Februrary Tarotscopes


Spirit Speak Tarot Deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans 


ARIES // Five of Pentacles, reversed


Does it feel like you’re struggling to keep your head above water, Aries?  Do your reserves of energy and creativity feel depleted?  In times of increased fear and uncertainty, it’s crucial that we consciously take time to re-center and replenish ourselves.  Where do you feel safe?  Who makes you feel truly seen?  What acts of self-care consistently bring you back into a state of balance?  The world needs your passion and inner fire more than ever, so do what you need to do this month in order to get back in alignment with your higher self and a deeper sense of purpose.  It’s important not to lose sight of the bigger picture.  Aquarius season asks us all to step outside of ourselves and examine the structures that both support and restrict us.  Increased awareness has the ability to demystify our pain and activate us in order to move forward.  Remember that your feelings are not facts.  You always have the power of choice.  Choose to keep your thoughts high and compassionately detach from any negative self-talk that is keeping you down.  Choose to be happy.  It is not always the easiest choice to make, but your joy, health and wellbeing are always worth the fight. 

TAURUS // Five of Wands, reversed

Sometimes we just need a clean slate.  Sometimes it is necessary to consciously burn everything to the ground so that we can empower ourselves by virtue of choice and begin again on our own terms.  Aquarius is the visionary of the zodiac, and Aquarius season is a call to action for us all to get in greater alignment with our truest values and renew our authenticity, not only for ourselves, but for others too. Aquarius knows that when the individual is thriving the collective will be positively affected.  When you unapologetically show up as your most authentic self you give others permission to do the same.  When you allow yourself to fully express your creativity and joy you emit positive waves of energy all around you that communicate to others that it is safe to be seen and heard.  Where have you been holding back, Taurus?  Where have you been pushing too hard?  What needs to fall away in order for the real you to shine forth?  Are you willing to set fire to the beliefs, systems and structures, self-imposed or otherwise, that are keeping you small and identified with the ego?  Don’t be afraid of destruction.  Sometimes we must first destroy in order to create.

GEMINI // Three of Wands

Asking is a precursor to receiving.  What do you want, Gemini?  What do you need?  What are you not asking for?  You’re well on your way to some much deserved success this month, but before you charge ahead with your work and various agendas, take some time to assess where you can create more space in your life in order to receive.  A beautiful and incredibly powerful way of opening yourself up to more receptivity, positivity and abundance is to offer up thoughts of gratitude.  When we find peace with where we are at and give praise for all that we currently have, we send a powerful signal to the universe that says we are ready and willing to receive more.  Do you have difficulty celebrating yourself?  If so, why do you think that is?  Be willing to investigate any attachments you have to a sense of lack.  Be willing to examine any thoughts or feelings that you may have about yourself and your abilities that prevent you from fully experiencing the breadth of your own greatness and sharing it with others.  Work to first identify, and then transcend, any obstacles that are in your way.  Your future self is waiting for you on the other side of fear.

CANCER // Queen of Cups

You rule the realm of feelings and emotions, Cancer.  Do you often feel overwhelmed, alienated or even ostracized because of your sensitivity?  Do not fear. You are not alone. We are moving through some dark times. You are not weak. In truth, it is your deeply sensitive nature that makes you so strong.  There is no need to hide your true feelings.  Don't hold back.  Be vulnerable.  Be creative. Your vulnerability is your power, and you will find that you have an increased ability to lead and inspire others if you own it.  Speak it.  Embody it.  Rise up and invite others to join you. The world needs your gifts more than ever, Cancer.  Be a guide for us during these trying times. Teach us how to feel as deeply as you do.  We will not heal until we fully feel through our individual and collective traumas.  Pushing won't get you anywhere this month; in fact, it very well might set you back.  Commit to softness.  Light, easy and gentle are your words for the month of February.  Hold space for yourself and others.  Acknowledge all feelings and emotions that arise and let them flow through you with as much ease as possible.  

LEO // The High Priestess, reversed

You’re a natural leader and one of the most extroverted signs of the zodiac, Leo, but in truth, how deep are your connections with others, and how intimate are you with yourself?  This month you’re being asked to reexamine the various roles that you play and how you show up, or fail to show up, for yourself.  Where does your authenticity come through most?  Where do you feel bogged down by superficiality?  Take a look at your personal relationships, as well as, your daily interactions with strangers.  How in touch do you feel with your intuition?  Do you find it easy or difficult to read others?  If you have a gut reaction about a particular person or situation, do you follow it?  How much do other people’s thoughts, feelings and reactions play into your personal choices?  These are all important questions to ask this month.  Be willing to go on a journey of deep self-inquiry and observe yourself without judgment.  You don’t need to make any radical changes, but you can empower yourself by simply noticing and acknowledging where you might be able to stand in your truth a little more.  It’s time to get in greater alignment with your authentic voice and trust your inner knowing.

VIRGO // Two of Pentacles

The world is full of energy drains.  Especially, in confusing and fearful times such as these, we are inundated with new worries and distractions every day.  Where does most of your energy go in a given day, Virgo?  How would you define the quality of your life force?  Do you confidently emit your own frequency?  Or, are you more likely to absorb energies from the people around you?  Aquarius isn’t afraid to stand alone, but Aquarius also knows that the most profound healing happens in community.  This month you are being asked to find a better balance between the personal and the social in order to align yourself with a deeper sense of purpose.  We need to be aligned with our individuality as much as we need to feel a part of, and supported by, the collective.  But, it’s crucial that we strike a balance between these two experiences, so that we can stand firmly in our truth no matter what situation we find ourselves in.  Aquarius season invites us all into a deeper state of self-inquiry.  Know where you stand with yourself first before you reach out to others.  If you do this work, your renewed resolve will equally command respect from and inspire those around you.

LIBRA // The Hermit

Now is the perfect time to take a conscious pause, and you are very much in need of a rest, Libra.  Contrary to what the culture at large tells us, we are not supposed to be in constant motion.  Just like the natural world, we need periods of hibernation in order to process and integrate the cycles that we are moving through.  Are you having a hard time getting motivated?  Are you still dragging your feet into the New Year?  That’s okay!  February is a perfect time to reassess and recommit to your hopes and dreams.  Don’t force yourself to do anything until you feel clear about how you would like to move forward.  Don’t rush!  You might feel like you need more alone time than usual this month.  Sometimes the most effective form of self-care is sitting alone in silence.  Don’t wait until your physical body burns out to take time for yourself.  You must be willing to put yourself first.  You must be willing to get your needs met.  Be assertive when communicating with others about what you need.  Be an observer this month.  The time for action will be here again soon.  Don’t worry.  Be still and present with yourself, and trust that it is enough.

SCORPIO // Knight of Cups  

You’re well acquainted with the complicated and often excruciating process of transformation, Scorpio.  You’re more in tune with your shadow side than the rest of us, and that makes you an important figure during these trying times.  What can you teach others about integration of the light and shadow?  How might you be able to help others work through individual and collective trauma?  Where is your intuition guiding you?  Aquarius is the visionary and the humanitarian of the zodiac, and Aquarius season asks you to get in tune with your innate healing abilities and a deeper sense of service.  Be willing to show up for others in a new way this month.  Be open and playful with regard to how you hold space for yourself and others.  Healing can happen in the most beautiful and unexpected ways.  It can just as easily occur during a quiet conversation as it can during a dance party, cooking a meal with friends or going for a walk alone in the woods.  Align yourself with infinite possibility this month.  Go where you are guided.  Choose a higher perspective in all that you do and you will be surprised at the incredible grounding and sense of purpose that you receive in return.

SAGITTARIUS // Eight of Pentacles  

What reality are you creating for yourself right now, Sagittarius?  Is it congruent with your deepest desires?  If not, why?  Do you consciously create time and space to pursue your dreams?  This month you are being advised to take a long hard look at where your energy goes in a given day.  Do you often feel drained or stuck?  Perhaps, it is time to get in touch with your creativity.  What ignites your inner fire?  How can you get in greater alignment with your higher self?  Once you open yourself up to new possibilities you will find that they are in fact endless.  Staying open is the key to your success.  Hard work and dedication will always pay off, but you will inevitably be disappointed if what you are working toward is not in line with what you truly want.  Your desires hold the wisdom that will eventually lead to your evolution.  The dreams that live deep within your heart are valid.  Follow your obsessions.  Find a way to more fully integrate them into your life and work.  Don’t compartmentalize.  Remember your wholeness, empower yourself with creative action and you will soon manifest what it is that you truly desire.

CAPRICORN // The World  

We're well into the New Year now, but for many of us, 2017 has felt much more like a regression than a new beginning.  The world is in a state of disarray and we're facing many mental, emotional and spiritual blocks, individually and collectively.  It's time to check in with yourself, Capricorn.  How are you feeling?  Do you feel ready and able to move forward?  Do you feel stuck?  Work to identify the people and energies that may be holding you back from welcoming in the new.  We cannot fully begin the next cycle of our lives until we completely let go of the past.  In what areas are you still identified with old ways of being in the world that no longer serve you?  Imagine letting it all go.  Allow yourself to revel in the void of not knowing what might come next if you break free from old patterns.  The ego doesn't like change, but we can't evolve and truly step into our power unless we fearlessly embrace the unknown.  Be willing to sit still with yourself in a place of not knowing this month.  Be inspired by the void.  Let it propel you forward into a new world full of endless possibilities.

AQUARIUS // Justice, reversed  

Life isn't fair, but that should never be an excuse to stay stuck.  This month you are being called to reclaim your power and make a conscious effort to exercise it, Aquarius.  The world needs your vision, creativity and unique gifts more than ever.  It's Aquarius season and universally, we are now in the Age of Aquarius, so you may feel a much deeper pull in the direction of your true calling and heart's purest desires both this month and beyond. We can no longer afford to be complacent with the way things are.  We must evolve.  We must create something new.  We must be authentic in all that we do. We must dig deeper and patiently wait for opportunities that align with our values and vision to appear.  Don't settle for anything less, Aquarius.  We are all being called to crack ourselves open, birth our creativity, and make sure that our voices are heard.  We must be loud, and we must be clear.  It's time to step up and activate others. You're a natural leader for the new age, Aquarius, so rise up, stand in your power and be a guiding light.  We need you.  Show us the way.

PISCES // The Magician

You need to give yourself more credit, Pisces.  You are more than capable.  You are powerful, and you have all the tools you need for success.  Be willing to give yourself a lot more love this month and compassionately investigate the origin of your insecurities.  By shining a light on your worries we immediately reclaim the power they have over us.  Naming our fears helps us to detach from them.  What fears do you consistently identify with?  How can you transcend them and get in greater alignment with your higher self?  This is the personal work that you are being called to do this month.  Once you have mastered a more truthful and consistent experience with the self, reach out to help others do the same.  Community is becoming increasingly important for us all as our world is becoming much more divisive.  Take care of yourself, so that you can extend a helping hand to others.  Listen to your intuition.  Own what you know.  Stand in your truth in a way that creates space for others to do the same.  Don’t be afraid to act.  You have so much more to offer than you may be willing to recognize right now.