August Tarotscopes

AUGUST TAROTSCOPES by Jillann Morlan  

Spirit Speak Tarot Deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans


ARIES // Six of Wands, reversed   

If you’re getting too familiar with feeling stuck, and consistently struggling to reach your goals in a way that feels authentic and expansive to you, maybe it’s time to rethink the path you’re on altogether.  Why do you do what you do, Aries?  Why that job?  Why that degree?  Why that creative project?  Why that collaboration?  We all need work and relationships that sustain our basic needs, but beyond the realms of necessity and comfort, what motivates you to get up every morning?  Be willing to ask yourself these questions this month.  Our ego makes sure that our needs are met, but our higher self is the force that provides us with the insights we need to align with our authenticity, find our true purpose, and evolve.  With a full moon and lunar eclipse on August 7th, as well as, a full solar eclipse on August 21st, the time is ripe for some deep soul-searching.  This cosmic climate is likely to shake things up in all areas our lives, and anything that is no longer serving us, both individually and collectively, will be brought to the surface for further examination whether we’re ready to do the work or not.  Do the work, Aries.  Commit to connecting with your higher self.  Ask for guidance.  Create space for stillness and listen to the sweetest and most soulful callings coming from deep within your heart.  This is where you will find the wisdom that will set you free.

TAURUS // Ten of Swords  

The human brain fires off some 60,000 thoughts per day.  In a world where we are increasingly inundated with new information and consistently reaching peak levels of overstimulation, how do you find inner calm and connect with your authentic voice?  There are more ways to disseminate and digest knowledge than ever before, but how do you connect to your personal truth, Taurus?  Can you confidently distinguish your inner voice from all of the mental chatter?  It’s Leo season, and a wonderful time for igniting your inner fire and getting in touch with your wild side, but the month of August also brings with it an intense cosmic climate complete with a full moon and lunar eclipse on August 7th, as well as, the much-anticipated full solar eclipse on August 21st.  This is difficult astrology, but its challenges, if met with an open mind and heart, have the potential to more fully align you with your authenticity and launch you forward into the next phase of your life.  This astrology is all about profound inner growth and expansion.  Don’t believe every fear that your mind throws your way this month, Taurus.  Show yourself compassion if you start to downward spiral.  Stay with it.  Be gentle.  Be willing to truly feel through all of your feelings.  This is not a time for judgment.  This is a time for quieting the mind so that you can fully hear the authentic whispers of your heart come through.

GEMINI // Ten of Wands, reversed  

Are you feeling overworked, overloaded, or overwhelmed Gemini?  Take some time this month to fully check in with yourself.  What do your days look like?  How much time is devoted to work?  How much time is devoted to play?  How much time is devoted to pleasure?  How do you usually feel when you wake up?  How do you usually feel when you go to sleep?  Answer these questions, truthfully, and then ask yourself what the answers to these same questions would be if you had complete control over the 24 hours you have each day.  Compare your answers and see if there are any obvious areas where you can make changes in order to align with your most authentic self and balance your daily input and output of energy.  Let this information marinate in your mind.  Open your heart and be willing to receive advice on how to best move forward.  With a full moon and lunar eclipse on August 7th, and a full solar eclipse on August 21st, the cosmic climate this month is intense and transformative.  This is a perfect time for reassessing your goals and realigning with your truth, but it isn’t the time to push ahead or jump to any conclusions.  Let loose a little bit this month, Gemini, and let yourself be guided.  There are signs all around waiting to show you the way.  Stay open and show the universe that you are willing to receive them.

CANCER // Ace of Cups  

Your deep emotional life is one of your greatest strengths, Cancer, but it’s important that you maintain inner balance and remain clear when it comes to distinguishing between feelings and facts.  With eclipse season well underway, we’re all likely to be feeling a bit scattered and ungrounded in body, mind, and spirit.  Although eclipse season will surely bring with it some confusion and upheaval, ultimately, it will gift us with the transformative energies we need in order to shed anything and everything that is no longer serving us and fully step up into an expansive new phase of our lives.  However, in order to reap the benefits of this time and experience the personal healing and transformation that we need, we must also be willing to lean into the discomfort that it may cause us.  Expect emotions to run wild this month, Cancer, and don’t be afraid to express them.  Come back to center by honoring everything that you are feeling and engage in conscious acts of release.  Let the tears flow.  Feel the fury.  Smash things.  Write letters for the sole purpose of burning them.  Move your body.  Assert your power.  Deep emotions call for deep release.  Don’t hold onto anything this month.  Once you have returned to a state of greater equilibrium, and the cosmic climate has calmed down, you will be afforded clarity with regard to the way forward.  Rise to the challenge, carry on, and you will receive the incredible rebirth that comes after release.

LEO // Ace of Swords  

Happy Birthday, Leo!  It’s your season, and there are multiple energies aligning to provide you with an extra surge of inspiration, creativity, and mental clarity.  August is sure to be an enlightening and empowering month for you, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to put in any work.  With a full moon and lunar eclipse on August 7th, as well as, the full solar eclipse on August 21st, the cosmic climate this month invites us all to do some emotional heavy-lifting and deep soul-searching.  This astrology is likely to bring about heightened sensitivity, intense purging of the past, and incredible intuitive insights, all which are meant to help us clear out anything that is no longer serving us, so that we can step into the spotlight of our magic and potential.  Be willing to do what it takes this month in order to align with your authentic voice and let your light shine forth, Leo.  As one of the most extroverted and driven signs of the zodiac, you already possess an innate power to be seen and succeed at accomplishing your dreams.  Get in tune with what motivates you on a deep soul level this month.  Be out in the world.  Show up for yourself with pride and joy in your heart.  Radiate love and compassion from a place of authenticity, and you will surely attract an abundance of new insights, opportunities and connections that will propel you forward at rapid speed.

VIRGO // Page of Pentacles, reversed  

What do you have your sights set on, Virgo?  What do you consistently long for?  How do you feel about your current state of affairs?  How do you feel about the current state of your body, mind, and spirit?  With an intense and potentially transformative cosmic climate this month, we’re all being asked to take inventory of where we’re at in order to assess what needs to be released before we can fully move forward.  In truth, this is the cyclical way of things.  We are constantly reassessing in order to release and reset, so that we can get closer to our truest desires and most authentic selves.  However, with eclipse season upon us, we are now invited to go even deeper with this work – much, much deeper.  This is a time to honor the ways in which you feel stuck.  This is a time to honor your blocks, failures, fears, and all the ways in which you prevent yourself from moving forward in all areas of your life.  Honor the pain and the feelings of unworthiness, so that you can finally get beyond them.  This month invites you up into the magical and healing energy of transcendence.  You don’t have to have it all figured out in order to act, Virgo.  Be willing to transcend your own mind.  Stop the mental chatter.  Do your personal work, send some wishes into the atmosphere and trust that miracles are unfolding all around you.

LIBRA // Five of Pentacles  

Have you been holding on a little too tightly to an outmoded belief, toxic relationship, or way of being in the world that isn’t fully aligned with your authentic self?  How would you describe your relationship to change, Libra?  What fears do you have surrounding acts of complete release?  Whether you’re ready for it or not, this month will bring with it a profound purging energy.  We officially welcomed in eclipse season with the new moon on July 23rd, but we’ll be gaining momentum with a full moon and lunar eclipse on August 7th, and a full solar eclipse on August 21st.  The transformative energies that this cosmic climate brings with it will occur on both a conscious and unconscious level, but the more you can connect with your intuitive nature during this time the better.  Although we need to consciously create time and space to connect with our intuition, this process shouldn’t feel restrictive. Maybe connecting with your inner self looks like sitting on a meditation pillow in a dark room.  Maybe it looks like singing at the top of your lungs, or maybe it looks like dancing with the people who truly see you.  Intuition is a language of the heart.  Connecting with your intuition is whatever feels authentic and expansive to you.  Hone the practices that make you feel most free this month.  Go inward and listen for what needs to truly leave, and then be willing to finally let it go.

SCORPIO // The World

Eclipse season is well underway with a full moon and lunar eclipse on August 7th, and the much-anticipated full solar eclipse on August 21st.  It is a truly transformative time of intense endings and new beginnings, and the personal energy that you are working with this month will only amplify this time of transition, Scorpio.  Whether you are currently completing a cycle or beginning a new one, stay open to receiving guidance and support with regard to what needs to be fully released from your life at this time.  What do you need to let go of in order for you to more fully embrace this time of expansive change?  What personal blocks keep resurfacing and preventing you from living the life of your dreams?  What recurring patterns can you recognize in yourself that may be keeping you from moving forward?  Be willing to do this work, but remember that this isn’t a blame game.  Be kind to yourself.  Inner work calls for deep compassion.  Remember that healing isn’t a linear process.  You may feel okay with your past or current circumstances one day, and then feel bogged down by them the next.  This is okay!  Get curious about your current state of affairs, but refrain from judgment.  The important thing is to stay open to all of your experiences and know that things are always moving, shifting and evolving.  Trust that your life is in place and believe in the changes that are heading your way.

SAGITTARIUS // Ace of Wands  

There’s an immense amount of fiery, passionate, creative energy coming your way this month, Sagittarius.  It’s time to lean in, let go, and get wild!  Now is not the time to second-guess, take a back seat, or play small in any way shape or form.  Don’t be afraid to be out in the world and let your authentic light shine.  With the full moon and lunar eclipse on August 7th, and the full solar eclipse on August 21st, we’re all sure to be receiving some intense intuitive downloads.  Stay open to any inspirations or insights that come your way during this time.  If some seemingly outlandish ideas come in, don’t judge them too quickly.  Be willing to sit with your creative insights for some time before writing them off completely.  If you feel resistant to any changes that your higher self wishes to employ, get curious about the fears or insecurities that may be causing you discomfort.  The ego prefers familiarity because it equates familiarity with safety.  But, your higher self thrives on the risks that you need to take in order to expand and evolve.  With an intense cosmic climate this month, your ego will likely be firing off a lot of fears.  Do what you can to quiet the ego this month.  Find some time for inner peace so that you can really up the volume on your intuition, and trust that it knows what’s best for you at this time.

CAPRICORN // Three of Pentacles    

As we make our way through an incredibly intense eclipse season complete with a full moon and lunar eclipse on August 7th and a full solar eclipse on August 21st, make sure that you are consistently connecting with your intuition and the wisdom of your body, Capricorn.  With this cosmic climate, we are all being asked to lean into our fears, insecurities and discomforts a little bit more than we may be used to. Overall, this month calls for a balance between our inner and outer realms.  Committing to your inner calm this month will make sure that you are able to receive the wisdom that wishes to come through.  You are already making steady progress in the direction of your dreams, Capricorn.  Take time this month to acknowledge what is working for you, but also keep an eye out for what may not be working so well.  It’s important that you are able to see, hear and feel things clearly for yourself as we move deeper into the transformative energies of eclipse season.  One of the best ways to connect with your intuitive nature is by connecting more fully with your body.  What self-care practices make you feel the most grounded and in tune with your somatic sense of knowing?  Investigate the ways in which you can connect to, and more fully release, difficult energies from your personal vessel this month.  This will create a path for continued healing, exploration and overall expansion.

AQUARIUS // The Fool   


It’s eclipse season, and that means we are all being asked to move through some intensely transformative energies.  With the full moon and lunar eclipse on August 7th and the full solar eclipse on August 21st, inspirations and intuitive insights are likely to be moving in and out of our consciousness on both an individual and collective level.  This is a time of universal transition that you are likely to be feeling deeply on a personal level, Aquarius.  This month you can expect to be faced with some abrupt endings, as well as, some sudden and expansive new beginnings.  The key for you this month is to stay open.  Stay out of your ego mind and connect more fully with your heart space.  This is not a time for planning or overanalyzing.  This is a time for cultivating inner peace and outer calm, so that you can align yourself with new and inspiring opportunities.  This is a time for creativity and leaps of faith.  What passions have been put on the back burner over the past few months?  What projects have you been longing to start?  Now is the time to begin!  Have faith in yourself and the journey that lies ahead if you are willing to let go and take one step forward.  There’s no need to rush, but don’t delay either, Aquarius.  It’s time to shed some layers and say goodbye to the things that are no longer serving you, so that you can fully embrace the magic of new beginnings.

PISCES // Knight of Wands, reversed

How would you rate your sense of adventure, Pisces?  Do you take advantage of new opportunities, or are you more likely to let others take the lead?  With eclipse season upon us, it’s time to shake things up.  The full moon and lunar eclipse on August 7th invites us all to investigate the fears and insecurities that prevent us from living our most authentic and creative life.  What is truly holding you back?  Are you ready to let it go?  The full solar eclipse on August 21st will shine an even brighter light on our outmoded beliefs and the things that are no longer serving us.  Expect to have some intense downloads of information regarding the changes that need to take place for you to continue to evolve and align with your higher self during this time.  Don’t jump to any conclusions based on how you are feeling this month, Pisces.  We will all be moving through a lot of intense energies, so if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, mentally scattered, or physically drained, know that you are okay.  This transformative energy might bring some old wounds to the surface, but trust that anything that arises is showing up in order to be more fully released from your life, so that you can continue on your unique journey with renewed passion and vigor.  Commit to self-care practices that support a sense of inner calm and outer balance, and you’ll be realigned with your true path and authentic sense of self in no time.