March Tarotscopes

MARCH TAROTSCOPES by Jillann Morlan  

Spirit Speak Tarot Deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans 

ARIES // Six of Pentacles

You can afford to be a bit more generous this month, Aries.  Be willing to give more of yourself.  Be willing to share.  Be open.  Don’t hesitate to offer others the time and energy that you have to spare.  Challenge your lack mentality this month.  Suspend your skepticism and subscribe to the belief that the more you give the more you will receive.  Generosity is a sign that you have a deeper and more holistic understanding of abundance.  The universe sees generosity as a sign that you are willing and able to let go and receive something new that will aid in your personal evolution.  We cannot receive if we do not have space in our lives in order to do so.  We are all facing some intense endings as the astrological year comes to a close this month in the sign of Pisces.  Pisces is artistic, intuitive and wise.  Pisces understands the importance of letting go.  Pisces knows there is profound strength to be found in vulnerability.  Lean into the intense waves of change this month, Aries.  Foster a spirit of generosity and you will glide into the astrological new year with increased awareness and abundance.


TAURUS // Ace of Cups

As we finish out the astrological year this month in the watery and intuitive sign of Pisces, we are all being asked to take inventory of our feelings and emotions.  The focus for many of us this month will be on emotional release and recalibration, but you, Taurus, are being guided to investigate the depths of your emotional life in order to access your untapped power.  In a world where strength is defined by one’s ability to uphold and withstand, you are being asked to find your strength in giving in and going with the flow.  What parts of yourself have you been holding back?  What parts are begging to come out and play?  How might you benefit from expressing your authentic emotions more readily?  How might others benefit?  Show up for all parts of yourself this month, Taurus, and create safe space for your vulnerability to express itself.  Imagine a world where we all feel safe to authentically express ourselves at all times.  Imagine a world where everyone is in touch with and honors their inner child.  Celebrate your inner child this month.  Find the joy and strength in personal expression without censorship. 

GEMINI // Five of Swords

Do you feel like you're receiving mixed signals, Gemini?  Do you feel overloaded, overwhelmed or over stimulated? Now is the time to tune into your higher self and figure out how to gently navigate your way out of the chaos to a place of greater calm and inner peace. Trust that there is a way out. Ask to be shown the way. Take time to consider what is true and what is false. Once you feel more grounded in your personal truth, don't hesitate to act. Now is the time to make clear, concise and authentic choices for yourself.  Don't worry about what other people think. Do what feels right for you. Cut out the naysayers. Quiet the ego. What is truly in your highest and best right now? Reassert yourself. Renew your agency. Reclaim your power. We finish out the astrological year this month in the sign of Pisces. Align yourself with this creative, intuitive and compassionate energy in order to find out what is the best way forward for you at this time. It's time to shed another layer of fear so you can invite in the new with a greater sense of calm and ease. 

CANCER // Judgement

You don’t have to do everything by yourself, Cancer.  You may not always feel like you are supported, but make sure you don’t isolate yourself.  In fact, your energy will be elevated this month if you link up with others to accomplish your goals.  What creative projects have you been imagining but failed to kick start on your own?  Who have you been meaning to get in touch with?  Who would you like to reach out to?  Make a conscious effort to connect with your people this month.  Make a conscious effort to expand your community.  Open yourself up to the possibility of new relationships, new collaborations and new guides.  If you are unsure about whom to get in contact with, or you find it difficult to ask for help, don’t worry.  Sometimes the most powerful act we can perform is the act of surrender. Surrender to the universal flow.  Ask to be guided to the people, situations and experiences that will support your highest and best self.  Be willing to admit that you don’t know exactly what you want or need.  Decide how you want to finish out the astrological year, ask for help with endings, and prepare yourself for a brilliant new beginning.

LEO // The Hanged Man, reversed

For you, this month is about finding a better balance, Leo.  Find a better balance between surrender and action.  You don’t have to always be on.  You don’t always have to be working, doing, achieving… It is easy to confuse constant motion with productivity, but sometimes we receive what we need most when we allow ourselves to take a conscious pause.  Once we receive the clarity and inspiration that we really need, we are able to move ahead with renewed clarity and force.  Be willing to suspend action this month.  Be willing to suspend constant interaction, so that you can create space to sink into your heart and hear your intuition more clearly.  Do this personal work so that you can get crystal clear on your intentions as we finish out the astrological year and prepare ourselves for yet another new beginning.  This is the cycle of things.  We go in so we can come out with more certainty and strength of purpose.  You’re a natural powerhouse, Leo, but be willing to suspend for strengths for a moment and tune into the Piscean energy this month.  Get in greater alignment with your intuitive side and you’ll be feeling unstoppable by the end of the month.

VIRGO // Justice, reversed

Contraction is often a precursor to expansion, and this month is all about surrendering to your contractions, Virgo.  Surrender helps us to see ourselves more clearly.  It is an equally vulnerable and powerful act.  In fact, surrender helps us to understand the immense strength that lies within our vulnerability.  The more we surrender, the more we are able to access this strength because we free up all of the energy that was previously being used in our efforts to push and force things to happen.  When we push, we disconnect from the universal flow, and when we are disconnected from the universal flow, we identify with the ego.  The ego can be useful when it is kept in line, but if it is allowed to rule one’s thoughts and actions, it will keep you small.  Connecting with the ego means a life of safety over potentiality.  Connecting with the universal flow means a life of infinite possibility.  You will face struggles either way.  Your power lies in your choices.  Do you let your struggles bully you into inaction?  Or, do you leave yourself alone, lean in a little more, and keep moving in the direction of your evolution and expansion?  The choice is yours.

LIBRA // Five of Cups

We can’t control our losses, but we can choose when and how we let go of them.  Learning how to graciously let go is a crucial part of the healing process after we have suffered a loss.  Letting go is about honoring what was and creating space for what will be.  It’s easy to fixate on what we think should have been.  What would happen if you accepted life exactly as it is right now, Libra?  What if all the heartbreak is guiding you toward something greater?  What wisdom might your pain have to share with you if you gave it space and let it speak?  What if you kept moving forward, no matter what?  There’s a feeling of loss and a heavy current of energy moving through you this month, Libra, but you must attune yourself to what is salvageable amongst the wreckage.  This month provides you with the opportunity for a powerful clearing.  Clear out the past. Clear out the pain.  Clear out the people that bring you down.  Clear out the work that steals your joy.  Clear it all out and make room for some incredible magic to manifest in your life as we enter a new astrological year.

SCORPIO // Strength   

When you feel like giving up where do you find the strength to carry on, Scorpio?  What reserves of strength do you keep hidden within the self?  We all have that one image, word or thought that reconnects us to our strength and divinity during times of great strife.  This month you are being asked to spend more time exploring the depths of your inner life.  Strength comes in many forms.  Strength can be found in softness, emotional release and radical self-love as much as it can be found in setting firm boundaries, fighting for what’s right, and walking away.  Our inherent strength and our intuitive knowing are deeply intertwined.  Only you can truly define what strength is for you.  Get quiet.  Go within and align with your higher self to see where your true strength lies and how you can optimize it as we move into a new astrological year this month.  This time isn’t about self-improvement, rather, it is all about self-empowerment.  You’re on the right track.  Trust that your life is in place and don’t be afraid to let out your personal battle cry as you move toward the new.  Connect with your unique sentiment, no matter what it looks or sounds like.


Life is cyclical.  Infinite cycles of energy are moving within us and around us all of the time.  This month you may find yourself particularly aligned with a death cycle, Sagittarius.  In this sense, death does not mean physical death, but rather a sudden change, required release or inevitable ending.  This month you are the snake that must shed its skin in order to grow, evolve and thrive.  Some death cycles are subtle.  Humans shed over a pound of skin a year without hardly any notice.  Some death cycles unexpectedly show up on our doorstep and smack us in the face.  People hurt us.  People leave us.  People throw us away.  What and who do you need to throw away this month, Sagittarius?  What do you need to do in order to close out this astrological year feeling lighter and free to move forward into the next?  Death is only hard if you aren’t willing to let go.  Letting go is all about embracing change and trusting in the potentiality of a new cycle.  We find balance in movement when we go with the flow.  Don’t hold on.  Let go and let the universe surprise you.

CAPRICORN // Queen of Wands

There is a burst of fire and creative energy coming your way this month, Capricorn.  Speak your truth.  Say it loud!  If you feel called to start a work or art project, do it!  The energy this month is perfectly aligned for you to birth your creativity in new ways.  In what ways do you feel stifled?  In what ways do you feel silenced?  In what ways have you been holding yourself back?  This time isn’t about finding the right words or carefully planning out how to act.  This time is about tuning into your internal fire and then expressing it out of yourself.  This isn’t about effort; this is about authenticity.  This isn’t about outcomes; this is about passion.  Get back to your primal urges and desires.  There is no right or wrong with regard to your self-expression this month, Capricorn, there is only you and the world needs you to show up and show us what you’re made of.  Be willing to explore new avenues of expression.  Do what you normally wouldn’t do.  If you write then sing, if you sing then dance.  What form of self-expression scares you the most?  Do it and give it your all.

AQUARIUS // The Chariot  

You’ll never know if you can fly unless you take the leap, Aquarius.  You can’t succeed if you never try.  We’ve all heard it before.  Just do it.  Take a chance.  Inspiration can often feel like one big cliché, and yet here we are, still struggling to begin.  If you’re feeling stuck, Aquarius, it’s time to take a long hard look at where your focus has primarily been.  Has too much of your time and energy been given to external accomplishments over internal peace and satisfaction?    Do you prioritize authenticity or applause?  Really take some time to evaluate where you are at this month, and then be willing to make some necessary changes.  Make the changes that will bring you back into balance with yourself and your authentic wants and needs.  Make changes that will help you to better integrate all parts of the self.  Above all else, make sure that you are staying true to you.  Persevere through the worry and negative self-talk.  With a little bit of recalibration you’ll soon be in an optimal state to confidently forge ahead, birth your creativity and offer your many gifts and talents to the world.

PISCES // The World

It’s your season, Pisces, and it’s time to celebrate your sensitivity, intuitive talents, and creative spirit.  Of all the zodiac signs you have the deepest understanding of the beauty that can be found in letting go.  You embrace the cycles of life, and that is one of your greatest strengths.  As the last sign of the astrological year, you have the gift of intuitively knowing how to navigate the difficult transition that can occur from ending to new beginning.  The energy this month is perfectly aligned with your personal power, so own it!  Release any judgments and fears that you may have about the past, so that you can move into the next cycle of your life with much greater ease.  Be gentle and nurture yourself through the transitions that you’re moving through.  Examine the fears that have been holding you back from fully moving forward.  Shine a light on your insecurities and listen to your intuition.  You know that the new won’t have room to sprout if your life is overrun with weeds from the past, so do the inner work and create room for your dreams to take root and your future self to bloom.