September Tarotscopes

By Jillann Morlan
Spirit Speak Tarot Deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans

ARIES // Page of Wands

Sparks are sure to be flying all around you this month, Aries.  Sparks of passion, sparks of creativity, sparks of anger, sparks of anxiety, sparks of clarity - no matter the source, things are sure to be heating up for you both internally and externally.  Although there will be lots of inspiration and fuel for your projects, as well as, passion for your personal life, be wary of where you put your energy and how you use your time.  All the creativity and passion in the world won't get you anywhere unless you have the clarity, drive and patience to funnel your energy toward a higher purpose and clear-cut goal.  Don’t force anything to happen, and don’t let yourself get too distracted this month. Tune into your superpowers and get to work, but don’t burn yourself out on people, projects or opportunities that may not be what they seem.  Trust your gut. Take a step back and really assess for yourself what you want and what you don’t.  With Mercury in retrograde and Eclipse season upon us, things are going to be moving a little slower for everyone this month.  Even if it feels like go time, go slow.  Let the inspiration come in.  Let there be an easy flow and exchange of ideas.  Get rid of anything that isn’t working. Get excited, but hold off on solidifying big plans and commitments until the end of the month. 

TAURUS // Two of Cups

On a macrocosmic level, September is asking us to get grounded and go slow.  September is asking us to find a deeper connection with the Earth, our bodies, and to reevaluate the different people and places that we call home.  These requests will prove to be an easier task for some than others, but it very well may prove to be the easiest for you, Taurus.  The realm of the body, sensuality and earthly pleasures is where you thrive, so lean into the slow-moving energy of the month and use it to find a nourishing and sustaining balance that will carry you into the next.  Get really rooted in your truest desires, higher self and soul purpose this month, and watch as others flock to you for guidance and support.  This is bound to be a very successful month for you in the realm of relationships. Lean on others and let others lean on you. You are being given the opportunity to really step into an equal exchange of energy with those closest to you this month.  You have the ability to approach all situations and relationships with a composed and strong center.  What needs to be communicated?  What needs to be worked through?  How can you help create a better balance for everyone?  Don’t be afraid to take the lead and be the light that guides others home to themselves.

GEMINI // Ace of Pentacles

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the first of the month beckons in a time of great transition and transformation.  There will be a lot of energy moving around and through us, both individually and collectively.  There will be abrupt endings and expansive beginnings happening simultaneously.  Be aware of the projects, opportunities and relationships in your life that are coming to an end, Gemini.  Be aware of the energy that will be freed up as a result of these closures.  Free up as much energy as you can, and create space in your life for the new because it will be coming into your life with full force this month.  Endings can be difficult, but yours are being fully supported by the universe this month to help you get more aligned with your soul purpose and onto the next phase of your evolution.  Be particularly cognizant of career opportunities and creative endeavors coming your way.  You have every reason to be optimistic!  There has been a lot of discomfort within the collective this year. We are all being asked to work through our fears in different ways at different times.  This is your time, Gemini.  All of the breakdowns have been leading you to this breakthrough.  The cosmic climate is still requesting that we all go a bit slower than we might like, but if you feel called to do something new this month, don’t let any fear hold you back – go for it! 

CANCER // High Priestess

With the intense and ever-changing energies that are swirling all around us this month, you are bound to feel particularly ungrounded, Cancer.  A very complex creature indeed, and arguably the most intense sign of the Zodiac, you are sure to be feeling a bit extreme.  Do what you can to let the ebb and flow of your emotional tides transpire with as much ease as possible.  If you find yourself feeling particularly down or stuck, get moving.  Go for a walk, ride a bike, or do some gentle stretching.  Come back to the body whenever you can.  Don’t get caught up in or attach to other people’s emotions. When the outside world gets too loud, go within. Carve out time to hang out with your higher self. Get to know your soul. Listen to your intuition.  You have an acute ability to sense the unseen. Spend September honing your intuitive abilities.  If you get a gut feeling about something or someone, trust it.  September is asking you to go it alone for a bit.  Go it alone so you can get to know yourself better.  Get to know yourself better so you can be unwavering when questions about your abilities, creativity, and worth arise from others, or even from yourself. Get clear on what you know. Own it.  Stay true to yourself and don’t be afraid to be a lone wolf for a while.  Times are changing and your true tribe is on the way.

LEO // Six of Wands

It may be Virgo season now, but you’re likely to still be basking in the after-glow of your own time in the sun, Leo.  Keep riding the wave of self-love, success and fulfillment as long as you can.  Even though the cosmic climate is slowing things down for all signs across the Zodiac, you’re likely to be experiencing some positive outcomes for the work you put in prior to Eclipse season and Mercury going retrograde.  If things are aligning for you in unexpected ways this month, don’t be afraid to capitalize on your success.  You have a lot to be excited about, and a lot to be thankful for, but make sure your celebrations aren’t premature or excessive.  Things will be shifting rapidly after the Solar Eclipse on the first, so make sure you keep your options open and don’t burn any bridges.  Right now we are all being called to see how much we need each other on a much grander scale. Be the born leader that you are, Leo.  Show up for others.  Show them how it’s done. Don’t be greedy. Let others share in your success.  We all need a little more encouragement and hope right now. This is a great time for strengthening bonds, making new connections and inciting new collaborations.  Link up with others and start a crusade if you feel called to do so.  The world needs your fiery energy and indomitable spirit more than ever!

VIRGO // Ace of Swords, reversed

This may be your season, Virgo, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be free from scrutiny.  Be careful not to get caught up in all the mental noise this month.  Learn how to differentiate between your intuition and your ego. Work to turn down the volume on your ego. What do you truly want? What is truly in your highest and best? We are all apt to be hearing a lot of different things for ourselves this month, and it will undoubtedly, be difficult to discern the truth from the lies at times.  This is why you must do our inner work.  You must work to hear your intuition above the cacophony of voices vying for your attention. Stay vigilant.  Don’t take anything at face value. Use your natural intelligence and keen analytical abilities to garner the truth from all situations. Get in touch with your senses. Take a break from the mental plane and explore your sensuality.  Stop thinking about what life could be like; go out and live it. Let yourself connect with others.  Connect with your Earth element.  You will especially want to connect with your body this month.  Listen to the things your body has to say.  You might find that it has a lot more to say than you thought.  Be willing to approach things from a new perspective, and you’ll be able to move through the complicated energies of this month with much greater ease.

LIBRA // Ten of Swords, reversed

It’s been a rough year for all of us, but your gentle, kind and peace-loving soul has had to bear the brunt of our collective dis-ease, Libra.  You might be feeling especially down and out this month with Mercury in retrograde, but things are not nearly as bad as they seem. In fact, the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the first is bringing you beautiful and soft winds of change.  If things haven’t been going well for you, they will soon be shifting and you will be able to see a light in the distance.  The worst very well may be behind you, but that doesn’t mean you can charge ahead with haste. Pare down your social calendar this month and carve out some much needed time for yourself.  Take a long look at where you’ve been and everything you’ve done.  Honor all that has transpired before setting intentions for the future. What has fallen away? What remains? What still needs to be mourned?  What can you rejoice in? You might not be able to change your circumstances, but you always have the power to change your mind. Be optimistic! Work to find a better balance in the mental realm this month. Avoid extremes. Choose to rise above and tune into your higher mind.  The universe has your back this month, and always. Trust in the support you are receiving and believe in the future.

SCORPIO // Justice

You are being asked to really take stock of your past this month, Scorpio.  Before you can be fully present and take on the shifting and transformative energies of the month, you need to take a moment to honor your past – the good, the bad, and everything in between.  Atone, forgive, and most importantly, let go.  Bring the bigger picture back into focus and get yourself and your priorities back in balance.

All of us are being asked to slow down this month, but you, Scorpio, are being asked to make a full stop.  Commit to clearing the air.  Suspend your disbelief.  Could it all have happened for a reason? You don’t have to commit to finding a reason, but believe there is one and then let it go.  Give all your worries and fears to the Earth.  Write all of your regrets on a piece of paper and bury it in the ground or light it on fire.  Trust in the power of alchemy.  Nothing ever stays the same.  You are evolving no matter how you feel about your current circumstances.  Justice will always be served when the time is right.  Don’t wait around.  Keep living your life.  Keep looking ahead.  Have faith in the cycles you are going through and don’t worry about anyone else’s.  If you find yourself lost or stuck, go back to the Golden Rule: Treat others how you want to be treated.  It never fails, and neither will you.

SAGITTARIUS // Four of Swords

September is asking all of us to take a step back and assess where we’ve been before moving forward.  We are all being asked to do this in different ways.  For some of us this will be an outward and active endeavor, and for some of us it will be a more receptive and solitary one.  It may be surprising, but you fall into the second category, Sagittarius.  You are being asked to get quiet.  You are being asked to go against your natural impulses and withdraw from your usual routine for a while.  Cancel plans.  Stay in.  You won’t be able to hear the inner guidance you are receiving if someone or something else is vying for your attention.  As the bonafide extrovert of the Zodiac, September’s slow pace may make you feel a bit stir crazy, but do what you can to go with the flow.  Things will speed up again soon enough.  You have been given this cosmic climate for a reason, so use it to your advantage.  Now is the perfect time for you to prepare for the next chapter of your life.  Take time out to set a solid foundation before you move ahead.  How are you fairing these days?  What’s working well for you?  What needs to be changed?  If you don’t think there’s any work to be done, quiet your mind and just listen.  Be open to receiving guidance from the universe and you’ll be surprised at what comes through.  

CAPRICORN // Two of Swords, reversed

You’re being called to find a better balance in your relationships this month, Capricorn.  We are all in great need of each other right now, but you are especially in need of the people in your inner circle this month.  We are moving through some intense energies and a lot of unknown territory, so figure out who you can reach out to for support and don’t be afraid to ask for it.  If your relationships have been feeling a bit off balance lately, trust that they will be reaching equilibrium soon.  However, you will have to assess for yourself who is serving you and your higher purpose and who is draining your energy and bringing you down before things balance out.  Don’t be afraid to let some people go.  Trust yourself and follow through.  Release everyone else’s opinion and expectations.  You know what’s best for you. When we let go of anyone or anything that doesn’t serve us, we create space for something new and better to step into our lives.  The more you can let go, the more greatness you can call in.  You already have so much greatness in you, Capricorn; call in more of it! September is all about creating the space we need to invite in more love, light and magic into our lives.  Find a better balance, let go, create space, open up, and believe that there’s no limit to what you can receive.   

AQUARIUS // Nine of Pentacles

Things are looking quite good for you this month, Aquarius!  You have many good omens coming your way, but don’t get ahead of yourself.  You still have to slow down with the rest of us and show up to do the work that the cosmic climate is requiring of the collective.  As the visionary of the Zodiac, you are great at coming up with innovative ideas and planning for a better future.  Let this Mercury retrograde period gift you with the time and mental space to work on your future plans.  Take all the time you need.  Think about yourself.  Think about the collective.  Think about your role within the collective. Work your magic. You may be feeling more self-assured throughout the month, and abundance will certainly be coming your way, but don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.  You may be flying high now, but what about next month?  Make sure you don’t get too caught up in your own world.  Tap into your natural abilities, but don’t get trapped in the mental realm.  Don’t isolate yourself.  Stay connected with your people.  Reach out to others who you know might be in need of a little more help.  You never know when you’ll be in a position of need again yourself.  Use all the positivity and good fortune that you are receiving this month as inspiration to step up and serve others.  Keep giving and you will keep receiving, tenfold. 

PISCES // Strength, reversed

You are being called to tap into your inner reserves of strength this month, Pisces.  These are trying times, and it’s often difficult to see oneself clearly.  You are so much stronger than you think you are.  Go on a journey, both within and outside of yourself, this month.  Find the strength that you need to get you through this challenging time.  It is never as bad as it seems.  You have the ability to overcome any obstacle that is placed on your path.  What do you need to do in order to believe it?  What do you need to do in order to feel strong?  Where do you need to go?  Who do you need to be with?  If you’re at a loss, look to the past.  When were you strong?  What were the circumstances that birthed your strength?  Don’t be afraid to go back to that place and bring the wisdom of the past to the present moment.  This month is all about taking a few steps back in order to move forward with greater faith and purpose.  We all have to go back a bit, but you are being dually reminded that everything you need to enter this next phase of your life is already within you.  Take the time you need this month to activate your dormant hopes, dreams, and ambitions.  They are closer than you know and you have all the strength and support you need to achieve them.