May Tarotscopes

By Jillann Morlan

Spirit Speak Tarot Deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans

ARIES // Page of Wands

There’s an abundance of creative inspiration on the horizon for you this month, Aries.  Let your intuition be your guide when it comes to new projects and potential collaborations.  Not everyone and everything that comes in this month will be worth your time and energy.  Although you may find yourself caught up in a whirlwind of new ideas and opportunities, it’s important that you keep a discerning attitude in the midst of all the excitement.  We’ve finally moved on from the dormancy of a long winter and our collective energy is growing.  We are quickly gaining the momentum needed to help us all burst forth into a new cycle with greater clarity and motivation.  Your individual energy this month is perfectly aligned with this increase in collective force, Aries, but easy does it.  Make sure you don’t get caught up in the multitude of energies and inspirations that will be vying for your attention.  Take your time.  Stay grounded.  It’s Taurus season, so you are advised to attune yourself to the stable, practical and persistent qualities of the Bull.  Don’t worry about quantity.  Cut out anything that is superfluous this month and work diligently toward dreams that are only of the highest quality.


TAURUS // The High Priestess, reversed

Happy Birthday, Taurus!  It’s your season, and after a gruelingly long winter, we are all elated to be celebrating with you.  There is inspiration buzzing all around, and you may feel an extra pull to be out in the world this month, but make sure that you balance any socializing with quiet time.  Specifically, you are being asked to reconnect with your ruling element of earth this month.  Reconnect in order to get grounded.  Reconnect for support.  Get outside and go within.  Sprawl out on the grass and receive the warmth of the sun.  Go for a hike or a walk on the beach.  If you live in an urban environment, head to a park or even a small patch of grass will do.  Let your skin make contact with the earth in whatever way you can.  Write your intentions on small pieces of paper and bury them in the ground like seeds.  Hold space for your dreams while sitting in silence somewhere outside or simply open up your window and let Mother Nature’s energy come to you.  You have a great deal of guidance and wisdom that wants to manifest in your life this month, Taurus, so be still and get ready to receive.


GEMINI // Five of Wands, reversed

Stop second-guessing yourself, Gemini.  You have so much to offer, and it’s time for you to start believing in yourself and your abilities on a whole new level.  It’s time to get out of your own way and raise your personal vibration.  A little competition can be an incredibly activating force, but make sure that you’re not competing with yourself.  Are you holding onto an outdated idea about who you think you should be?  Are you holding onto a dream that is no longer serving you?  If it doesn’t resonate in the here and now, let it go!  If it doesn’t make you feel alive, inspired, and motivated to take a leap of faith, then move on.  Collectively, we are still working to shake off winter’s weight and lackluster vibe in order to fully move into the transformative energy and creative bounty that the spring season has to offer.  You may have had a few false starts in the past couple of months, but don’t let that discourage you.  Keep moving forward this month.  Believe in yourself and trust that everything in aligning for you in the most perfect way possible.  You don’t have to have it all figured out, but you do have to keep fighting for your happiness, creativity and personal fulfillment.


CANCER // Eight of Wands, reversed

The natural world may be bursting with blossoms and longer days may have you feeling like you need to charge ahead with renewed force, but it’s important for you to remember that slow and steady wins the race, Cancer.  Many of us feel as though we’ve been in a prolonged hibernation.  We are eager to get up and running.  We want motivation.  We want results, and we want them now.  Don’t fall prey to such haste, Cancer.  Hurrying is a form of violence.  Hurrying undermines our progress and our potential.  Trust in your timing this month.  Exercise your faith by taking a conscious pause instead of pushing forward.  Taurus season invites us all to get more grounded and reconnect with a deeper sense of purpose and stability within ourselves.  Never forget that you already have everything you need in order to thrive, Cancer.  No matter what obstacles you are currently facing, you can and will overcome them if you do your personal work and refuse to succumb to fear and indifference.  Everyone else may be in a hurry, but stay true to you and your own perfect timing.  Listen to your body.  Rest when you need to rest.  Do what feels right.  Do what feels good and know that you deserve it.


LEO // Three of Swords, reversed

How’s your heart, Leo?  Take a moment and sink deeply into your heart space.  What feelings or emotions are bubbling just beneath the surface?  Do you feel contractive or expansive?  What are you afraid of?  What is your heart longing to express?  Be willing to be your own witness this month, Leo.  Be willing to show up for yourself with deeper awareness and tenderness.  Create space for your heart to speak.  Set aside time to listen.  Now is not the time to wear your emotions on your sleeve.  Now is the time to go within and seek the guidance of your own inner crone.  In truth, you already have all of the answers.  In truth, you are already completely healed and whole, but we are living in chaotic times.  There is constant stimulus vying for our attention, and it’s easy to forget our truth.  Be wiling to align yourself with a force that is much bigger than you this month, Leo.  It doesn’t matter what form this force takes for you.  It doesn’t matter if it’s an ethereal sense of oneness or a hard and fast feeling you get while in nature.  Tune into whatever feels the most expansive and supportive, give up control, and let the feelings that arise guide you home.


VIRGO // Two of Wands   

It’s time to check in with your life force, Virgo.  Do you feel vital or do you feel drained?  Take some time to honestly assess where you’re at without judgment.  Wherever you are right now is exactly where you need to be.  If you’re feeling fulfilled, aligned and ready to charge ahead with a new work project or creative endeavor, then do so.  If you’re feeling heavy, defeated and full of dread, stay put until you’ve recharged or rerouted, or both.  Sometimes we must endure a prolonged period of pain or stagnation in order to find out what we are truly made of.  The true power of our pain lies in showing us the fierceness of our fight.  No matter what you are facing right now, Virgo, don’t give up!  There are some truly wonderful and beautifully aligned opportunities heading your way.  Ask yourself if you need to take some time off and let them come to you, or if you feel ready to get going and meet them halfway.  Empowerment can come from action as equally as it can come from standing your ground and taking the time you need.  Stay true to you this month, Virgo, and you’ll be onto the next best thing in no time at all.


LIBRA // Three of Wands, reversed


Moving forward isn’t always easy.  Moving forward requires an immense amount of faith and trust.  It’s easy to feel bogged down by change.  It’s easy to fear for our future.  Although staying small may seem like less work, the truth is that we are hardwired to evolve.  Stifling our personal evolution by giving into fear and stagnation is significantly more work than leaning in, trusting the process and going with the flow.  Death only occurs when change ceases, but we block our evolution and make it extremely difficult for change to happen when we refuse to let go of that which no longer serves us.  The ego urges us to hold on because it equates familiarity with safety, but the soul understands the beauty and potential of the unknown.  The ego feeds on attachment.  The soul thrives on leaps of faith into the unknown.  The ego fears chaos, but the soul knows that chaos is a precursor to creation.  Chaos means uncertainty and uncertainty means possibility.  Face the uncertainties in your life with renewed faith this month, Libra.  Quiet the ego.  Be willing to approach all that you do from a soul-centered perspective.  Trust in the possibilities.  Upgrade your personal belief system and you will upgrade your entire life.


SCORPIO // Knight of Swords, reversed     

Spring’s energy is typically refreshing and motivating, but after such a long and harsh winter, you may be feeling a bit frantic and unstable, Scorpio.  Take the time you need this month to fully transition into this new energy before moving forward.  It may take awhile for you to feel balanced and confident enough to fully emerge, but it’s imperative that you go slow in order to stay aligned with your most authentic wants and needs before pursuing any new projects or relationships this month.  With all of the chaos that we have collectively been moving through, you may be having a difficult time discerning what your true desires are.  You may feel a sudden push to go in a certain direction only to find out soon after that your motivations were not authentically yours.  Stay centered this month by getting back to basics, Scorpio.  Be gentle with yourself and get creative.  Keep it light as you explore the depths of your inner life with quiet time, walks in nature, drawing, singing, dancing, or whatever feels good to you.  Ignore anyone who places demands on your time and attention.  Put yourself first.  Aim to please your inner child and you’ll soon feel free to fly into the next cycle of your life with grace and ease.


SAGITTARIUS // Temperance, reversed   

You don’t have to do it all alone, Sagittarius.  In fact, it is highly recommended that you seek the comfort and support of others this month.  As one of the most ambitious signs of the zodiac, you know how to harness your inner wisdom and independent spirit in order to achieve your goals, but it’s important that you remember the guidance and strength that can also be found in community.  Make sure you don’t overlook the ones who care for you the most this month, Sagittarius.  Give yourself a break and be willing to receive.  You don’t always have to be the one who is on the move, exploring, growing and giving.  Sometimes we receive the clarity or the missing piece we’ve been ardently searching for when we simply relax, stop seeking, and open ourselves up to receiving what we need from others.  The more we are able to receive, the more we are able to give back.  Giving and receiving is akin to inhaling and exhaling.  One cannot exist without the other.  It is a continuous cycle that requires a commitment to balance.  Commit to balance and calm this month.  Reach out to your people.  Get the support you need and you’ll be ready to move ahead with full force by the end of the month.


CAPRICORN // Nine of Cups, reversed    


The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and May is shaping up to be an extremely abundant month for you, Capricorn.  With an increase in abundance, whether it be time, energy or money, you’re likely to be feeling more generous.  Don’t be afraid to exercise your spirit of generosity throughout the month, but make sure that you don’t fall into a cycle of giving more than you receive.  Be open to receiving other people’s gifts and offerings to you.  Increasing our receptivity sends a powerful signal to the universe that says we are ready, willing, and able to take on more.  When we are unwilling or unable to receive, we send a signal to the universe that says we have reached capacity and can’t take on anything new.  When we give more than we receive we can feel drained and anxious.  Likewise, when we receive more than we give, we can feel guilty or unworthy.  Maintaining a healthy balance between giving and receiving keeps us within an effortless flow of abundance.  Strive for balance in all areas of your life this month, Capricorn.  This will make it easier for you to navigate any experiences that may block the strong current of abundance that is heading your way.


AQUARIUS // Queen of Cups

What are you most afraid of, Aquarius?  In what ways are you unwilling to fully show up for yourself?  In what ways do you avoid being truly seen?  As the natural world celebrates rebirth with outward signs of new growth and an array of colors, smells and sounds, you are being asked to go within.  What did the long winter months allow you to keep buried beneath the surface?  What walls need to come down and what fears need to be faced in order for you to move into the summer months with more gusto?  The answer to these questions must come from the heart.  You cannot think your way into a deeper experience of joy and creativity.  You have to feel your way through these questions in order to find the answers that resonate most deeply within you.  No one else can do this work for you.  It won’t be easy.  It might be emotional.  It might be scary.  It might even seem unnecessary, but your heart has things that it wants to tell you, Aquarius.  Be gentle.  You don’t need to get too far ahead of yourself.  Take your time.  Stay soft.  Be open and simply listen, and the rest will come to you.


PISCES // The Hierophant   

We live in a world where we are constantly inundated with choices.  Living in contemporary society means dealing with overwhelm caused by too many options on a daily basis.  What structures do you have in place to help you make choices, Pisces?  Who do you turn to when you need help making a decision?  Are the choices that you make for yourself more influenced by the past, the present or the future?  Do you focus more on your hopes or your regrets?  You’re being asked to investigate your personal processes this month in order to get crystal clear about anything and everything that influences you and your decision-making.  When we strip away the stimulus and outside opinions, we give ourselves a chance to get to the heart of the matter.  When we get centered, we give our authentic self a better opportunity to show up and speak up on our behalf.  Don’t worry about what everyone else is saying or doing this month, Pisces.  Don’t be afraid to balk at tradition.  If it doesn’t resonate with you, don’t do it.  Stay true to you.  Keep moving forward.  Have the courage to do it your way and any help that you may need will soon follow.