December Tarotscopes

By Jillann Morlan
Spirit Speak Tarot Deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans

ARIES // Nine of Pentacles

As we individually and collectively move through the death cycles of Scorpio season, we are faced with a profound need to clear out what is no longer serving us.  Sagittarius season asks us to wholeheartedly embrace new beginnings.  It offers up abundant support as we work toward rebirth and a renewed sense of courage and action.  December is prime time for you to gather all of your resources and tap into your courage, Aries.  Get to work!  It’s time to turn your ideas into realities.  We have all been undergoing some intense transitions.  We have all been forced to make healing a priority.  Now is the time to honor how far you’ve come.  Don’t be afraid to put yourself out into the world and test your strength.  Trust that your dreams and endeavors are supported. The energies of the month are especially aligned to aid you in developing work and career pursuits.  If you have been experiencing a sense of lack recently, December is sure to remind you of your innate worth.  Work to expand your perspective of abundance.  Know that everything you need is already within you, but do the work you need to do in order to create space in your life to receive something new.  Ask the universe for that you truly want.  Don’t hold back, and trust that your life is in perfect place.   


TAURUS // Knight of Wands

It's time to get fired up, Taurus!  Sagittarius season is in full swing and we're all being asked to tap into our spirit of adventure and warrior energy, but your call to action will be felt deeper than most.  Sagittarius is the Archer, and it's time for you to gather your arrows, fearlessly take aim, and let them soar through the air.  Don't worry about outcomes.  Find strength and purpose in taking the first step.  Let go and trust the process as it unfolds.  Sagittarius isn't afraid of aiming too high, and you shouldn't be either.  Don't be afraid to step into your greatness.  December is going to give us all a much needed break from the discomfort and emotional turmoil of the past few months.  Take advantage of this lighter and more focused energy while it's here.  December is an ideal time to start a new project or travel.  Be spontaneous!  Switch things up.  Travel doesn't always have to involve time and money.  Travel can simply mean a change in consciousness.  Broaden your horizons and expand your state of mind.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Send a love letter.  Spend the day exploring a part of your city that you've never been to.  Meditate on a rooftop.  Write a manifesto on your bathroom floor.  Everything is now within reach.  Don't hold yourself back, Taurus.  Get up and go!


GEMINI // The High Priestess

Our individual and collective fears have surfaced with a new intensity over the last few months.  We've moved through death cycles both within and without.  There has been confusion, excruciating pain, and incredible transformation.  The world has radically changed and so have we.  There is a collective awakening occurring and we are all required to do an extraordinary amount of inner work in order to prepare us for new beginnings.  Sagittarius is a warrior and Sagittarius season is a call to action, but this month you are being called to get quiet, Gemini.  This is a beautiful time to get better acquainted with the art of manifestation.  Manifestation starts with intention, and intention requires that you consciously set aside time for inner work.  If you answer the call to go within, you will undoubtedly be gifted with clearer visions not only for yourself, but also for the collective.  Now is not the time to ignore your intuition.  If you have a gut feeling about someone or something, trust it.  The world is in need of people dedicated to higher consciousness and greater psychic awareness.  You are being called to kickstart this work for yourself on a much deeper level this month, Gemini.  Understand that your reality is a direct reflection of your inner life.  Dedicate yourself to quiet.  Commit yourself to calm.  Plant seeds of intention and patiently wait while your wildest dreams manifest in your life.


CANCER // The Devil

How do you keep yourself small, Cancer?  What lies do you consistently tell yourself?  How much longer are you willing to make excuses that keep you stagnant when change is crying out in service of your higher self and personal evolution?  Sagittarius season is a call to pull yourself out of whatever rut you currently find yourself in.  It's time to cut the ties that have you bound to addiction, low self-worth and fear.  It's time to put yourself first.  Self-care is a revolutionary act.  Ignore the naysayers.  Do whatever you need to do in order to get clear.  Once you get clear don't be afraid to act.  Make a conscious decision to step into your power.  Stop absorbing the energies around you this month and start emitting your own unique divine light.  This world needs you, and it wants you at your best.  Small acts of self-care and self-love send a signal to the universe that you are ready to receive assistance.  Send out the call and receive the support you need.  You don't have to hit rock bottom in order to incite deeply transformative acts in your life.  Start where you are.  Start today.  We are conditioned to accept pain and mediocrity in a multitude of forms.  We often ask ourselves, "How bad can it get?" Stop waiting around to find out and instead see how good you can make it.


LEO // Five of Cups

As we come out of an intense season of death, healing, and transformation, it's often difficult to remember what we have left in the face of all that we have lost.  The key for you this month, Leo, is to trust that everything that has fallen away has done so with a much greater purpose in mind than you might be able to recognize at this time.  If you truly feel like all is lost, take a step back and simply acknowledge the space that remains.  What would you like to fill this new space with?  What does it feel like?  Does it excite or frighten you?  Why? Grieve what has gone away, but then let go and get creative.  Sagittarius season is a time for action and new beginnings.  Don't allow yourself to get stuck this month.  Baby steps will suffice, but keep the energy flowing.  You cannot fully step into the beauty and wonder of new beginnings until you completely let go.  Let go of your past.  Let go of your fears.  Let go of your expectations.  The more you consciously let go, the more space you create.  The universe supports conscious intention and action, and it will reward you with new manifestations.  Co-create with the divine this month, Leo.  Give into expansion.  Trust that the universe is working with you and for you.  Trust in your infinite worth, and never settle. 


VIRGO // The Empress

You're invited to do some deep soul nurturing this month, Virgo.  Indulge your senses and explore new pathways to access your creativity.  How have you been feeling lately?  Do you need extra rest?  More play? What are you craving?  Listen to your body and give yourself exactly what you need.  Sagittarius season invites you to redefine your relationship to pleasure.  Don't hold back!  Your desires are worthy and pleasure shouldn't be a luxury.  Once you are clear on what pleasure means for you, set intentions and take action in order to manifest more of it in your life.  The last couple of months have kicked up a lot of dust.  We are facing a resurgence of pain and trauma both individually and collectively.  It can seem trivial to think of pleasure in times such as these.  It can feel horribly selfish to put yourself first, but in truth, it is more crucial than ever that you do this work, Virgo.  We can only ever show up for others to the extent that we are willing to show up for ourselves.  When you're depleted and allow yourself to go unsatisfied for prolonged periods of time, you shrink and start to absorb low vibrations.  Do whatever you need to do in order to stay high this month.  The steps you take toward self-love will have a profound effect on you personally, but they will also be felt in the collective.  


LIBRA // Seven of Wands

It's important to keep your momentum going this month, Libra.  Now is the perfect time to feel through any fear that may be coming up for you and push through it.  It's Sagittarius season and Sagittarius knows how to act.  Sagittarius sees it through to the end. Sagittarius knows what it takes and never gives in.  The collective energy of the season is perfectly aligned with the energy that's coming up for you, Libra.  Dedication and hard work is necessary, but if your work is aligned with your soul path and truth, you will be surprised at how little resistance you will face throughout the month.  Now is the time to kick it into high gear.  Persevere and the universe will support your progress.  Be willing to take some calculated risks this month.  Don't be afraid to engage in some competition.  You are a true contender, and whatever you're currently seeking is definitely worth the fight.  Now is not the time to entertain failure of any kind.  Even when things don't work out the way you had planned, there are important lessons and gifts to be gleaned from the experience.  Be willing to plant the seeds of wisdom that you have collected from past "failures" and forge ahead.  Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, so keep up a solid work ethic and trust that success is within reach.  


SCORPIO // Two of Wands, reversed

We've all been asked to make some necessary changes in the past few months.  We're experiencing major shifts in the collective, and those of us who have been living unconsciously are being forced to wake up.  Nothing ever stays the same, but times like these call for conscious action toward transformation and new beginnings.  In general, the cosmic climate is in support of our needed changes both individually and collectively, but we must harness our personal energies and do the work required to align ourselves with the change we wish to see both in our lives and in the world.  You're likely to be feeling more balance in your personal life this month, Scorpio.  Recognize it and do what you can to sustain it. The collective chaos we are currently experiencing can be overwhelming, but don't forget that you can always come back to center.  You are always in control of your reactions.  Be willing to take responsibility for your own healing and evolution.  Avoid extremes and recenter as often as you need to this month.  You are a natural healer, and there is important work for you to do in the world, Scorpio, but healing is a journey that must always start from within.  Find your balance and you will be able to tap into new levels of energy and creativity that will aid you in doing the work you were born to do.  


SAGITTARIUS // Ace of Cups

It's your season, Sagittarius, and your personal energy for the month is truly something to rejoice in.  It's time to celebrate your successes and look ahead with optimism and joy in your heart.  It is a time for fresh perspectives, new beginnings, abundance, creative flow, and new love.  The possibilities may feel endless for you this month, and that's because they are!  Take it all in.  Take your time in deciding what direction you wish to go in.  If recent changes in your life have left you feeling a bit lost or alone, don't worry!  Contractions are a precursor to expansion, and December is shaping up to be an incredibly expansive time for you, Sagittarius.  Let it be easy this month.  If you find yourself getting worked up or bogged down by feelings of uncertainty, do what you can to release them and go with the flow of whatever is coming up for you in the moment.  The universe wants to gift you something new this month.  Know that you are worthy of the blessings that are sure to be coming your way and open yourself up in order to receive them.  Even when things don't seem to be going right, trust that they are.  Sometimes detours are necessary to get us on the right track, but once you are on the right track, Sagittarius, there is nothing you can't accomplish. 


CAPRICORN // King of Cups

Knowing how and when to act is one of your strong suits, Capricorn, and Sagittarius season is all about gathering our resources and getting to work in order to prepare ourselves for new beginnings.  Although the collective energy of the month is in line with your natural abilities, you are personally being called to go within and get more in tune with the realm of feelings and emotions.  Think of this month as a time to strengthen your intuition and connect to your heart on a much deeper level.  Now is a good time for you to examine your relationships and see if any changes need to be made.  Are you receiving what you need?  Are you open and willing to give?  Do you feel energized or drained by the people you are closest to?  Our relationships are our greatest teachers.  They are a direct reflection of our inner life.  How much we are willing to give to others is a sure sign of how much we are willing to give ourselves.  The same is true of receiving.  Do you feel worthy of love and affection?  Are you willing to receive the love and help that you need?  How often do you engage in acts of self-love?  Spend some time examining your emotional life this month, Capricorn.  Don't rush into things.  Take your time and commit to finding greater balance within.


AQUARIUS // Five of Swords

Be careful not to take things too seriously this month, Aquarius.  You may find that you have a heightened awareness of the collective pain and chaos that surrounds us, so it's important that you maintain solid boundaries between what is happening within the collective and what is happening within your personal experience.  Empathy is crucial in times like these, but it's not helpful to take on outside energies to the detriment of oneself.  You are likely to find yourself caught in a whirlwind of fears and mental noise throughout the month.  It's okay!  The key is to not attach to your thoughts.  Remember that you are not your thoughts and that feelings are not facts.  Let them both come and go with as much ease as possible.  Keep coming back to truth.  Use this time of heightened awareness to get curious about your fears.  Be willing to examine the ways in which your fears hold you back.  When we shine a light on our fears we have an incredible opportunity to regain some of the power that we may have lost or given up along our path.  Clear out all the old worries and lies that you can and get closer to your truth this month.  You might be feeling scattered or spread too thin for awhile, but trust in the process.  Get curious about the things you're moving through, and know that this is a passing time.  


PISCES // The Hanged Man, reversed

Many of us will be feeling a deep call to action this month, but you are being called to sit still, Pisces.  We are at a collective crossroads, and your individual energy for the month is indicating that you may be facing your own personal crossroads as well.  Now is not the time to make plans or important decisions unless you are very clear and confident about the direction in which you wish to move.  If you are feeling uncertain about the ways in which your life is unfolding at this time, the best thing to do is take a conscious pause.  Wait until the answers become clearer to you.  There is no need to rush this process.  Stand your ground if others make you feel like you need to act before you are ready to do so.  This might be especially difficult to do at a time when everyone else seems to be making moves and pushing forward, but if you don't relax and take the time you need, you are likely to end up taking a few steps backward.  The more you honor this time of uncertainty, the clearer you will be when it's time for you to act.  Do all things with a great deal of thought and sense of purpose this month, Pisces, and you will find yourself on the right path again in no time.