October Tarotscopes


Terra Rene is a nomadic writer, visual artist, and the founder / editor of Recenter Press. Most of her work explores unlearning toxic conditioning, the nonlinear process of following intuition, radical transformation, and experiences with the divine that have emerged out of trauma as much as the fruition of dreams. She is the author of An Old Blue Light and Processes: A Meditation, and her work has appeared in The Huffington PostBUST MagazineCordella Magazine, and more. If you'd like to support these Tarotscope readings, feel free to donate here.

These tarotscopes feature the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Libra: Page of Swords (Reversed)

Libra Page of Swords Reversed.jpg

Dearest Libra,

If you’ve been having any intuitions that a person or a situation in your life is posing a threat to your safety, stability, and peace of mind, listen to that instinct. While your reasoning-mind may have a tendency to ignore your gut-feelings or shrug them off as paranoia, your intuition is constantly assessing your environment, soaking in the red flags and subtle signals that our conscious mind may be unaware of. When your inner voice is signaling that it’s time to leave — leave. When your inner voice is signaling that it’s time to be — be. Your awareness of your surroundings is keen and admirable, and as you unravel into the space you’ve breathed into yourself, be weary of those that are attempting to invade your energy. Take a pause in the openness and check in with yourself — where are the areas of your life where you can be more discerning about who you let in? You’ve created such a sacred, harmonious space for yourself, and you have the divine right to protect your heart.

Scorpio: The Empress (Reversed)

Scorpio The Empress Reversed.jpg

Dearest Scorpio,

In alignment with the harvest moon on October 5th, you are in a position of growing, of reaping, of creating. All of the energy that you pour into the world around you seeps into the soil, nourishes the earth, and returns to your communities in abundance. You are moving through the seasons of cyclical, external output — are you caring for yourself in the same way you care of others? Are you allowing yourself to rest? If you do not take the time to nurture your mental health, your giving-nature will deplete you. Let the earth help and heal you for a change. She has so much she wants to give you in gratitude of your labor and presence with her.


Sagittarius: Six of Pentacles (Reversed)


Dearest Sagittarius,

Where are the areas of your life where you can be more giving? Where you can distribute the resources that you’ve accumulated that you no longer use or need? Your urge to hold onto all that you’ve found, been given, or worked for may stem from a time of scarcity that you’ve experienced in your life, but right now, it’s throwing off the balance of a fluid exchanging of resources. The anxiety of lack is loud and real, which sometimes hinders us from sharing what is within our reach, but by extending your reach to others, your heart will open to a larger network of interdependence. Loosen your grip on your material possessions, and trust that as you move forward, you will cross paths with what you need, when you need it. Why harvest everything at once?


Capricorn: Queen of Cups

Dearest Capricorn,

Capricorn Queen of Cups.jpg

Solitude is serving you well at this time, which is giving you the space to harness your personal power for the coming seasons. You are in harmony with the elements, which mirrors your relationship with your emotions and dreams. What have you experienced recently that is still asking to be processed? Now would be the perfect time to start a dream journal — when you first wake up each morning, write down anything you can remember from your dreams the previous night, and see which dimensions of yourself you can go further into. You’re showing up for yourself in so many ways, and gaining internal strength because of it.

Aquarius: The Star

Aquarius The Star.jpg

Dearest Aquarius,

You sweet star, moving wildly through the cosmos — allow yourself to feel your emotions fully, while remaining grounded with reality, in tune with your senses, and moving towards the direction of your dreams. After all that you’ve lost, left, and been left by, go forth with hope, intuition leading the way. When you’re feeling uncertain, call on your spirit and animal guides to assist you. If you’re feeling any major blocks, check in with yourself — what excess can you shed from your life to clear the channel between you and your inner wisdom? The transformations you’ve undergone this year are attuning you to everything around you, which is slowly manifesting the environment you’ve been envisioning. You are a part of something so much bigger than you.


Pisces: Knight of Swords

Pisces Knight of Swords.jpg

Dearest Pisces,

You are so, so brave for moving forward on the path that you’re on. You are shedding toxic habits, focusing on your goals, and ready to face any challenges that come your way. Reorienting your trajectory and prioritizing those you love is filling your heart with a newfound sense of purpose. Be transparent with your intentions, and assertive about your needs, staying clear of any aggression or forcefulness (on both ends). People are looking to you as an influence — level-headedness will serve you well at this time.


Aries: King of Cups


Dearest Aries,

What practices help you feel the most connected to your life-force? As often as you can, set aside the time for these grounding rituals, whether it is through creative expression, physical activity, or connecting with others. Your vitality is being restored at this time, and the more that you honor yourself, the more you’ll be able to show up for your responsibilities in the fullest way. Your recent experiences have matured and softened you, allowing you to be a more humble leader. The chaos of the year is finally starting to settle — you deserve to pause with the foundation you’ve laid for yourself.

Taurus: Nine of Swords

Taurus Nine of Swords.jpg

Dearest Taurus,

In order to take the next step, you must first be with this one. There is nowhere you need to rush to now. What parts of your body and memory are asking for your attention? Allow yourself to witness the grief and the anger in your disappointments and losses. The heaviness will remain until you give yourself the chance to sit with them. Your pain is valid and real and present for you to help you look at what is causing it, and as uncomfortable as it is, and even if the root of the ache never leaves you, your presence will gradually alleviate the weight. Be with your emotional energy without judgment, and harness that power towards your next step. When you are ready, reach out to those you love, and tap into your networks of support. You will get through this.

Gemini: Knight of Wands

Gemini Knight of Wands.jpg

Dearest Gemini,

You are in a period of transition — you’ve felt the pull to move, and you’re following your intuition without hesitation. When you feel complete with your purpose in a given situation, like a fruit that has ripened, you leave the vine. Now that you’re moving, where can you go where you can nourish others with the experiences you’ve gained? You don’t need to necessarily take root anywhere permanently — your impact right now is in giving yourself fully to each place you go, and immersing in the environment with sincere curiosity. Staying attuned to what you need, and where you are needed, is in full alignment with the cosmos right now.

Cancer: Six of Wands

Cancer Six of Wands.jpg

Dearest Cancer,

The harmony of your environment is dependent, in part, to your relationship with it. Your capacity to influence your surroundings is interwoven with your awareness of the inequity, injustice, and toxicity that takes place. By remaining sensitive to social dynamics, and voicing these observations, you shed a light for others on what adjustments are needed. In what ways can you continue to take care of yourself when the energy of the room is becoming too thick? While your natural inclination may be to tune out the overwhelming noise, which distances you from your environment, remain a steady witness and walk away when you need to. Find a space to retreat where each of its facets nourish you.


Leo: Ace of Wands (Reversed)


Dearest Leo,

The transformations that you’ve experienced this past year want to be expressed and brought further into fruition. In what ways can you integrate your spiritual insights more completely in your daily life? You’ve undergone tremendous internal growth, but your environment has remained relatively unchanged. If your reasoning-mind is blocking the reception of such things, see where you can surrender your intellect a bit more to what nature and the spirit world hope to gift you. What you are feeling in the present is a stemming from a wisdom larger than the mind’s conditioned responses. Denial and inflexibility will only lead you further into this feeling of stagnation. The energy of change is on your side — you are safe to move with it.


Virgo: The Hanged Man (Reversed)

Virgo The Hanged Man Reversed.jpg

Dearest Virgo,

Being rigidly bound to judgments of the material world, opposed to working with and responding to them, is magnifying a feeling of isolation in you. When the ways that we communicate do not inspire empathy in others, we often feel alone in what we are feeling. How can you communicate in a way that creates a bridge between your experience and that of another’s? While your unique experiences can feel like they separate you from your surroundings, they also carry potential for healing them. Allow yourself to become a vessel for justice, for empathy, and for envisioning a more harmonious way for relating with each other.