December Tarotscopes


Terra Olvr is a Philadelphia-based writer, visual artist, and the founder / editor of Recenter Press. Most of their work explores unlearning toxic conditioning, the nonlinear process of following intuition, radical transformation, and experiences with the divine that have emerged out of trauma as much as the fruition of dreams. She is the author of An Old Blue Light and Processes: A Meditation, and her work has appeared in The Huffington PostBUST MagazineCordella Magazine, and more. If you have the resources to support the energy it takes to channel these Tarotscope readings, feel free to donate here.

This reading features the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Sagittarius (Fire): Nine of Swords

Sagittarius Nine of Swords.JPG

Dearest Sagittarius,

This is the second consecutive moon-cycle that the nine of swords is showing up for you. As much as processing grief served you last month, ruminating in despair, regret, guilt, and anxiety is keeping you from shaping how you hope to move forward. Awareness trapped in the mental-sphere of our energy-body disconnects the spiritual will from integrating our experiences into action. In what ways can you more completely embody the lessons of the past, practice them in the present, and channel them into your future? If nightmares, flashbacks, or painful visions are consuming your sleeping / waking life, pay attention to the archetypes and check in with yourself — are these symbols mirroring my present reality, or are they conditioned responses to past experiences that are no longer applicable to what is happening in my life? Are they signaling any red-flags I’ve been ignoring and guiding me to a higher state of alertness, or are they blocking me from seeing what’s in front of me? To reattune yourself with your sense of purpose, re-focus your energy and create a vision board for how you imagine your future. With patience and persistence, gradually the veil will fall away, revealing to you a doorway that would have never appeared without the trials you’ve experienced.

Capricorn (Earth): Five of Pentacles

Capricorn Five of Pentacles.JPG

Dearest Capricorn,

The energy-center at the base of your spine yearns for your attention. When the very foundation of our life-energy is shaken up, we are thrown into the ether of unlimited possibilities, but the chord that connects you to the earth becomes distant. Though this chord never leaves you, your sense of stability, safety, and being grounded to this reality is dependent on the relationship of your body with the environment. Finding or creating a home that can support and contain your highest-purpose at the time is a challenging, seemingly endless process. Check in with yourself — do your relationships mirror each other’s needs and desires? Do the materials in your possession assist and uplift that purpose? The focus does not always need to be on building long-term structures, though for your own-well being, each home that you occupy does ask that you exchange your energy with the space. In what ways can you contribute to the growth of your community? What ways can you ground yourself or tend to the Earth? Physically and energetically cleanse the space, bring in some plant friends, sit on the floor, grass, and ground to be there with it — there is nothing to be above or below.

Aquarius (Air): Seven of Wands (Reversed)

Aquarius Seven of Wands.JPG

Dearest Aquarius,

It may feel as if your opinions, beliefs, and actions are being challenged from every direction right now, which can lead to feelings of invalidation and isolation. A perceived loss of external power is disorienting at first, but it will bring you to a more grounded relationship with others. Ego-deaths are necessary to experience over and over again. At the heart of perceived attacks are feelings and needs that are not being met — do your best to really listen to what others have to share. However, if you are experiencing unfair judgment, shaming, or wrongful accusation, stand in the ground of what you know to be true, believe in the light in your own heart, and continue to walk its way. Soon enough, you will connect with a community that will affirm you and believe in you.

Pisces (Water): Death (Reversed)


Dearest Pisces,

While the circumstances of your life may be facing big transitions, a part of you is reacting to these inescapable changes with resistance. Periods of change hold a powerful potential for transformation. The pisces begs for fluidity, emotional passageways, and for a clearer flow of energy between each dimension of yourself. A practice you can do to check in with where you’re resisting:

Imagine a source of light is forming above your head. As you allow the warmth of this light to make its way from the top to the bottom of your main energy-centers — from your crown, to your third-eye, to your throat, to your heart, to your solar-plexus, to your sacral center, to your root — feel out where you may be encountering some resistance. Some questions you can ask yourself as you make your way down, as blocks may or may not come up — does my individual consciousness feel connected to a larger consciousness? Does my vision feel open to receive my higher wisdom? Does my self-expression mirror what is happening in my heart? Is my heart being forgiving of myself and of others? Does my personality and source of energy mirror my truest self? Is my creative-nature and sexual-nature being channeled in a healthy way? Do I feel safe and supported in my home? Any blocks in these energy-centers keep us out of sync with change, and locked in a state of inflexibility. Wherever you may feel blocked, imagine the light circulating around the center, washing the opening clean, creating a clearer channel for your life-energy to get through.

Aries (Fire): Knight of Swords

Aries Knight of Swords.JPG

Dearest Aries,

Fire is the driving-force of your life, which moves you with sudden sources of inspiration, bringing a sense of focus to everything you set your mind to. If your mind is feeling scattered between multiple ideas, and uncertainty about which to take action on, take a deep breath, assess one thing at a time, and take the steps towards what is most possible in your immediate environment. By honing in your thoughts to your ambitions and desires, you drive away the urges that would otherwise get in your way. Check in with your intentions and go forth with clarity.

Taurus (Earth): Eight of Pentacles

Taurus Eight of Pentacles.JPG

Dearest Taurus,

The cosmos yearn for you to root yourself deeper into your physical body. Sometimes, the simplest way to connect with ourselves is to work with our hands. Pour tenderness into the earth, dig your fingers in the soil, make something with your hands, knead dough, make food with care, engage in the practice of eating with all of your senses. Share the fruits your labor with your loved ones and friends. If you are feeling the need to be more passive than active, especially with the approaching restfulness of winter, find the nearest sliver of sunlight, sit or lay on the ground, close your eyes, and let the blanket that is the sun to fill you. The rest of the earth is just as much a part of your body as your individuated physical form. Allow yourself to melt into it.

Gemini (Air): Page of Swords

Gemini Page of Swords.JPG

Dearest Gemini,

Your thoughts are tapping into your highest desires, and your highest creative potential, which are asking to be brought into material manifestation. You are birthing new worlds for yourself, which carries with it the destruction of old ways of being. What steps can you take to further bring this vision to reality? Your willingness is serving you well at this time — when your gaze is centered on how to best meet your needs, old patterns will naturally fall away. The environments, relationships, habits, and communities of your dream life are longing to be lived. This is not easy work, and takes consistent focus, though it is carving out the room for most authentic self to thrive.

Cancer (Water): The Moon


Dearest Cancer,

This month’s supermoon is magnifying your psychic and intuitive abilities. So much of your emotional processing work has passed through you, and while there is always work to do, rest in the affirmation that you have become a clearer channel for your wisdom. Be a witness to your dreams as they bring to you a clearer reflection of your knowing. In what ways can you bring yourself further into this introspection? Engage with a practice that deepens you rather than pulling you into the dark. Your growing self-awareness and observations of yourself shine a light not only for you but for the growth and the reflection of others. You are appreciated and seen for all you do.

Leo (Fire): Three of Swords

Leo Three of Swords.JPG

Dearest Leo,

While others in your immediate circle are turning the other way, you are facing hard truths, acknowledging the state of crisis in the world, and standing in your ethics to lead to change and revolution. You feel the heart of the world breaking with you, and you want and seek justice. Check in with yourself — in what ways can you transform harmful, intrusive thoughts, and the chaotic expression of anger, into organized, restorative action? To fully feel and acknowledge one’s suffering is never easy, and neither is knowing what to do with that suffering, especially when that suffering extends to the lives of others. You have the power to heal and help lead — your sharp insight into reality serves to benefit your relationships and humanity at large.

Virgo (Earth): The Emperor

Virgo The Emperor.JPG

Dearest Virgo,

The dust is beginning to settle after a period of personal chaos. Carve out the time and space to lay down more rooted foundations. Throughout this process, use discernment and reason as you face any oncoming obstacles. As you discuss your intentions with others, check in with yourself — in what ways can you bring empathy and warmth to the ways that you communicate? While your decision-making process is valid and real to you, it’s important to be transparent and considerate of the needs of others. Know that the approaching winter will bring a time of rest and stability for you. You are safe to set your bags down and be present for a while.

Libra (Air): Page of Wands

Libra Page of wands.JPG

Dearest Libra,

The voice of your inner faith speaks clearly to you through the darkness, which allows you to trust in your own path above all else. Do not lose heart as you face the unknown. The doubtfulness of others may be painful, but does not alter what you know to be best for you. If you sense yourself internalizing the harmful words of others, check in with your intuition about what you deeply believe, and imagine a protective shield of light around you where false ideas can not get in. As you bounce between one divine muse and the other, check in with yourself — how can you see each project to completion before moving on to the next thing? And how can you be more discerning about what projects you take on? You are your highest source of inspiration, drive, and wisdom — it is in your highest and best interest to keep following yourself.

Scorpio (Water): Eight of Swords


Dearest Scorpio,

Disillusionment with your present situation may be leading to confusion and frustration in you. While you need not necessarily change your direction or leave — the surrounding environment is not the current problem — there are multiple mental blocks that are begging to be cleared. Check in with yourself — what obstacles do you have the power to remove, work with, or move around, and what steps can you take to do it? You have more autonomy over your body and mental climate than what has been taught to you. Clarity, sustenance, and the magic of nature await you.