November Tarotscopes

By Jillann Morlan
Spirit Speak Tarot Deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans

ARIES // Ace of Wands

We close out the month of October with a deeply emotional and spiritually rich new moon in Scorpio on October 30th.  Known as one of the most intense and mysterious signs of the zodiac, Scorpio asks us to dig beneath the surface level of our lives.  When we strip away all artifice and dare to ask ourselves what it is that we truly want and need, we create a clearer channel for our dreams, intuition and creativity to come through.  It’s officially Scorpio season and transformation is the flavor of the month.  In tandem with Mother Nature, we will all be moving through death cycles throughout November.  As the world around us gets darker, we are invited to go within.  Go within to determine what you need to let go of.  Go within for clarity.  Go within for strength.  Release and allow what no longer serves you to come to a natural end.  Endings birth new beginnings and November has great potential to offer you an abundance of fresh insights and inspiration, Aries, especially within the realm of work and creativity.  Work to get clear.  Follow your inspirations.  Keep honing your craft.  Pay attention to opportunities that come your way this month.  Let your intuition be your guide.  Let your passions push you to show up for yourself and be seen by others.  November is sure to be an intense time of transformation and regeneration.  Keep your inner fire lit and watch yourself evolve on a deep soul level.


TAURUS // Ten of Pentacles

As the natural world around us moves through a cycle of death in preparation for the winter months, we too are being asked to examine and honor the cycles of our lives.  Tune into November’s naturally transformative energy in order to gain a deeper understanding of your current life circumstances, Taurus.  What changes have occurred in your life this year?  Have you been open to receiving the gift of alchemy?  Take time to honor everything that you have moved through this year, and no matter what obstacles you are currently facing, allow yourself to see the truth – everything is in its right place, and all is working in your favor.  November promises to bring you grounding and abundance.  Even amongst collective discord and strife, your individual roots remain healthy and strong.  Tap into your inherent strength and creativity this month.  Take good care of your body.  Do whatever you need to do in order to feel nourished both within and without.  Self-care plays a crucial role in setting up a solid foundation for self-love.  Be willing to receive love this month, Taurus.  It will certainly be showing up in different ways in multiple areas of your life.  Fall in love with yourself first and then offer your love to others.  There’s no need to be frugal this month.  Trust that you are supported.  Ask the universe for exactly what you need. Believe in abundance and you will undoubtedly receive it in more ways than you ever thought possible.

GEMINI // Knight of Pentacles, reversed  

We’re all being asked to dig deep this month, Gemini.  Scorpio season invites us to jump off the high dive straight into the mysterious and sometimes turbulent waters of our emotional and spiritual selves.  What thoughts, feelings and emotions are lurking beneath your superficial self?  Are you willing to take time out and tend to them?  What parts of yourself do you need to hold space for?  You may not be feeling super motivated or inspired this month, Gemini, but that doesn’t mean you are allowed to quit.  In fact, you are advised to keep things moving, but perhaps, you need to change directions.  Where does the bulk of your energy go in a day?  Where can you free up some time for personal reflection?  Your time this month will be best used by keeping your nose to the grindstone with intermittent breaks for relaxation and contemplation.  Slow down and reevaluate if something doesn’t feel right, but keep moving.  Your work needs extra attention this month.  Put in the necessary effort.  Don’t take any shortcuts.  If you feel spread too thin, go within and assess what adjustments need to be made.  November may be an emotionally trying month, but keep your head up and have faith that your efforts are not going unnoticed.  Your efforts matter a great deal right now, so stay as present as possible and trust in the process.  Like all cycles, this one will come to an end.  Stay high and commit to coming out on top.

CANCER // Justice

The new moon in Scorpio on October 30th sets an intuitive and transformative tone that will last throughout the month of November.  As a water sign, you are greatly in tune with the ebb and flow of your emotional tides, Cancer.  November asks you to swim even deeper into the murky waters of your emotional and spiritual self.  November will offer you divine guidance and support if you are willing to risk comfort to go on a transformative journey within.  It has been a trying year for all of us.  We have faced our individual heartbreaks and struggles while also being inundated with the violent and chaotic energy that has been circulating within the collective.  Fear has permeated our lives.  Fear has made us question.  Fear has made it nearly impossible for us to feel safe with others, and at times, even with ourselves.  November asks you to get better acquainted with your fears, Cancer.  Get to know your fears so you can call them out when they try to derail you.  Be willing to trust that everything is in perfect place.  Life isn’t always fair, but that isn’t the point.  The point is that you are alive, and that means you still have work to do.  You still have much to learn.  You still have so much to give.  Do what you need to do in order to feel safe and supported this month, and trust that there are greater powers at work in your favor that are beyond your comprehension right now.

LEO // The Hermit, reversed

Scorpio season is in full swing and the transformative energy of this sign asks us to investigate the aspects of ourselves that have been hiding in the dark corners of our minds and hearts throughout the year.  Scorpio is an emotional and mysterious sign.  This time of year can be an emotional and mysterious time for all of us.  Go with the flow.  Scorpio is assertive about its need for depth.  Be willing to transcend superficiality in all areas of your life this month, Leo.  Set aside some extra time for rest, relaxation and contemplation.  Your fun-loving, extroverted, attention-seeking qualities won’t serve you this month.  You are advised to spend time alone.  Make an effort to get better acquainted with your intuition.  Get quiet and go within so that you can hear your inner voice more clearly.  This is an ideal time to begin a meditative practice or a solo creative project.  When, where and under what circumstances do you feel most able to connect with your higher self and listen to your inner guides?  Work to create an environment for yourself where you can do your inner work in peace.  Don’t force anything to happen this month.  Take a pause.  Take all the time you need.  Release the need to rush.  Recognize and release any false sense of urgency that creeps up on you.  Stand your ground.  Stay still, get quiet, and let the guidance and wisdom that you seek enter your life without any effort.  For you, November is all about patience and trust.

VIRGO // Four of Wands

Take time out to celebrate yourself and your accomplishments this month, Virgo.  Things are bound to be looking up for you in the realm of work and creativity, so make sure you take a moment and acknowledge how far you’ve come.  The universe loves it when we recognize our own worth.  Don’t be afraid to sing your own praises.  If you’re still feeling frustrated or insecure about the work that you do, rest assured that the energy this month is shifting in your favor.  Don’t get caught up in any particular idea of how your life or work should look at this time.  You may not be exactly where you want to be, but trust that you are well on your way.  Trust that the current conditions of your life are perfect.  Whatever you are facing is here for a reason.  Look for the lessons.  Listen for guidance.  The cosmic climate this month is offering you a great deal of support, Virgo, but you are still required to play your part.  Keep working hard and you will be rewarded for your efforts.  Keep things in perspective.  Stay positive.  Don’t get ahead of yourself.  Scorpio season is an ideal time for inner work and getting in greater alignment with your higher self.  Quell the mental noise and create a clearer channel for your intuition to communicate with you.  The plans you have for your life are beautifully unfolding.  Keep up the pace, stay high and know that everything you desire is well within reach.  

LIBRA // Seven of Pentacles

You are likely to be reaping the rewards of hard work and perseverance this month, Libra.  Take some time to evaluate what has been working well for you, make any necessary adjustments, and then work to keep the momentum going.  November’s transformative energy requires you to keep moving through any discomfort or resistance that you might be experiencing within or without.  Movement is required for transformation.  Transformation is required for lasting change.  Transformation is radical, but it is a force that will undoubtedly work in your favor if you’re willing to lean in and let go.  Are you ready and willing to invite change into your life?  What does change mean for you?  In what areas of your life do you resist change?  Why?  Ask yourself these questions.  Get some clarity and then get out of your own way.  Nothing is holding you back this month, Libra, except your own limited views about what success is and how you can accomplish it.  Upgrade your thinking and success will show up in your life in ways you never expected.  Commit to finding a balance between work and play that best suits you and your needs so that you can optimize your energy and keep working toward your dreams.  You’re doing great!  Your work is being noticed.  Don’t stop.  Stay true to you.  Transcend the mundane through dedication and hard work.  You are worthy.  Your efforts are important, and the work and creativity that you have to offer is greatly needed at this time.

SCORPIO // King of Cups

It’s your season, Scorpio, and the energy of the month is perfectly aligned with your natural strengths and abilities.  As a water sign and one of the most intuitive personalities of the zodiac, you are deeply connected with the realm of emotions.  You have a keen sense of what lurks beneath the surface level of our lives, and you are not afraid to explore uncharted territory.  Now is the time to go on a deep journey to the center of your psyche.  The world around us is getting darker, and we are all being asked to honor the most dimly lit parts of ourselves.  This inner work is less of a request and more of a requirement for you this month, Scorpio.  You won’t suffer any consequences if you shy away from this journey, but you have a great deal to gain if you take time to show up for yourself and answer the call from within.  Your intuitive abilities are naturally strong, but don’t be surprised if you are feeling extra in tune with the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others this month.  You may find that friends, family members or even strangers will feel called to come to you for advice and support this month.  Take pride in your natural healing abilities and offer others what you can.  There is plenty of love to go around, so subscribe to the belief that the more you give the more you will receive and relish in the sweet support November has to offer you.

SAGITTARIUS // Six of Cups

You are being asked to open your heart this month, Sagittarius.  Open your heart to greater love, self-worth, creativity, and healing.  Have you been feeling frustrated or overly fatigued lately?  How in tune are you with your inner child?  How often do you play?  How often do you create?  November is a beautiful time for you to align with childlike wonder and joy.  So much of our daily existence can be an energy drain.  How do you bring yourself back to center?  What do you do to have fun?  In what areas of your life can you let expectation fall by the wayside?  Be as light and present as you possibly can be this month, Sagittarius.  You deserve a break.  You need to get back in touch with your wild.  You need to find or create spaces in which you can feel free to just be.  We live in a fear-based culture.  Stress and worry is epidemic, but you have the antidote within you.  Your true essence is infinite love.  You have access to it at all times.  You can give as much of it away as you want and you will still be completely whole.  Remember who you are this month.  Remember what you are made of.  Ask for extra support if you need it.  Don’t be afraid to let go.  Be silly.  Laugh.  Breathe into your heart space when times get tough.  Don’t close yourself off from others.  You have so much to give and even more to receive if you keep your heart cracked wide open.

CAPRICORN // King of Wands, reversed

Be careful not to get ahead of yourself this month, Capricorn.  You’re a natural go-getter, but the energy of the month is requesting that you slow down and take it easy.  Take time to figure out what it is that your soul truly craves.  If you have important decisions to make this month, take your time in doing so.  Your first impulses might need some reconfiguring.  Everyone will be subject to greater sensitivity this month, so keep your boundaries clear and be careful not to take on any energy that isn’t authentically yours.  You’re likely to be feeling motivated and creative, but now is not the time for hastiness.  Let any ideas and inspirations that come to you marinate in your mind for some time before letting them see the light of day.  Your inspirations have important messages for you, Capricorn.  Most of the thoughts that we have are just travelers passing through, but you will want to create space and invite the inspirations that show up in your life this month to stay awhile. You must practice patience.  You must find comfort within while you wait for things to unfold.  You will be guided if you are willing to listen.  Create space in your life by cutting out unnecessary mental noise.  Find quiet within and you will manifest it without.  You must be willing and open to perceiving the signs being sent to you before you are fully able to receive them and let them work their magic in your life.

AQUARIUS // The Tower

Scorpio season will bring transformation to the forefront of our lives whether we are ready for it or not.  November is all about becoming more aware of the unique cycles we are each moving through.  We can always look to nature to help guide us through the current conditions of our life.  The cyclical death of our natural environment as we enter the winter months is a sure sign that we too have much to evaluate and shed before we reach the end of the year.  What changes have been naturally occurring in your life lately?  What changes need to be made that may require more effort on your part?  What and who needs to make an exit from your life in order for you to be happier, healthier and in greater alignment with your higher self?  These are the questions that need to be asked.  This is the work that needs to be done over and over again.  Transformation is not a destination.  Transformation is a constant unfolding that requires your time and attention.  Transformation doesn’t necessarily require an effort on your part, but it does require surrender and it does need space.  Be extra patient and kind with yourself and others this month, Aquarius.  You are moving through some intense energies and you may be asked to take a few steps back in order to gain the perspective and momentum you need to push through any obstacles that are in the way of your highest potential.  

PISCES // Two of Swords

In tandem with our natural environment, we are all moving through cycles of death this month.  We are all being asked to work through some discomfort.  Transformation requires movement.  Transformation is meant to cause upheaval in our lives.  All of the internal motion that is occurring may have you feeling a bit queasy this month, Pisces.  Don’t worry if you find yourself feeling especially ungrounded.  You may not have the clearest vision, so be careful not to jump to conclusions or put too much pressure on yourself and others.  This cycle will be over before you know it, so be as present as you can be with it.  Don’t wish it away.  Don’t fight it.  Be grateful for this time.  Gratitude alone has the power to transform your experience of the greater transformations that are unfolding in your life.  The more you can let go of expectations and outcomes the better.  Take your time and use extra care when communicating with others.  Misunderstandings are apt to occur this month.  Do what you can to lean into any frustration and confusion that you are facing this month.  The tides will soon change.  Don’t overthink it.  November asks you to get in greater alignment with your emotions.  Don’t ignore or brush off any feelings that rise to the surface this month.  Feel it all.  Feel it in order to heal it and you’ll be feeling much clearer, energized and ready to move forward by the end of the month.