are being invited to ask yourself these questions, Capricorn, and if you do, you are sure to receive the answers you need.  This isn’t easy work.  When we take a long hard look at our relationships we inevitably take a long hard look at ourselves, and we won’t always like what we find.  Don’t be afraid to do your personal work.  If you don’t like what you find, have compassion for yourself and others.  Make changes, but be kind and always treat others how you want to be treated.  This month has the potential to be truly transformative for you if you’re willing to put in the work required.

PISCES // The Chariot, reversed

The aftermath of September's cosmic climate with Eclipse season and Mercury retrograde still has many of us feeling scattered and confused. A great deal was exposed for us individually as well as collectively, and at times it's difficult to know exactly how to move forward. Don't be afraid to feel all your feelings, Pisces. Don't be afraid to take a break. You may want to run from all of the discomfort, but make sure there is clarity and purpose in all of your movements. If you're feeling particularly fearful, know that feelings change, often times much sooner than we expect them to. Don't flee from any dis-ease you may be working through. Stay present in the moment and work to understand why you feel the way that you do. Your feelings are valid and worthy of investigation, but don't let them run your life. Keep coming back to your body for grounding and support.  Seek out the people, places and spaces that make you feel safe. Take note of the people, places and spaces that make you feel anxious and detached from your body. Weed out the ones that consistently make you question yourself and your relationship to your body.  Trust that no matter where you are or what situation you are currently facing, you are always rooted and at home in truth and love.