April Tarotscopes

Spirit Speak Tarot Deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans

ARIES // Six of Pentacles

It's your season, Aries!  It's time to align with your creative powers.  It's time to quiet the mind, get out of your own way, and exercise your unique magic.  Although you had the Six of Pentacles as your card last month, it shows up again this month with a completely different energy and new medicine to offer you.  March's cosmic climate was all about endings, and for you, Aries, it was about getting rid of your lack mentality, understanding the intrinsic link between giving and receiving, and expanding your definition of abundance.  With the astrological New Year well under way, you are now being asked to believe.  Believe in your work.  Believe in your art.  Believe in your relationships. Believe in your deepest desires.  Believe in your wildest, craziest, out-of-this-world dreams!  Your thoughts are powerful and what you believe affects your reality.  The mind can be our greatest asset or our ultimate downfall when it comes to the art of manifestation.  What limiting beliefs do you need to banish in order to move forward with full force this month?  Pay attention to your thoughts and be willing to insert positive affirmations where they are needed.  Align your thoughts with a positive belief system, believe in the magic your words, and exercise your power to speak things into existence.

TAURUS // Seven of Pentacles, reversed

Despite the fact that we live in a culture that is all too quick to forfeit responsibility in favor of playing the blame game, we must remember that we alone hold the key to our successes and failures alike.  Where do you consistently come up short, Taurus?  How do you self-sabotage?  Are you willing to take full responsibility for your life?  Do you want to manifest your dreams, or would you rather someone else do it for you?  Blame can lead to disempowerment on both a conscious and unconscious level.  When we are disempowered we are disconnected from our dreams and the courage to keep moving forward.  Take ownership of your life and your choices this month, Taurus, so that you can more fully experience the breadth and wonder of your power, joy and magic.  If you are dissatisfied with your work, relationships, creativity, or health, don't waste your time and energy beating yourself up or blaming others, rather, make a choice, however big or small, that will help guide you in a new direction.  Ask yourself what you can do in order to change your situation or your current perspective, and then do it.  The energy of the month will help propel you forward if you’re willing to release the past and set out on a more enlightened path. 

GEMINI // Page of Pentacles

Beautiful beginnings and fresh perspectives are likely to lead to varied forms of abundance for you this month, Gemini.  So, if you've been dragging your feet lately or feeling reluctant to emerge and embrace the change of season, it's time to come out of your shell, shake off any residual winter sludge and claim what's rightfully yours.  But, there’s no need to rush.  Rushing increases anxiety and can lead to inauthentic action.  Make sure that you show up for yourself and preserve your authenticity in all that you do this month.  This is your strength.  Authenticity is directly linked to joy.  When we act in ways that are aligned with our authentic self, we have greater access to our joy and send a powerful message to the universe that we are ready and willing to receive.  Most of us are conditioned to act in ways that go against authentic wants and needs.  We are taught from an early age how to shrink and adjust ourselves for the comfort of others.  If someone doesn't understand us we often feel obliged to change.  This back and forth can lead to pain and suffering.  Authenticity heals.  It feeds our cells.  It opens us up and makes us shine brighter.  Now is the time to hone in on what you honestly crave and call it in using your loudest, proudest and most authentic voice possible.

CANCER // Queen of Cups, reversed

With Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto all in retrograde at various times throughout the month, we’re all likely to be feeling some intense highs and lows.  Your sensitivity is one of your greatest strengths, Cancer, but you’re advised to be on high alert for emotional overload this month.  Don’t be afraid to lean into the multitude of feelings and emotions that may creep up on you throughout the month, but also make sure that you have a solid grounding practice that you can turn to if your emotions threaten to get the best of you.  What activities do you enjoy that make you feel rooted in your body?  How can you best quiet your mind?  This is a perfect time to explore and find out what your grounding medicine is.  This month, it’s especially important for you remember that thoughts are not facts, Cancer.  We may think that we are unworthy or unlovable, but thinking something does not make it so.  A negative thought is not a prophecy, but it can provide valuable information that will help us go deeper within ourselves and shine a light on the parts that still need healing.  Ride out the turbulent waves of emotion this month, listen to your thoughts without attaching to them, and trust in the changes that are heading your way.

LEO // Ace of Wands

It’s a new astrological year, a new month, and you’ve got some fiery new energy coming your way, Leo!  Capitalize on the inspirations that come to you and work to keep the creative juices flowing, but don’t rush into things or make any radical decisions.  Although things are looking pretty good for you personally this month, Leo, the collective energy will surely be a bit chaotic due to the fact that Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto will all be in retrograde at various times throughout the month.  If you find yourself feeling things pretty intensely or quickly jumping from high to low, don’t worry!  You are not crazy, but you may be moving through a lot of different energies.  The best thing you can do for yourself is take it all in stride and try to turn the multitude of sparks that are all around you into flames that will help fuel your passions.  You may be feeling a bit all over the place throughout the month, but the truth is that you have the power to turn it around anytime you wish.  Harness the power of alchemy.  Transform fear into motivation.  Transform chaos into creativity.  Gain control of your mind and emotions, and you will not only thrive but also be a guiding light for others.

VIRGO // Temperance

Slow and steady is your medicine for the month of April, Virgo.  Balance will be hard-won with five planets (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto) in retrograde at different times throughout the month, but this is where your effort will be best served.  Do whatever you can to achieve and maintain balance in all that you do this month.  Be patient with yourself and be willing to extend compassion and support to others.  With the chaotic cosmic climate there is sure to be a lot of confusion and drama cycling through our lives on both an individual and collective level.  People are likely to get caught up in their personal dramas and you may find yourself feeling left out in the cold.  Don’t lose heart or give up hope when it comes to your relationships, Virgo.  The balance and calm that you are being asked to find within yourself this month is in service of setting up a solid foundation so that you will be able to call in and receive deeper love and support from others in the coming months.  We are only ever able to receive the love that we are first willing to give ourselves.  Shower yourself with love, understanding and devotion.  Find a better balance and get to know your desires on a deeper level because some extra special spring sweetness is soon to be heading your way.

LIBRA // Four of Wands, reversed

Transitions signify movement and growth, but they can also stir up uncertainty and incite a great deal of fear within us.  Although we have entered a new astrological year and new beginnings are starting to unfold for all of us alongside the emergence of spring, many of us still don’t feel ready to move forward into the next phase of our lives.  April’s cosmic climate will increase this contractive energy on both an individual and collective level as Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto will all be in retrograde at different times throughout the month.  It may be difficult to discern what you truly want and where you fit in the grand scheme of things, but you must give yourself a break, Libra.  Take it easy.  Take your time when making decisions.  Seek guidance.  Ask for help.  Don’t try to think your way out of the chaos, and don’t believe that all of your feelings are facts. If you find yourself feeling particularly off-kilter this month, Libra, take it as an invitation to not only re-center, but also to more fully align with your heart and find your true center.  We must know ourselves in order to stay true to ourselves and staying true to ourselves is the medicine we need most during trying times like these.  Reconnect with your roots, meet your contractions with compassion and get ready to expand.

SCORPIO // Nine of Cups     

What have you been hoping for, Scorpio?  Have you been taking action to support your dreams?  If so, keep going!  If you feel stuck now is the perfect time to start making some moves.  The cosmic climate this month is guiding us all to take things slow, but there’s a difference between taking your time and going at your own pace and stalling or blocking your own progress out of fear.  You are your only obstacle this month, Scorpio, and if you can get out of your own way, you will certainly reap the rewards.  What outdated beliefs about your worth and abilities do you need to burn to the ground once and for all?  It’s a new astrological year, a new month, and a new season, so use the energy that is available to you right now and do everything you can to foster your own new beginning.  Your personal energy this month is geared toward wish fulfillment, so dream big and plant seeds of intention that are in direct alignment with all of the desires that you have for your future.  Once you’ve done your personal work, start looking for signs that the universe is supporting you.  The more you perceive and acknowledge the help that you get, the more gratitude you will feel, and gratitude is the key to your growth.  

SAGITTARIUS // The Hierophant   

Be willing to grow and evolve your belief system this month, Sagittarius.  What do you put your faith and trust in?  What do you value?  Are your beliefs and values completely your own or are they indicative of your upbringing, family, friends or work environment?  In what ways can you challenge yourself to think beyond your current perspective?  With Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto all in retrograde at various times throughout the month, we will all be forced to examine our core beliefs, relationships, and immediate environment on a much deeper level.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling scattered, confused or even a bit worried this month.  Your thinking mind will have a lot to say, so make sure that you keep sinking into your heart space when the ego’s volume gets turned up too high.  It may be a new month, but we are still moving through some intense cycles on both an individual and collective level.  Don’t expect to feel totally centered this month, but trust that this is a passing time.  If you are willing to challenge everything, and do some deep personal work to find out where your authentic center is, you will be in a newly empowered position and ready to move forward on your own terms by the end of month.

CAPRICORN // Two of Swords   

With Venus in retrograde until April 15th, and four other planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto) in retrograde at various times throughout the month, we certainly aren’t going to be afforded much clarity by the cosmos this Aries season.  Aries is ruled by fire.  Aries is passionate, independent, and ambitious, but the energy surrounding you this month will make it extremely difficult to align with this kind of optimism and drive, Capricorn.  Don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re taking a shot in the dark or fighting an uphill battle throughout the month.  The best medicine to help you get through this difficult time is compassion and self-acceptance.  You may not be completely clear on what you want or what you’re doing right now, but this isn’t a problem.  In fact, this time is an incredible gift that is being given to you so you can get in greater alignment with your authenticity and your intuition before moving forward.  This forced pause may feel like a punishment, but it is actually an incredible invitation for you to be more conscious in all that you do.  Now is the perfect time to identify your personal blocks and make an effort to work through them.  No one can do this work but you, so rise to the challenge and be your own hero.

AQUARIUS // The Lovers

Aries season is usually ripe with new beginnings and energetic gusto, but we’re still moving through some intense cycles individually and collectively, so this month we are all being asked to take our time and ease into the new astrological year and change of season rather than charging ahead.  But, that doesn’t mean you can’t be enthusiastic about the changes that are occurring in your life.  In fact, you should be!  Despite some cosmic chaos that we won’t be able to avoid, things are looking pretty sweet for you this month, Aquarius.  You’re advised to celebrate the energy of transformation throughout the month and embrace all of the new people, places and experiences that are sure to enter your life.  Some things may have to fall by the wayside, but everything that goes will be in service of raising your personal vibration so you can call in more of what you truly want and need.  In particular, you are being asked to embrace the changes that might be occurring within your relationships.  Who can you always turn to?  Who makes you feel expansive?  Who makes you feel contractive?  Who do you need to set firmer boundaries with?  You may need to weed some people out of your life, but trust that this will create space for members of your true tribe to enter, and once they do, the party can really begin.

PISCES // King of Wands, reversed  

You may be feeling inspired by all of the fiery spring energy that’s around, Pisces, but don’t rush into any new projects this month or you’ll burn out before you’re able to truly get started.  Due to the fact that Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto will all be in retrograde at different times throughout the month, April is likely to be filled with false starts for those of us who don’t understand the importance of taking a conscious pause and the virtue of patience.  If you’re feeling particularly inspired, channel this energy to set some long-term intentions and then burn off your restlessness by having fun.  Express your creativity by settling deeper into your body.  Be outside as much as possible so you can connect with nature and tune into the most expansive source of creativity that there is.  Let your ideas marinate a little longer this month, Pisces.  Be open to the new, but don’t rush into action quite yet or you’ll just have to do some unnecessary backtracking later on.  You might have a hard time discerning which of your ideas are best to pursue, so hold off on any big plans and instead use this time to explore every possible option with a renewed sense of play and childlike wonder.  Don’t wish this time away because you’ll be back to work before you know it!