November Tarotscopes


Terra Olvr is a nomadic writer, visual artist, and the founder / editor of Recenter Press. Most of her work explores unlearning toxic conditioning, the nonlinear process of following intuition, radical transformation, and experiences with the divine that have emerged out of trauma as much as the fruition of dreams. She is the author of An Old Blue Light and Processes: A Meditation, and her work has appeared in The Huffington PostBUST MagazineCordella Magazine, and more. If you have the resources to support the energy it takes to channel these Tarotscope readings, feel free to donate here.

Scorpio (Water): Five of Pentacles

Scorpio Five of Pentacles.JPG

Dearest Scorpio,

You have a strong intuitive pull to the path that you feel serves your highest purpose, and a sense of the sacred just beside you, though your most immediate relationships may not be mirroring the trajectory you want to be on right now. As an empath and a healer, you magnetize the unhealed, unprocessed energy of others, and while you have the capacity to be a guide for others along your Way, be sure that this doesn’t pull you in the opposite direction of it. Check in with yourself — in what ways is your internal compass being fogged by your human environment? What needs of yours are not being met, or even neglected, by allowing unequal power dynamics into your life? You have the divine right to be discerning about who you allow into your space. The people we surround ourselves with can distract us or focus us — walk with those that have their hearts turned towards the same place as you.


Sagittarius (Fire): Nine of Swords

Sagittarius Nine of Swords.JPG

Dearest Sagittarius,

In what ways can you allow your grieving for what has been to move through you more fluidly? A grief set aside will not effortlessly dissipate; the devastation will stagnate in us until we sincerely witness the ways our losses left an impact. Sit with yourself compassionately and gently. Allow your grief to become a current, moving through you so completely that it brings you that much closer to the heart of yourself. Unblocking the space left behind by a loss creates a doorway for new beginnings to be set into motion. The waning of the moon is present for you now to assist in your releasing.


Capricorn (Earth): Five of Wands (Reversed)

Capricorn Five of Wands Reversed.JPG

Dearest Capricorn,

When all of those involved in a conflict are looking towards others for the blame of the present situation, the dynamic plateaus to a state of aggression and defensiveness. In order to shift the conversation to a place of listening, resolution, and empathy, check in with yourself — in what ways are you contributing to the toxic dynamics around you? Be a guiding force by taking accountability for your own actions, words, and behaviors, acknowledging what led to those frustrations, and how you can communicate your feelings and needs in a way that will be received more clearly. If others devalue, disrespect, or ignore your experience, stand in the ground of your truth or walk away. You do not owe a community your energy, time, or labor if they do not serve you in the way you serve them. The future home of your chosen family (both extended and immediate) is waiting for you.


Aquarius (Air): Knight of Pentacles

Aquarius Knight of Pentacles.JPG

Dearest Aquarius,

When you set your mind to a goal, you persistently and immediately bring thought into action, which is powerful in your personal manifestation abilities, but places a higher responsibility in being discerning about what it is you set your mind to. Check in with yourself — how can you nurture your spirit of moving about the world freely, while remaining careful, respectful, and dependable in relation to others? Widen your sensitivity to the spacial and emotional needs of those around you, so that each person’s will can exist at the same level. The will of one can unintentionally cross the boundaries or oppose the comfort-levels of others. Your perception is just as valid as those with different experiences as you — there needs to be room for everyone here.

Pisces (Water): Three of Wands

Pisces Three of Wands.JPG

Dearest Pisces,

After months without seeing where this seemingly endless path would lead you, a horizon is finally entering your field of vision. Regardless of appearances, or lack of external accumulation, your work until this point was not done in vain. Bask in this dawn — you are approaching unknown territory equipped with all of the resources, knowledge, and skills it will take to get through it. The obstacles you traversed to get here have prepared and strengthened you for an awe-inspiring journey ahead. While the road behind you was walked primarily in solitude, supportive, fulfilling companionships will be there to meet you on the road ahead. Your heart-center yearns to burst open.


Aries (Fire): The High Priestess (Reversed)

Aries The High Priestess.JPG

Dearest Aries,

In what ways can your bridge polarity-oriented thinking into a more holistic, non-dual perspective of yourself and your surroundings? Plant yourself firmly in the seat between the material and the nonmaterial, between rest and creation, between the body, its memory, and its dreams. Leaning towards one side of the spectrum in all of your activities will create a veil between you and the other side. While you need not justify or identify with your apparent opposite, a lived, experiential perspective will better inform your ability to embrace or combat what is needed rather than rejecting its existence altogether.


Taurus (Earth): Eight of Cups

Taurus Eight of Cups.JPG

Dearest Taurus,

You may currently be experiencing a prominent feeling of completion with your present circumstances — your purpose feels fulfilled, your energy exerted, and a different way of living now calling to you. Whether you’re feeling the need to gradually tie up loose ends, or leave everything behind all at once, depart at the pace that feels truest to you. When you move at your natural rhythm, the rest of the universe will come to meet you half way. If the shift in your environment appears to be happening suddenly, the voice of your intuition has been pointing you towards this for a while; the longer it takes, the louder your intuition will get, and the more chaotic the present situation will become. Trust that the cycles of the seasons are supporting you in this process. You are always in relationship with your environment — what environment feels the most aligned with your spirit? And how can you make the adjustments to move towards that every day?


Gemini (Air): Ten of Pentacles

Gemini Ten of Pentacles.JPG

Dearest Gemini,

This is a powerful time for recultivating your connection to your lineage. If you get the chance, create a small altar with representations of the land closest to your heritage (such as plants, foods, photos, and textiles), and hand-drawn depictions of the ways you imagine your great-great-great grandparents to have lived. Meditate with this space, and consider what ways you can call in the holistic traditions of your ancestors into your practice. The harmony of togetherness comes though both your loved ones surrounding and the story you carry through each generation.

Cancer (Water): Ace of Cups

Cancer Ace of Cups.JPG

Dearest Cancer,

You are reaching new spiritual heights, integrating your insights into your practice and identity, bridging the distance between reasoning, emotion, wisdom, and action. The heavy experiences you’ve been processing lately have softened the border between yourself and the world. You are being seen, heard, and understood — the speech that you are externalizing coming from a clear and honest reflection of you. In what ways can you open your heart to the abundance that wants to give back to you? You are emanating so much serenity — you deserve to receive the same in return.

Leo (Fire): The Chariot

Leo The Chariot.JPG

Dearest Leo,

Our growth often occurs in a circle instead of upward, opening and expanding, deepening ourselves and softening each edge. No matter how much progress we make in one direction of our lives, we may continue to encounter certain lessons over and over. Growth and retraction go hand in hand. In what ways can you be more gentle with yourself when you engage in a thought-pattern or behavior you thought you had healed from? Ruminating on what went wrong or the ways that you wish you could have done things differently will not alter the events that have already taken place. Alleviating harm will only come by witnessing yourself, learning from the impact, and moving forward more intentionally. You have so much strength and potential to continue. We are constantly being pulled in multiple directions by external forces — check in with your center, react from that place, and keep your gaze focused on what is true to you.

Virgo (Earth): The Fool

Virgo The Fool.JPG

Dearest Virgo,

There is a hidden line of grace that weaves its way through the spontaneity of your spirit. What may appear to others as chaos, or as a lack of direction, is a finely attuned movement of your internal compass in alignment with nature. You are the wind as much as you are the soil beneath it, which doesn’t always need a rational explanation. In what way can you look more towards yourself to validate your intuition opposed to seeking the approval of others? Your decisions are informed by a greater call to spirit, and only you need to understand the direction of your heart.

Libra (Air): Ten of Wands

Libra Ten of Wands.JPG

Dearest Libra,

The weight of your experiences has gradually been chipping away at the well of your physical energy, though your determination and will-power are endlessly pushing you forward. Check in with yourself — what weights can you put down for now in order to lighten their authority over your capacity and rhythm? You have divine guidance, and an access to the life-energy so much bigger than you. Continue to call in your spiritual and personal power, and the warmth of this life-force will move through you with the strength of the sun.