December Tarotscopes


Terra Olvr is a Philadelphia-based writer, visual artist, and the founder / editor of Recenter Press. Most of their work explores unlearning toxic conditioning, the nonlinear process of following intuition, radical transformation, and experiences with the divine that have emerged out of trauma as much as the fruition of dreams. She is the author of An Old Blue Light and Processes: A Meditation, and her work has appeared in The Huffington PostBUST MagazineCordella Magazine, and more. If you have the resources to support the energy it takes to channel these Tarotscope readings, feel free to donate here.

This reading features the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Sagittarius (Fire): Nine of Swords

Sagittarius Nine of Swords.JPG

Dearest Sagittarius,

This is the second consecutive moon-cycle that the nine of swords is showing up for you. As much as processing grief served you last month, ruminating in despair, regret, guilt, and anxiety is keeping you from shaping how you hope to move forward. Awareness trapped in the mental-sphere of our energy-body disconnects the spiritual will from integrating our experiences into action. In what ways can you more completely embody the lessons of the past, practice them in the present, and channel them into your future? If nightmares, flashbacks, or painful visions are consuming your sleeping / waking life, pay attention to the archetypes and check in with yourself — are these symbols mirroring my present reality, or are they conditioned responses to past experiences that are no longer applicable to what is happening in my life? Are they signaling any red-flags I’ve been ignoring and guiding me to a higher state of alertness, or are they blocking me from seeing what’s in front of me? To reattune yourself with your sense of purpose, re-focus your energy and create a vision board for how you imagine your future. With patience and persistence, gradually the veil will fall away, revealing to you a doorway that would have never appeared without the trials you’ve experienced.

Capricorn (Earth): Five of Pentacles

Capricorn Five of Pentacles.JPG

Dearest Capricorn,

The energy-center at the base of your spine yearns for your attention. When the very foundation of our life-energy is shaken up, we are thrown into the ether of unlimited possibilities, but the chord that connects you to the earth becomes distant. Though this chord never leaves you, your sense of stability, safety, and being grounded to this reality is dependent on the relationship of your body with the environment. Finding or creating a home that can support and contain your highest-purpose at the time is a challenging, seemingly endless process. Check in with yourself — do your relationships mirror each other’s needs and desires? Do the materials in your possession assist and uplift that purpose? The focus does not always need to be on building long-term structures, though for your own-well being, each home that you occupy does ask that you exchange your energy with the space. In what ways can you contribute to the growth of your community? What ways can you ground yourself or tend to the Earth? Physically and energetically cleanse the space, bring in some plant friends, sit on the floor, grass, and ground to be there with it — there is nothing to be above or below.

Aquarius (Air): Seven of Wands (Reversed)

Aquarius Seven of Wands.JPG

Dearest Aquarius,

It may feel as if your opinions, beliefs, and actions are being challenged from every direction right now, which can lead to feelings of invalidation and isolation. A perceived loss of external power is disorienting at first, but it will bring you to a more grounded relationship with others. Ego-deaths are necessary to experience over and over again. At the heart of perceived attacks are feelings and needs that are not being met — do your best to really listen to what others have to share. However, if you are experiencing unfair judgment, shaming, or wrongful accusation, stand in the ground of what you know to be true, believe in the light in your own heart, and continue to walk its way. Soon enough, you will connect with a community that will affirm you and believe in you.

Pisces (Water): Death (Reversed)


Dearest Pisces,

While the circumstances of your life may be facing big transitions, a part of you is reacting to these inescapable changes with resistance. Periods of change hold a powerful potential for transformation. The pisces begs for fluidity, emotional passageways, and for a clearer flow of energy between each dimension of yourself. A practice you can do to check in with where you’re resisting:

Imagine a source of light is forming above your head. As you allow the warmth of this light to make its way from the top to the bottom of your main energy-centers — from your crown, to your third-eye, to your throat, to your heart, to your solar-plexus, to your sacral center, to your root — feel out where you may be encountering some resistance. Some questions you can ask yourself as you make your way down, as blocks may or may not come up — does my individual consciousness feel connected to a larger consciousness? Does my vision feel open to receive my higher wisdom? Does my self-expression mirror what is happening in my heart? Is my heart being forgiving of myself and of others? Does my personality and source of energy mirror my truest self? Is my creative-nature and sexual-nature being channeled in a healthy way? Do I feel safe and supported in my home? Any blocks in these energy-centers keep us out of sync with change, and locked in a state of inflexibility. Wherever you may feel blocked, imagine the light circulating around the center, washing the opening clean, creating a clearer channel for your life-energy to get through.

Aries (Fire): Knight of Swords

Aries Knight of Swords.JPG

Dearest Aries,

Fire is the driving-force of your life, which moves you with sudden sources of inspiration, bringing a sense of focus to everything you set your mind to. If your mind is feeling scattered between multiple ideas, and uncertainty about which to take action on, take a deep breath, assess one thing at a time, and take the steps towards what is most possible in your immediate environment. By honing in your thoughts to your ambitions and desires, you drive away the urges that would otherwise get in your way. Check in with your intentions and go forth with clarity.

Taurus (Earth): Eight of Pentacles

Taurus Eight of Pentacles.JPG

Dearest Taurus,

The cosmos yearn for you to root yourself deeper into your physical body. Sometimes, the simplest way to connect with ourselves is to work with our hands. Pour tenderness into the earth, dig your fingers in the soil, make something with your hands, knead dough, make food with care, engage in the practice of eating with all of your senses. Share the fruits your labor with your loved ones and friends. If you are feeling the need to be more passive than active, especially with the approaching restfulness of winter, find the nearest sliver of sunlight, sit or lay on the ground, close your eyes, and let the blanket that is the sun to fill you. The rest of the earth is just as much a part of your body as your individuated physical form. Allow yourself to melt into it.

Gemini (Air): Page of Swords

Gemini Page of Swords.JPG

Dearest Gemini,

Your thoughts are tapping into your highest desires, and your highest creative potential, which are asking to be brought into material manifestation. You are birthing new worlds for yourself, which carries with it the destruction of old ways of being. What steps can you take to further bring this vision to reality? Your willingness is serving you well at this time — when your gaze is centered on how to best meet your needs, old patterns will naturally fall away. The environments, relationships, habits, and communities of your dream life are longing to be lived. This is not easy work, and takes consistent focus, though it is carving out the room for most authentic self to thrive.

Cancer (Water): The Moon


Dearest Cancer,

This month’s supermoon is magnifying your psychic and intuitive abilities. So much of your emotional processing work has passed through you, and while there is always work to do, rest in the affirmation that you have become a clearer channel for your wisdom. Be a witness to your dreams as they bring to you a clearer reflection of your knowing. In what ways can you bring yourself further into this introspection? Engage with a practice that deepens you rather than pulling you into the dark. Your growing self-awareness and observations of yourself shine a light not only for you but for the growth and the reflection of others. You are appreciated and seen for all you do.

Leo (Fire): Three of Swords

Leo Three of Swords.JPG

Dearest Leo,

While others in your immediate circle are turning the other way, you are facing hard truths, acknowledging the state of crisis in the world, and standing in your ethics to lead to change and revolution. You feel the heart of the world breaking with you, and you want and seek justice. Check in with yourself — in what ways can you transform harmful, intrusive thoughts, and the chaotic expression of anger, into organized, restorative action? To fully feel and acknowledge one’s suffering is never easy, and neither is knowing what to do with that suffering, especially when that suffering extends to the lives of others. You have the power to heal and help lead — your sharp insight into reality serves to benefit your relationships and humanity at large.

Virgo (Earth): The Emperor

Virgo The Emperor.JPG

Dearest Virgo,

The dust is beginning to settle after a period of personal chaos. Carve out the time and space to lay down more rooted foundations. Throughout this process, use discernment and reason as you face any oncoming obstacles. As you discuss your intentions with others, check in with yourself — in what ways can you bring empathy and warmth to the ways that you communicate? While your decision-making process is valid and real to you, it’s important to be transparent and considerate of the needs of others. Know that the approaching winter will bring a time of rest and stability for you. You are safe to set your bags down and be present for a while.

Libra (Air): Page of Wands

Libra Page of wands.JPG

Dearest Libra,

The voice of your inner faith speaks clearly to you through the darkness, which allows you to trust in your own path above all else. Do not lose heart as you face the unknown. The doubtfulness of others may be painful, but does not alter what you know to be best for you. If you sense yourself internalizing the harmful words of others, check in with your intuition about what you deeply believe, and imagine a protective shield of light around you where false ideas can not get in. As you bounce between one divine muse and the other, check in with yourself — how can you see each project to completion before moving on to the next thing? And how can you be more discerning about what projects you take on? You are your highest source of inspiration, drive, and wisdom — it is in your highest and best interest to keep following yourself.

Scorpio (Water): Eight of Swords


Dearest Scorpio,

Disillusionment with your present situation may be leading to confusion and frustration in you. While you need not necessarily change your direction or leave — the surrounding environment is not the current problem — there are multiple mental blocks that are begging to be cleared. Check in with yourself — what obstacles do you have the power to remove, work with, or move around, and what steps can you take to do it? You have more autonomy over your body and mental climate than what has been taught to you. Clarity, sustenance, and the magic of nature await you.

July Tarotscopes

by Jillann Morlan
Spirit Speak Tarot Deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans

ARIES // Five of Pentacles

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 5.02.39 PM.png

The antidote for uncertainty is trust.  Life will not always go as planned, but there is beauty and grace to be found in the simple act of letting go.  Be willing to let go of your expectations this month, Aries.  Stay open and embrace the art of improvisation.  Faith dissipates fear and it’s imperative that you keep building faith in yourself, Aries!  Trust that you are enough and release the need to please.  It’s important for you to put yourself first this month.  Let go of your past failures.  Acknowledge the lessons you’ve learned along the way, honor your struggles, and then do your best to move on.  Gift yourself with an extra dose of compassion, and trust that you don’t have to know exactly where you’re going in order to begin.  All that is required of you right now is to listen to your heart and say yes to what feels right.

TAURUS // The Devil, reversed

It’s easy to get off track.  Failure is inevitable but it isn’t permanent.  In fact, failure is often a precursor to victory.  Are you willing to love your failures, Taurus?  Are you willing to let your failures provide you with the fuel you need to move forward?  It’s important to cut yourself some slack this month.  Maintaining balance requires inner awareness and conscious action, but above all else, it requires compassion.  Forgive yourself, Taurus.  Let it go.  Reconnect with your inner child this month.  Get back to basics.  What makes you laugh?  What allows you to tune into a deep sense of joy?  Reconnect with lightness and ease.  Trust in the timing of your life, Taurus, and don’t let failure erode your faith.  Think of each stumble you encounter as a crucial misstep meant to prevent a fall.  No matter what you’re currently moving through, keep moving!  You’re closer than you think.

GEMINI // Death

Progress and self-doubt go hand in hand.  To the ego mind, change signifies danger and activates fear.  Be willing to lean into your fears a little more this month, Gemini.  We cannot reclaim our power until we acknowledge that it has been lost.  Go back.  When did you start shrinking for the comfort of others?  When did you stop speaking up?  Do the deep inner work you’ve been putting off.  Take action.  Break the silence.  Make the call.  Write the letter.  Turn it around.  Let it go.  Embrace the changes that you have already moved through, as well as, those that still need to unfold.  Identify your blocks and then set them on fire so that you can set yourself free.  Do what resonates, and above all else, stay true to you.  It won’t be easy, but you have everything to gain if you allow yourself to surrender to the moment and trust in the magic of this transformative time.  

CANCER // Seven of Pentacles, reversed   

Happy Birthday, Cancer!  Summer is well underway and it’s your moment to shine.  Now is the time to gather your people and celebrate all the things that make you uniquely you.  Now is the time to align with a deeper sense of receptivity, as you’re likely to be reaping the rewards of your hard work.  Take a break from all the strategizing this month and simply be.  Let new opportunities come to you.  Say yes to the invite.  Say yes to the new job.  Say yes to the date.  Say yes to putting yourself first.  Protect your energy but be open to changes that feel expansive and amplify your creativity.  Be grateful.  This simple act sends a powerful message to the universe that says you are ready and willing to receive more.  Do whatever you can to get rid of your lack mentality, Cancer.  The truth is that you really can have it all, now all you have to do is believe it.

LEO // Nine of Swords, reversed  

The natural world doesn’t always align with our inner state of being.  The sun may be shining, but that doesn’t mean we can ignore the darkness we might be battling within.  When faced with fear and anxiety, it’s important to bring awareness to all that we are feeling without placing judgment on our thoughts and feelings themselves.  Cut yourself some slack this month, Leo.  You don’t have to have it all figured out.  You don’t have to be in constant motion in order to get where you want to go.  Now is a beautiful time to take a conscious pause.  Prevention is key when it comes to burnout.  Spend some time alone.  Be in nature or simply step outside and bask in the summer sun.  Soak up all the warmth and love that the natural world is radiating toward you.  Be as present as you can be and know that your struggles will pass are quickly as the seasons change.

VIRGO // Queen of Pentacles, reversed

We all have a perfectly balanced point within us that we can tap into in order to anchor ourselves in truth when our thoughts, feelings or emotions try to take us on an unpleasant ride.  What routinely throws you off balance, Virgo?  What disconnects you from your center?  What connects you?  What practices bring you back to a state of equilibrium when inner or outer chaos threatens to take over?  This month you are being invited to investigate the things that you do on both a conscious and unconscious level that perpetuate a sense of separation between you and your true center.  Get acquainted with the ways in which you self-sabotage and start to hold yourself more accountable.  But, make sure that you hold yourself accountable with love and compassion.  We are all a part of a unique learning and healing process. Get to know your process and commit to protecting your energy by honing in on and owning your power.

LIBRA // The Magician  

It’s time to wake up your dormant dreams, Libra.  It’s time to get reacquainted with your deepest desires.  What do you desperately want but truly believe that you will never have?  Go there.  Call it in.  Sit with it.  What does it look like?  What does it feel like?  How long have you wanted it?  Why do you think you can’t have it?  Manifestation is the art of belief.  We can’t control the timing or dictate the form in which our dreams will manifest, but we can control the degree to which we are open and willing to invite in something new.  If you don’t believe, you will not be able to receive.  Let go of your outdated dreams in order to make room for the ones that you’ve deemed too grandiose.  Take action steps this month that will help solidify and amplify your systems of belief.  Do the work, but surrender your expectations and let yourself be surprised at what comes through.  

SCORPIO // Page of Swords, reversed

We must make an effort to be honest with ourselves.  How connected are you to your authentic desires, Scorpio?  How clearly are you able to communicate your needs?  Are you aligned with your personal truth, or do you find it difficult to differentiate between your thoughts and feelings and the thoughts and feelings of others?  Take some time this month to get really clear about what you need on a daily basis in order to feel connected, inspired and empowered.  You are not here to simply survive.  You are here to thrive!  Remember who you are, Scorpio.  Tune into your unused potential.  Never settling for less than you deserve means having an unwavering understanding of your worth.  Know your worth and be honest with yourself.  Letting go creates space so you can invite in something better.  Let go of anyone or anything that makes you question your worth or your ability to accomplish your dreams.

SAGITTARIUS // Eight of Swords

Don’t worry if you don’t have it all figured out, Sagittarius.  Facing the unknown can be terrifying, but the liminal space between not knowing and knowing contains a multitude of potentialities.  Uncertainty breeds creativity and helps us to foster our faith.  Have faith in the timing of your life, Sagittarius.  Make a conscious effort to equally welcome the successes, failures and everything in between.  In truth, it’s what we do with the time between the successes and peak moments in our life that dictates how connected we feel to our true center and seat of personal power.  Be willing to own all of your experiences this month.  Don’t take any of it for granted even if you’d rather wish it away.  We never know what’s right around the corner, so it’s imperative that you stay as present as possible.  Let inspiration flow to you and trust in your ability to create the outcomes that you most desire.

CAPRICORN // Two of Cups, reversed  

Romantic, platonic, familial, business-related or mere acquaintance, our relationships represent a complicated web of our own weaving.  Our interpersonal relationships are first and foremost a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves and with our environment.  Now is the time to get back to you, Capricorn.  Now is the time to call in greater self-care and strengthen your sense of self-love.  Begin a new personal practice this month.  What is uplifting?  What feels good?  In what areas have you been ignoring your needs?  Recommit yourself to the little things that make you happy.  Work at what empowers you.  Get reacquainted with the things that make you feel whole.  Help others do the same and feel the collective burden lift a little. Now is not the time to be overly critical.  We need each other more than ever.  Work to find the love within, spread it around, and trust that more is on the way.

AQUARIUS // Temperance

The sun is shining and the natural world is bursting with a multitude of energies that are vying for our attention, but that doesn’t mean we have to say yes to every invitation that comes our way.  Be careful not to get caught up in the whirlwind of demands and expectations that will be moving through your personal sphere this month, Aquarius.  Be discerning about how you spend your time and whom you give your attention to.  Above all else, make sure that you set time aside for yourself on a regular basis.  You will optimize your social life if you first take care of your inner life.  You may need a bit more structure in order to maintain a good balance this month, Aquarius.  Be willing to make some changes, but don’t overthink it.  Commit to inner calm and you’ll be surprised by what little sacrifice self-care requires in the long run.

PISCES // Nine of Wands

It’s time to find your courage, Pisces.  Take heart and forge ahead because you’re closer than you think.  Surrender is an act of profound bravery.  Be willing to not know exactly how you’ll make it through, but still trust with all of your might that you will.  It’s a common misconception that we have to be actively working toward something at all times in order to achieve our goals.  Dream, visualize, set intentions, have your goals in mind, but don’t push.  Don’t force anything to happen, Pisces. When we force things to happen, we shortchange ourselves.  The universe has much greater things in store for you than you can imagine right now.  Don’t block the flow with your ego’s limited ideas of love, success and happiness.  Don’t get stuck in an idea about who you are or how your life is supposed to be.  Let go, have patience, and the rest will come sooner than you think.

April Tarotscopes

Spirit Speak Tarot Deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans

ARIES // Six of Pentacles

It's your season, Aries!  It's time to align with your creative powers.  It's time to quiet the mind, get out of your own way, and exercise your unique magic.  Although you had the Six of Pentacles as your card last month, it shows up again this month with a completely different energy and new medicine to offer you.  March's cosmic climate was all about endings, and for you, Aries, it was about getting rid of your lack mentality, understanding the intrinsic link between giving and receiving, and expanding your definition of abundance.  With the astrological New Year well under way, you are now being asked to believe.  Believe in your work.  Believe in your art.  Believe in your relationships. Believe in your deepest desires.  Believe in your wildest, craziest, out-of-this-world dreams!  Your thoughts are powerful and what you believe affects your reality.  The mind can be our greatest asset or our ultimate downfall when it comes to the art of manifestation.  What limiting beliefs do you need to banish in order to move forward with full force this month?  Pay attention to your thoughts and be willing to insert positive affirmations where they are needed.  Align your thoughts with a positive belief system, believe in the magic your words, and exercise your power to speak things into existence.

TAURUS // Seven of Pentacles, reversed

Despite the fact that we live in a culture that is all too quick to forfeit responsibility in favor of playing the blame game, we must remember that we alone hold the key to our successes and failures alike.  Where do you consistently come up short, Taurus?  How do you self-sabotage?  Are you willing to take full responsibility for your life?  Do you want to manifest your dreams, or would you rather someone else do it for you?  Blame can lead to disempowerment on both a conscious and unconscious level.  When we are disempowered we are disconnected from our dreams and the courage to keep moving forward.  Take ownership of your life and your choices this month, Taurus, so that you can more fully experience the breadth and wonder of your power, joy and magic.  If you are dissatisfied with your work, relationships, creativity, or health, don't waste your time and energy beating yourself up or blaming others, rather, make a choice, however big or small, that will help guide you in a new direction.  Ask yourself what you can do in order to change your situation or your current perspective, and then do it.  The energy of the month will help propel you forward if you’re willing to release the past and set out on a more enlightened path. 

GEMINI // Page of Pentacles

Beautiful beginnings and fresh perspectives are likely to lead to varied forms of abundance for you this month, Gemini.  So, if you've been dragging your feet lately or feeling reluctant to emerge and embrace the change of season, it's time to come out of your shell, shake off any residual winter sludge and claim what's rightfully yours.  But, there’s no need to rush.  Rushing increases anxiety and can lead to inauthentic action.  Make sure that you show up for yourself and preserve your authenticity in all that you do this month.  This is your strength.  Authenticity is directly linked to joy.  When we act in ways that are aligned with our authentic self, we have greater access to our joy and send a powerful message to the universe that we are ready and willing to receive.  Most of us are conditioned to act in ways that go against authentic wants and needs.  We are taught from an early age how to shrink and adjust ourselves for the comfort of others.  If someone doesn't understand us we often feel obliged to change.  This back and forth can lead to pain and suffering.  Authenticity heals.  It feeds our cells.  It opens us up and makes us shine brighter.  Now is the time to hone in on what you honestly crave and call it in using your loudest, proudest and most authentic voice possible.

CANCER // Queen of Cups, reversed

With Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto all in retrograde at various times throughout the month, we’re all likely to be feeling some intense highs and lows.  Your sensitivity is one of your greatest strengths, Cancer, but you’re advised to be on high alert for emotional overload this month.  Don’t be afraid to lean into the multitude of feelings and emotions that may creep up on you throughout the month, but also make sure that you have a solid grounding practice that you can turn to if your emotions threaten to get the best of you.  What activities do you enjoy that make you feel rooted in your body?  How can you best quiet your mind?  This is a perfect time to explore and find out what your grounding medicine is.  This month, it’s especially important for you remember that thoughts are not facts, Cancer.  We may think that we are unworthy or unlovable, but thinking something does not make it so.  A negative thought is not a prophecy, but it can provide valuable information that will help us go deeper within ourselves and shine a light on the parts that still need healing.  Ride out the turbulent waves of emotion this month, listen to your thoughts without attaching to them, and trust in the changes that are heading your way.

LEO // Ace of Wands

It’s a new astrological year, a new month, and you’ve got some fiery new energy coming your way, Leo!  Capitalize on the inspirations that come to you and work to keep the creative juices flowing, but don’t rush into things or make any radical decisions.  Although things are looking pretty good for you personally this month, Leo, the collective energy will surely be a bit chaotic due to the fact that Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto will all be in retrograde at various times throughout the month.  If you find yourself feeling things pretty intensely or quickly jumping from high to low, don’t worry!  You are not crazy, but you may be moving through a lot of different energies.  The best thing you can do for yourself is take it all in stride and try to turn the multitude of sparks that are all around you into flames that will help fuel your passions.  You may be feeling a bit all over the place throughout the month, but the truth is that you have the power to turn it around anytime you wish.  Harness the power of alchemy.  Transform fear into motivation.  Transform chaos into creativity.  Gain control of your mind and emotions, and you will not only thrive but also be a guiding light for others.

VIRGO // Temperance

Slow and steady is your medicine for the month of April, Virgo.  Balance will be hard-won with five planets (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto) in retrograde at different times throughout the month, but this is where your effort will be best served.  Do whatever you can to achieve and maintain balance in all that you do this month.  Be patient with yourself and be willing to extend compassion and support to others.  With the chaotic cosmic climate there is sure to be a lot of confusion and drama cycling through our lives on both an individual and collective level.  People are likely to get caught up in their personal dramas and you may find yourself feeling left out in the cold.  Don’t lose heart or give up hope when it comes to your relationships, Virgo.  The balance and calm that you are being asked to find within yourself this month is in service of setting up a solid foundation so that you will be able to call in and receive deeper love and support from others in the coming months.  We are only ever able to receive the love that we are first willing to give ourselves.  Shower yourself with love, understanding and devotion.  Find a better balance and get to know your desires on a deeper level because some extra special spring sweetness is soon to be heading your way.

LIBRA // Four of Wands, reversed

Transitions signify movement and growth, but they can also stir up uncertainty and incite a great deal of fear within us.  Although we have entered a new astrological year and new beginnings are starting to unfold for all of us alongside the emergence of spring, many of us still don’t feel ready to move forward into the next phase of our lives.  April’s cosmic climate will increase this contractive energy on both an individual and collective level as Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto will all be in retrograde at different times throughout the month.  It may be difficult to discern what you truly want and where you fit in the grand scheme of things, but you must give yourself a break, Libra.  Take it easy.  Take your time when making decisions.  Seek guidance.  Ask for help.  Don’t try to think your way out of the chaos, and don’t believe that all of your feelings are facts. If you find yourself feeling particularly off-kilter this month, Libra, take it as an invitation to not only re-center, but also to more fully align with your heart and find your true center.  We must know ourselves in order to stay true to ourselves and staying true to ourselves is the medicine we need most during trying times like these.  Reconnect with your roots, meet your contractions with compassion and get ready to expand.

SCORPIO // Nine of Cups     

What have you been hoping for, Scorpio?  Have you been taking action to support your dreams?  If so, keep going!  If you feel stuck now is the perfect time to start making some moves.  The cosmic climate this month is guiding us all to take things slow, but there’s a difference between taking your time and going at your own pace and stalling or blocking your own progress out of fear.  You are your only obstacle this month, Scorpio, and if you can get out of your own way, you will certainly reap the rewards.  What outdated beliefs about your worth and abilities do you need to burn to the ground once and for all?  It’s a new astrological year, a new month, and a new season, so use the energy that is available to you right now and do everything you can to foster your own new beginning.  Your personal energy this month is geared toward wish fulfillment, so dream big and plant seeds of intention that are in direct alignment with all of the desires that you have for your future.  Once you’ve done your personal work, start looking for signs that the universe is supporting you.  The more you perceive and acknowledge the help that you get, the more gratitude you will feel, and gratitude is the key to your growth.  

SAGITTARIUS // The Hierophant   

Be willing to grow and evolve your belief system this month, Sagittarius.  What do you put your faith and trust in?  What do you value?  Are your beliefs and values completely your own or are they indicative of your upbringing, family, friends or work environment?  In what ways can you challenge yourself to think beyond your current perspective?  With Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto all in retrograde at various times throughout the month, we will all be forced to examine our core beliefs, relationships, and immediate environment on a much deeper level.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling scattered, confused or even a bit worried this month.  Your thinking mind will have a lot to say, so make sure that you keep sinking into your heart space when the ego’s volume gets turned up too high.  It may be a new month, but we are still moving through some intense cycles on both an individual and collective level.  Don’t expect to feel totally centered this month, but trust that this is a passing time.  If you are willing to challenge everything, and do some deep personal work to find out where your authentic center is, you will be in a newly empowered position and ready to move forward on your own terms by the end of month.

CAPRICORN // Two of Swords   

With Venus in retrograde until April 15th, and four other planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto) in retrograde at various times throughout the month, we certainly aren’t going to be afforded much clarity by the cosmos this Aries season.  Aries is ruled by fire.  Aries is passionate, independent, and ambitious, but the energy surrounding you this month will make it extremely difficult to align with this kind of optimism and drive, Capricorn.  Don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re taking a shot in the dark or fighting an uphill battle throughout the month.  The best medicine to help you get through this difficult time is compassion and self-acceptance.  You may not be completely clear on what you want or what you’re doing right now, but this isn’t a problem.  In fact, this time is an incredible gift that is being given to you so you can get in greater alignment with your authenticity and your intuition before moving forward.  This forced pause may feel like a punishment, but it is actually an incredible invitation for you to be more conscious in all that you do.  Now is the perfect time to identify your personal blocks and make an effort to work through them.  No one can do this work but you, so rise to the challenge and be your own hero.

AQUARIUS // The Lovers

Aries season is usually ripe with new beginnings and energetic gusto, but we’re still moving through some intense cycles individually and collectively, so this month we are all being asked to take our time and ease into the new astrological year and change of season rather than charging ahead.  But, that doesn’t mean you can’t be enthusiastic about the changes that are occurring in your life.  In fact, you should be!  Despite some cosmic chaos that we won’t be able to avoid, things are looking pretty sweet for you this month, Aquarius.  You’re advised to celebrate the energy of transformation throughout the month and embrace all of the new people, places and experiences that are sure to enter your life.  Some things may have to fall by the wayside, but everything that goes will be in service of raising your personal vibration so you can call in more of what you truly want and need.  In particular, you are being asked to embrace the changes that might be occurring within your relationships.  Who can you always turn to?  Who makes you feel expansive?  Who makes you feel contractive?  Who do you need to set firmer boundaries with?  You may need to weed some people out of your life, but trust that this will create space for members of your true tribe to enter, and once they do, the party can really begin.

PISCES // King of Wands, reversed  

You may be feeling inspired by all of the fiery spring energy that’s around, Pisces, but don’t rush into any new projects this month or you’ll burn out before you’re able to truly get started.  Due to the fact that Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto will all be in retrograde at different times throughout the month, April is likely to be filled with false starts for those of us who don’t understand the importance of taking a conscious pause and the virtue of patience.  If you’re feeling particularly inspired, channel this energy to set some long-term intentions and then burn off your restlessness by having fun.  Express your creativity by settling deeper into your body.  Be outside as much as possible so you can connect with nature and tune into the most expansive source of creativity that there is.  Let your ideas marinate a little longer this month, Pisces.  Be open to the new, but don’t rush into action quite yet or you’ll just have to do some unnecessary backtracking later on.  You might have a hard time discerning which of your ideas are best to pursue, so hold off on any big plans and instead use this time to explore every possible option with a renewed sense of play and childlike wonder.  Don’t wish this time away because you’ll be back to work before you know it!

December Tarotscopes

By Jillann Morlan
Spirit Speak Tarot Deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans

ARIES // Nine of Pentacles

As we individually and collectively move through the death cycles of Scorpio season, we are faced with a profound need to clear out what is no longer serving us.  Sagittarius season asks us to wholeheartedly embrace new beginnings.  It offers up abundant support as we work toward rebirth and a renewed sense of courage and action.  December is prime time for you to gather all of your resources and tap into your courage, Aries.  Get to work!  It’s time to turn your ideas into realities.  We have all been undergoing some intense transitions.  We have all been forced to make healing a priority.  Now is the time to honor how far you’ve come.  Don’t be afraid to put yourself out into the world and test your strength.  Trust that your dreams and endeavors are supported. The energies of the month are especially aligned to aid you in developing work and career pursuits.  If you have been experiencing a sense of lack recently, December is sure to remind you of your innate worth.  Work to expand your perspective of abundance.  Know that everything you need is already within you, but do the work you need to do in order to create space in your life to receive something new.  Ask the universe for that you truly want.  Don’t hold back, and trust that your life is in perfect place.   


TAURUS // Knight of Wands

It's time to get fired up, Taurus!  Sagittarius season is in full swing and we're all being asked to tap into our spirit of adventure and warrior energy, but your call to action will be felt deeper than most.  Sagittarius is the Archer, and it's time for you to gather your arrows, fearlessly take aim, and let them soar through the air.  Don't worry about outcomes.  Find strength and purpose in taking the first step.  Let go and trust the process as it unfolds.  Sagittarius isn't afraid of aiming too high, and you shouldn't be either.  Don't be afraid to step into your greatness.  December is going to give us all a much needed break from the discomfort and emotional turmoil of the past few months.  Take advantage of this lighter and more focused energy while it's here.  December is an ideal time to start a new project or travel.  Be spontaneous!  Switch things up.  Travel doesn't always have to involve time and money.  Travel can simply mean a change in consciousness.  Broaden your horizons and expand your state of mind.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Send a love letter.  Spend the day exploring a part of your city that you've never been to.  Meditate on a rooftop.  Write a manifesto on your bathroom floor.  Everything is now within reach.  Don't hold yourself back, Taurus.  Get up and go!


GEMINI // The High Priestess

Our individual and collective fears have surfaced with a new intensity over the last few months.  We've moved through death cycles both within and without.  There has been confusion, excruciating pain, and incredible transformation.  The world has radically changed and so have we.  There is a collective awakening occurring and we are all required to do an extraordinary amount of inner work in order to prepare us for new beginnings.  Sagittarius is a warrior and Sagittarius season is a call to action, but this month you are being called to get quiet, Gemini.  This is a beautiful time to get better acquainted with the art of manifestation.  Manifestation starts with intention, and intention requires that you consciously set aside time for inner work.  If you answer the call to go within, you will undoubtedly be gifted with clearer visions not only for yourself, but also for the collective.  Now is not the time to ignore your intuition.  If you have a gut feeling about someone or something, trust it.  The world is in need of people dedicated to higher consciousness and greater psychic awareness.  You are being called to kickstart this work for yourself on a much deeper level this month, Gemini.  Understand that your reality is a direct reflection of your inner life.  Dedicate yourself to quiet.  Commit yourself to calm.  Plant seeds of intention and patiently wait while your wildest dreams manifest in your life.


CANCER // The Devil

How do you keep yourself small, Cancer?  What lies do you consistently tell yourself?  How much longer are you willing to make excuses that keep you stagnant when change is crying out in service of your higher self and personal evolution?  Sagittarius season is a call to pull yourself out of whatever rut you currently find yourself in.  It's time to cut the ties that have you bound to addiction, low self-worth and fear.  It's time to put yourself first.  Self-care is a revolutionary act.  Ignore the naysayers.  Do whatever you need to do in order to get clear.  Once you get clear don't be afraid to act.  Make a conscious decision to step into your power.  Stop absorbing the energies around you this month and start emitting your own unique divine light.  This world needs you, and it wants you at your best.  Small acts of self-care and self-love send a signal to the universe that you are ready to receive assistance.  Send out the call and receive the support you need.  You don't have to hit rock bottom in order to incite deeply transformative acts in your life.  Start where you are.  Start today.  We are conditioned to accept pain and mediocrity in a multitude of forms.  We often ask ourselves, "How bad can it get?" Stop waiting around to find out and instead see how good you can make it.


LEO // Five of Cups

As we come out of an intense season of death, healing, and transformation, it's often difficult to remember what we have left in the face of all that we have lost.  The key for you this month, Leo, is to trust that everything that has fallen away has done so with a much greater purpose in mind than you might be able to recognize at this time.  If you truly feel like all is lost, take a step back and simply acknowledge the space that remains.  What would you like to fill this new space with?  What does it feel like?  Does it excite or frighten you?  Why? Grieve what has gone away, but then let go and get creative.  Sagittarius season is a time for action and new beginnings.  Don't allow yourself to get stuck this month.  Baby steps will suffice, but keep the energy flowing.  You cannot fully step into the beauty and wonder of new beginnings until you completely let go.  Let go of your past.  Let go of your fears.  Let go of your expectations.  The more you consciously let go, the more space you create.  The universe supports conscious intention and action, and it will reward you with new manifestations.  Co-create with the divine this month, Leo.  Give into expansion.  Trust that the universe is working with you and for you.  Trust in your infinite worth, and never settle. 


VIRGO // The Empress

You're invited to do some deep soul nurturing this month, Virgo.  Indulge your senses and explore new pathways to access your creativity.  How have you been feeling lately?  Do you need extra rest?  More play? What are you craving?  Listen to your body and give yourself exactly what you need.  Sagittarius season invites you to redefine your relationship to pleasure.  Don't hold back!  Your desires are worthy and pleasure shouldn't be a luxury.  Once you are clear on what pleasure means for you, set intentions and take action in order to manifest more of it in your life.  The last couple of months have kicked up a lot of dust.  We are facing a resurgence of pain and trauma both individually and collectively.  It can seem trivial to think of pleasure in times such as these.  It can feel horribly selfish to put yourself first, but in truth, it is more crucial than ever that you do this work, Virgo.  We can only ever show up for others to the extent that we are willing to show up for ourselves.  When you're depleted and allow yourself to go unsatisfied for prolonged periods of time, you shrink and start to absorb low vibrations.  Do whatever you need to do in order to stay high this month.  The steps you take toward self-love will have a profound effect on you personally, but they will also be felt in the collective.  


LIBRA // Seven of Wands

It's important to keep your momentum going this month, Libra.  Now is the perfect time to feel through any fear that may be coming up for you and push through it.  It's Sagittarius season and Sagittarius knows how to act.  Sagittarius sees it through to the end. Sagittarius knows what it takes and never gives in.  The collective energy of the season is perfectly aligned with the energy that's coming up for you, Libra.  Dedication and hard work is necessary, but if your work is aligned with your soul path and truth, you will be surprised at how little resistance you will face throughout the month.  Now is the time to kick it into high gear.  Persevere and the universe will support your progress.  Be willing to take some calculated risks this month.  Don't be afraid to engage in some competition.  You are a true contender, and whatever you're currently seeking is definitely worth the fight.  Now is not the time to entertain failure of any kind.  Even when things don't work out the way you had planned, there are important lessons and gifts to be gleaned from the experience.  Be willing to plant the seeds of wisdom that you have collected from past "failures" and forge ahead.  Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, so keep up a solid work ethic and trust that success is within reach.  


SCORPIO // Two of Wands, reversed

We've all been asked to make some necessary changes in the past few months.  We're experiencing major shifts in the collective, and those of us who have been living unconsciously are being forced to wake up.  Nothing ever stays the same, but times like these call for conscious action toward transformation and new beginnings.  In general, the cosmic climate is in support of our needed changes both individually and collectively, but we must harness our personal energies and do the work required to align ourselves with the change we wish to see both in our lives and in the world.  You're likely to be feeling more balance in your personal life this month, Scorpio.  Recognize it and do what you can to sustain it. The collective chaos we are currently experiencing can be overwhelming, but don't forget that you can always come back to center.  You are always in control of your reactions.  Be willing to take responsibility for your own healing and evolution.  Avoid extremes and recenter as often as you need to this month.  You are a natural healer, and there is important work for you to do in the world, Scorpio, but healing is a journey that must always start from within.  Find your balance and you will be able to tap into new levels of energy and creativity that will aid you in doing the work you were born to do.  


SAGITTARIUS // Ace of Cups

It's your season, Sagittarius, and your personal energy for the month is truly something to rejoice in.  It's time to celebrate your successes and look ahead with optimism and joy in your heart.  It is a time for fresh perspectives, new beginnings, abundance, creative flow, and new love.  The possibilities may feel endless for you this month, and that's because they are!  Take it all in.  Take your time in deciding what direction you wish to go in.  If recent changes in your life have left you feeling a bit lost or alone, don't worry!  Contractions are a precursor to expansion, and December is shaping up to be an incredibly expansive time for you, Sagittarius.  Let it be easy this month.  If you find yourself getting worked up or bogged down by feelings of uncertainty, do what you can to release them and go with the flow of whatever is coming up for you in the moment.  The universe wants to gift you something new this month.  Know that you are worthy of the blessings that are sure to be coming your way and open yourself up in order to receive them.  Even when things don't seem to be going right, trust that they are.  Sometimes detours are necessary to get us on the right track, but once you are on the right track, Sagittarius, there is nothing you can't accomplish. 


CAPRICORN // King of Cups

Knowing how and when to act is one of your strong suits, Capricorn, and Sagittarius season is all about gathering our resources and getting to work in order to prepare ourselves for new beginnings.  Although the collective energy of the month is in line with your natural abilities, you are personally being called to go within and get more in tune with the realm of feelings and emotions.  Think of this month as a time to strengthen your intuition and connect to your heart on a much deeper level.  Now is a good time for you to examine your relationships and see if any changes need to be made.  Are you receiving what you need?  Are you open and willing to give?  Do you feel energized or drained by the people you are closest to?  Our relationships are our greatest teachers.  They are a direct reflection of our inner life.  How much we are willing to give to others is a sure sign of how much we are willing to give ourselves.  The same is true of receiving.  Do you feel worthy of love and affection?  Are you willing to receive the love and help that you need?  How often do you engage in acts of self-love?  Spend some time examining your emotional life this month, Capricorn.  Don't rush into things.  Take your time and commit to finding greater balance within.


AQUARIUS // Five of Swords

Be careful not to take things too seriously this month, Aquarius.  You may find that you have a heightened awareness of the collective pain and chaos that surrounds us, so it's important that you maintain solid boundaries between what is happening within the collective and what is happening within your personal experience.  Empathy is crucial in times like these, but it's not helpful to take on outside energies to the detriment of oneself.  You are likely to find yourself caught in a whirlwind of fears and mental noise throughout the month.  It's okay!  The key is to not attach to your thoughts.  Remember that you are not your thoughts and that feelings are not facts.  Let them both come and go with as much ease as possible.  Keep coming back to truth.  Use this time of heightened awareness to get curious about your fears.  Be willing to examine the ways in which your fears hold you back.  When we shine a light on our fears we have an incredible opportunity to regain some of the power that we may have lost or given up along our path.  Clear out all the old worries and lies that you can and get closer to your truth this month.  You might be feeling scattered or spread too thin for awhile, but trust in the process.  Get curious about the things you're moving through, and know that this is a passing time.  


PISCES // The Hanged Man, reversed

Many of us will be feeling a deep call to action this month, but you are being called to sit still, Pisces.  We are at a collective crossroads, and your individual energy for the month is indicating that you may be facing your own personal crossroads as well.  Now is not the time to make plans or important decisions unless you are very clear and confident about the direction in which you wish to move.  If you are feeling uncertain about the ways in which your life is unfolding at this time, the best thing to do is take a conscious pause.  Wait until the answers become clearer to you.  There is no need to rush this process.  Stand your ground if others make you feel like you need to act before you are ready to do so.  This might be especially difficult to do at a time when everyone else seems to be making moves and pushing forward, but if you don't relax and take the time you need, you are likely to end up taking a few steps backward.  The more you honor this time of uncertainty, the clearer you will be when it's time for you to act.  Do all things with a great deal of thought and sense of purpose this month, Pisces, and you will find yourself on the right path again in no time. 

November Tarotscopes

By Jillann Morlan
Spirit Speak Tarot Deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans

ARIES // Ace of Wands

We close out the month of October with a deeply emotional and spiritually rich new moon in Scorpio on October 30th.  Known as one of the most intense and mysterious signs of the zodiac, Scorpio asks us to dig beneath the surface level of our lives.  When we strip away all artifice and dare to ask ourselves what it is that we truly want and need, we create a clearer channel for our dreams, intuition and creativity to come through.  It’s officially Scorpio season and transformation is the flavor of the month.  In tandem with Mother Nature, we will all be moving through death cycles throughout November.  As the world around us gets darker, we are invited to go within.  Go within to determine what you need to let go of.  Go within for clarity.  Go within for strength.  Release and allow what no longer serves you to come to a natural end.  Endings birth new beginnings and November has great potential to offer you an abundance of fresh insights and inspiration, Aries, especially within the realm of work and creativity.  Work to get clear.  Follow your inspirations.  Keep honing your craft.  Pay attention to opportunities that come your way this month.  Let your intuition be your guide.  Let your passions push you to show up for yourself and be seen by others.  November is sure to be an intense time of transformation and regeneration.  Keep your inner fire lit and watch yourself evolve on a deep soul level.


TAURUS // Ten of Pentacles

As the natural world around us moves through a cycle of death in preparation for the winter months, we too are being asked to examine and honor the cycles of our lives.  Tune into November’s naturally transformative energy in order to gain a deeper understanding of your current life circumstances, Taurus.  What changes have occurred in your life this year?  Have you been open to receiving the gift of alchemy?  Take time to honor everything that you have moved through this year, and no matter what obstacles you are currently facing, allow yourself to see the truth – everything is in its right place, and all is working in your favor.  November promises to bring you grounding and abundance.  Even amongst collective discord and strife, your individual roots remain healthy and strong.  Tap into your inherent strength and creativity this month.  Take good care of your body.  Do whatever you need to do in order to feel nourished both within and without.  Self-care plays a crucial role in setting up a solid foundation for self-love.  Be willing to receive love this month, Taurus.  It will certainly be showing up in different ways in multiple areas of your life.  Fall in love with yourself first and then offer your love to others.  There’s no need to be frugal this month.  Trust that you are supported.  Ask the universe for exactly what you need. Believe in abundance and you will undoubtedly receive it in more ways than you ever thought possible.

GEMINI // Knight of Pentacles, reversed  

We’re all being asked to dig deep this month, Gemini.  Scorpio season invites us to jump off the high dive straight into the mysterious and sometimes turbulent waters of our emotional and spiritual selves.  What thoughts, feelings and emotions are lurking beneath your superficial self?  Are you willing to take time out and tend to them?  What parts of yourself do you need to hold space for?  You may not be feeling super motivated or inspired this month, Gemini, but that doesn’t mean you are allowed to quit.  In fact, you are advised to keep things moving, but perhaps, you need to change directions.  Where does the bulk of your energy go in a day?  Where can you free up some time for personal reflection?  Your time this month will be best used by keeping your nose to the grindstone with intermittent breaks for relaxation and contemplation.  Slow down and reevaluate if something doesn’t feel right, but keep moving.  Your work needs extra attention this month.  Put in the necessary effort.  Don’t take any shortcuts.  If you feel spread too thin, go within and assess what adjustments need to be made.  November may be an emotionally trying month, but keep your head up and have faith that your efforts are not going unnoticed.  Your efforts matter a great deal right now, so stay as present as possible and trust in the process.  Like all cycles, this one will come to an end.  Stay high and commit to coming out on top.

CANCER // Justice

The new moon in Scorpio on October 30th sets an intuitive and transformative tone that will last throughout the month of November.  As a water sign, you are greatly in tune with the ebb and flow of your emotional tides, Cancer.  November asks you to swim even deeper into the murky waters of your emotional and spiritual self.  November will offer you divine guidance and support if you are willing to risk comfort to go on a transformative journey within.  It has been a trying year for all of us.  We have faced our individual heartbreaks and struggles while also being inundated with the violent and chaotic energy that has been circulating within the collective.  Fear has permeated our lives.  Fear has made us question.  Fear has made it nearly impossible for us to feel safe with others, and at times, even with ourselves.  November asks you to get better acquainted with your fears, Cancer.  Get to know your fears so you can call them out when they try to derail you.  Be willing to trust that everything is in perfect place.  Life isn’t always fair, but that isn’t the point.  The point is that you are alive, and that means you still have work to do.  You still have much to learn.  You still have so much to give.  Do what you need to do in order to feel safe and supported this month, and trust that there are greater powers at work in your favor that are beyond your comprehension right now.

LEO // The Hermit, reversed

Scorpio season is in full swing and the transformative energy of this sign asks us to investigate the aspects of ourselves that have been hiding in the dark corners of our minds and hearts throughout the year.  Scorpio is an emotional and mysterious sign.  This time of year can be an emotional and mysterious time for all of us.  Go with the flow.  Scorpio is assertive about its need for depth.  Be willing to transcend superficiality in all areas of your life this month, Leo.  Set aside some extra time for rest, relaxation and contemplation.  Your fun-loving, extroverted, attention-seeking qualities won’t serve you this month.  You are advised to spend time alone.  Make an effort to get better acquainted with your intuition.  Get quiet and go within so that you can hear your inner voice more clearly.  This is an ideal time to begin a meditative practice or a solo creative project.  When, where and under what circumstances do you feel most able to connect with your higher self and listen to your inner guides?  Work to create an environment for yourself where you can do your inner work in peace.  Don’t force anything to happen this month.  Take a pause.  Take all the time you need.  Release the need to rush.  Recognize and release any false sense of urgency that creeps up on you.  Stand your ground.  Stay still, get quiet, and let the guidance and wisdom that you seek enter your life without any effort.  For you, November is all about patience and trust.

VIRGO // Four of Wands

Take time out to celebrate yourself and your accomplishments this month, Virgo.  Things are bound to be looking up for you in the realm of work and creativity, so make sure you take a moment and acknowledge how far you’ve come.  The universe loves it when we recognize our own worth.  Don’t be afraid to sing your own praises.  If you’re still feeling frustrated or insecure about the work that you do, rest assured that the energy this month is shifting in your favor.  Don’t get caught up in any particular idea of how your life or work should look at this time.  You may not be exactly where you want to be, but trust that you are well on your way.  Trust that the current conditions of your life are perfect.  Whatever you are facing is here for a reason.  Look for the lessons.  Listen for guidance.  The cosmic climate this month is offering you a great deal of support, Virgo, but you are still required to play your part.  Keep working hard and you will be rewarded for your efforts.  Keep things in perspective.  Stay positive.  Don’t get ahead of yourself.  Scorpio season is an ideal time for inner work and getting in greater alignment with your higher self.  Quell the mental noise and create a clearer channel for your intuition to communicate with you.  The plans you have for your life are beautifully unfolding.  Keep up the pace, stay high and know that everything you desire is well within reach.  

LIBRA // Seven of Pentacles

You are likely to be reaping the rewards of hard work and perseverance this month, Libra.  Take some time to evaluate what has been working well for you, make any necessary adjustments, and then work to keep the momentum going.  November’s transformative energy requires you to keep moving through any discomfort or resistance that you might be experiencing within or without.  Movement is required for transformation.  Transformation is required for lasting change.  Transformation is radical, but it is a force that will undoubtedly work in your favor if you’re willing to lean in and let go.  Are you ready and willing to invite change into your life?  What does change mean for you?  In what areas of your life do you resist change?  Why?  Ask yourself these questions.  Get some clarity and then get out of your own way.  Nothing is holding you back this month, Libra, except your own limited views about what success is and how you can accomplish it.  Upgrade your thinking and success will show up in your life in ways you never expected.  Commit to finding a balance between work and play that best suits you and your needs so that you can optimize your energy and keep working toward your dreams.  You’re doing great!  Your work is being noticed.  Don’t stop.  Stay true to you.  Transcend the mundane through dedication and hard work.  You are worthy.  Your efforts are important, and the work and creativity that you have to offer is greatly needed at this time.

SCORPIO // King of Cups

It’s your season, Scorpio, and the energy of the month is perfectly aligned with your natural strengths and abilities.  As a water sign and one of the most intuitive personalities of the zodiac, you are deeply connected with the realm of emotions.  You have a keen sense of what lurks beneath the surface level of our lives, and you are not afraid to explore uncharted territory.  Now is the time to go on a deep journey to the center of your psyche.  The world around us is getting darker, and we are all being asked to honor the most dimly lit parts of ourselves.  This inner work is less of a request and more of a requirement for you this month, Scorpio.  You won’t suffer any consequences if you shy away from this journey, but you have a great deal to gain if you take time to show up for yourself and answer the call from within.  Your intuitive abilities are naturally strong, but don’t be surprised if you are feeling extra in tune with the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others this month.  You may find that friends, family members or even strangers will feel called to come to you for advice and support this month.  Take pride in your natural healing abilities and offer others what you can.  There is plenty of love to go around, so subscribe to the belief that the more you give the more you will receive and relish in the sweet support November has to offer you.

SAGITTARIUS // Six of Cups

You are being asked to open your heart this month, Sagittarius.  Open your heart to greater love, self-worth, creativity, and healing.  Have you been feeling frustrated or overly fatigued lately?  How in tune are you with your inner child?  How often do you play?  How often do you create?  November is a beautiful time for you to align with childlike wonder and joy.  So much of our daily existence can be an energy drain.  How do you bring yourself back to center?  What do you do to have fun?  In what areas of your life can you let expectation fall by the wayside?  Be as light and present as you possibly can be this month, Sagittarius.  You deserve a break.  You need to get back in touch with your wild.  You need to find or create spaces in which you can feel free to just be.  We live in a fear-based culture.  Stress and worry is epidemic, but you have the antidote within you.  Your true essence is infinite love.  You have access to it at all times.  You can give as much of it away as you want and you will still be completely whole.  Remember who you are this month.  Remember what you are made of.  Ask for extra support if you need it.  Don’t be afraid to let go.  Be silly.  Laugh.  Breathe into your heart space when times get tough.  Don’t close yourself off from others.  You have so much to give and even more to receive if you keep your heart cracked wide open.

CAPRICORN // King of Wands, reversed

Be careful not to get ahead of yourself this month, Capricorn.  You’re a natural go-getter, but the energy of the month is requesting that you slow down and take it easy.  Take time to figure out what it is that your soul truly craves.  If you have important decisions to make this month, take your time in doing so.  Your first impulses might need some reconfiguring.  Everyone will be subject to greater sensitivity this month, so keep your boundaries clear and be careful not to take on any energy that isn’t authentically yours.  You’re likely to be feeling motivated and creative, but now is not the time for hastiness.  Let any ideas and inspirations that come to you marinate in your mind for some time before letting them see the light of day.  Your inspirations have important messages for you, Capricorn.  Most of the thoughts that we have are just travelers passing through, but you will want to create space and invite the inspirations that show up in your life this month to stay awhile. You must practice patience.  You must find comfort within while you wait for things to unfold.  You will be guided if you are willing to listen.  Create space in your life by cutting out unnecessary mental noise.  Find quiet within and you will manifest it without.  You must be willing and open to perceiving the signs being sent to you before you are fully able to receive them and let them work their magic in your life.

AQUARIUS // The Tower

Scorpio season will bring transformation to the forefront of our lives whether we are ready for it or not.  November is all about becoming more aware of the unique cycles we are each moving through.  We can always look to nature to help guide us through the current conditions of our life.  The cyclical death of our natural environment as we enter the winter months is a sure sign that we too have much to evaluate and shed before we reach the end of the year.  What changes have been naturally occurring in your life lately?  What changes need to be made that may require more effort on your part?  What and who needs to make an exit from your life in order for you to be happier, healthier and in greater alignment with your higher self?  These are the questions that need to be asked.  This is the work that needs to be done over and over again.  Transformation is not a destination.  Transformation is a constant unfolding that requires your time and attention.  Transformation doesn’t necessarily require an effort on your part, but it does require surrender and it does need space.  Be extra patient and kind with yourself and others this month, Aquarius.  You are moving through some intense energies and you may be asked to take a few steps back in order to gain the perspective and momentum you need to push through any obstacles that are in the way of your highest potential.  

PISCES // Two of Swords

In tandem with our natural environment, we are all moving through cycles of death this month.  We are all being asked to work through some discomfort.  Transformation requires movement.  Transformation is meant to cause upheaval in our lives.  All of the internal motion that is occurring may have you feeling a bit queasy this month, Pisces.  Don’t worry if you find yourself feeling especially ungrounded.  You may not have the clearest vision, so be careful not to jump to conclusions or put too much pressure on yourself and others.  This cycle will be over before you know it, so be as present as you can be with it.  Don’t wish it away.  Don’t fight it.  Be grateful for this time.  Gratitude alone has the power to transform your experience of the greater transformations that are unfolding in your life.  The more you can let go of expectations and outcomes the better.  Take your time and use extra care when communicating with others.  Misunderstandings are apt to occur this month.  Do what you can to lean into any frustration and confusion that you are facing this month.  The tides will soon change.  Don’t overthink it.  November asks you to get in greater alignment with your emotions.  Don’t ignore or brush off any feelings that rise to the surface this month.  Feel it all.  Feel it in order to heal it and you’ll be feeling much clearer, energized and ready to move forward by the end of the month.

October Tarotscopes

By Jillann Morlan
Spirit Speak Tarot Deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans

ARIES // Page of Cups, reversed

Eclipse season is over, Mercury is out of retrograde, and we should all be breathing a sigh of relief.  September was all about radical shifts in energy and letting go of what no longer serves us.  Many of us had to say some hard goodbyes, but with every ending comes a new beginning, and you are being asked to embrace your new beginnings with as much gentleness and childlike wonder as possible, Aries.  Get excited about the new people, opportunities, and creativity that show up in your life this month.  Let it be easy.  Have fun.  Play!  However, remember that all areas of your life still require balance.  It’s Libra season, and we will all be asked to make some adjustments to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual weight that we carry.  Libra is the seeker of balance and harmony, so align yourself with this energy throughout the month and you won’t go wrong.  Make a conscious choice to not get swept up in any extremes.  Be light and say yes when it feels right, but continue to set firm boundaries when the answer is no.  Don’t drop in frequency for others.  Recalibrate whenever you feel called to do so.  Stay open but remain grounded in your truth.  Always come back to your center and October will bring you some much needed whimsy and joy.

GEMINI // Six of Swords, reversed

It’s time to take a breather, Gemini.  September’s cosmic climate was brutal for most of us, and you may still be reeling from all of the ups and downs.  Take the time you need to get grounded and reflect on all that has transpired in the last month before moving forward with your agenda for October.  Take the time you need to honor anyone and anything that has fallen away.  Honor your struggles.  Honor your fears.  Be present and honor the moment you are in now.  It is all that you have.  It is all that we ever truly have.  You may be feeling the shadow period after Mercury retrograde a bit more intensely than others, but trust that it will lift soon.  Trust that on the other side of your trauma is your transformation.  Keep doing your inner work.  Keep talking to the universe.  Keep listening.  Trust that you are being heard.  Even if it feels like you are moving at a snail’s pace, trust that you are moving nonetheless.  Take your time and tap into Libra’s equalizing energy this month to balance out all areas of your life.  Don’t rush this process.  Believe in yourself and know that you are healing.  Use this time wisely and you will find yourself in much greater alignment by the end of the month.

LEO // Ace of Cups, reversed

Good things are on the horizon for you this month, Leo.  Inspiration is on the way, and your cup is sure to be filled, but not before you empty out the remaining contents.  It’s time for a fresh start.  You must release any limiting beliefs you have about yourself before you are able to move onto the next phase of your life and fully step into your power.  Investigate all areas of your life where you feel blocked.  Commit to destroying any walls that stunt your mental, emotional and spiritual growth.  Find beauty in the breakdowns and commit to rebuilding.  Aim big, strive for brilliance, and trust that with a little work it is all within your reach.  Have a larger goal in mind.  Honor your evolution, but don’t be afraid to start small.  Clean out your closet.  Give away what you don’t want or need.  Create space for the new.  Give back the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and fears that you’ve accumulated from others over the years.  Create space for clarity.  Figure out who you really are and what you really want before proceeding.  October is all about resetting and realigning with our authentic selves.  Once you get clear and create space, you’ll be amazed at the multitude of ways in which abundance starts showing up in your life.

LIBRA // Eight of Swords, reversed

It’s your season, Libra!  Now is the perfect time to harness your powers of harmony and balance.  Start within before you go without.  The world needs you and your gifts more than ever, so get grounded in your innate abilities and don’t be afraid to blind others with your inspiring light.  You may still be feeling a little unsettled as we finish up the shadow period after Mercury retrograde and Eclipse season, but rest assured that you will be feeling much more confident as the month goes on.  You’re advised to take your time getting back into the swing of things, but once you feel you have reached a point of equilibrium, go forth and send your magic out into the world.  Your ego may be working behind the scenes trying to keep you small and stuck in a feeling of lack this month.  Commit to heart-centered communication with yourself and others.  Trust your intuition and speak your truth.  You are more worthy and more needed than you may be able to recognize right now.  We all need each other on a deeper level than ever before and you, Libra, are our archetype for intimacy and relationships.  Don’t be afraid to step into the spotlight this month, but only after you tend to your higher self – the most important relationship of all.

SAGITTARIUS // Seven of Pentacles

You’re likely to be seeing some progress in your personal life this month, Sagittarius.  Eclipse season and Mercury retrograde set us all back a bit, but now that things are moving again, you are being encouraged to charge ahead without hesitation.  Libra season will still require you to do some rebalancing, but only minor adjustments will be needed before your energies are fully aligned.  Figure out what those adjustments are and make them as soon as you can in order to capitalize on the abundant energy surrounding you this month.  Success is certainly within reach, but your main challenge will be deciding where to place your focus.  You may be feeling on top of your game, but be careful not to become overconfident and spread yourself too thin.  Where will your energy be best served this month?  Libra season brings us the gift of greater clarity and intimacy in our relationships.  Have you been thinking about a creative project or collaboration, but failed to act on it?  Now would be a good time to instigate connections with others.  Or, perhaps, you’ve been meaning to start a solo project, but haven’t felt inspired or supported by the universe.  In truth, you are always supported, but you may be more able to see and feel it this month.  Tap into your magic.  Connect with others, collaborate with your higher self, and you will surely succeed.

AQUARIUS // The Empress

Give thanks and praise this month, Aquarius.  We made it through the chaos of Eclipse season and Mercury retrograde, and if you did your personal work, you will now be feeling significantly lighter, freer and truly transformed. October will provide you with a much needed break from fear and uncertainty, and you are likely to feel at much greater ease with yourself and in the world this month. Lean into this time. Relish in the change of season. Deeply tune into your body and luxuriate in your senses. You don't have to do anything. The only real assignment for you this month is to let go and let the universe serve you. If you have been giving a lot of your time and energy to others, take a step back. It's time for you to receive! The more open you are, the more beauty and abundance will be able to come into your life. Many of us are being asked to make active choices and change this month to get in better balance with the universe, and ourselves but you are simply being asked to relax and be in the moment. Your only work is whatever is in front of you in any given moment. Pay attention to potential creative pursuits and romantic partnerships that show up this month. Nothing is off limits for you, and there will certainly be magic in the air.

TAURUS // Seven of Wands

Now is not the time to give up or give in, Taurus.  We’re coming out of an intense cosmic moment with the end of Eclipse season and Mercury retrograde.  Don’t let the lingering shadow period of this time get you down.  You are making moves, so keep moving!  Even if it doesn’t feel like it, trust that things are happening and that the universe has your back.  Harness the creative energy that is sure to be bubbling up around you, but be careful not to overexert yourself.  Believe in yourself and your pursuits, but be careful not to become overconfident.  Press on, but go slowly if need be.  Assess the situation, make a plan, go with the flow and adjust accordingly.  Libra season is all about balance, and all signs of the Zodiac are being asked to take this into account throughout the month of October.  Some of us will be called to take a pause before moving forward in order to reach equilibrium, but you, Taurus, are being given the green light to move forward with confidence and assurance that you have everything you need to come out on top this month.  Go at your own pace.  Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back.  Even the smallest spark can become a blaze of fire.  Don’t be afraid to light up the night sky.

 CANCER // Death, reversed

September's transformative cosmic climate incited death cycles in all of us. We were forced to face what could no longer be ignored. We were asked to truly let go of anything and anyone that wasn't serving us, both individually and collectively. Some of us answered the call, and some of us did not. Some of us are doing the work required for true transformation, and some of us are stuck in our old ways of being in the world. No matter where you currently find yourself, you are being asked to press on and fully commit to your transformation this month, Cancer.  Take a hard and fast look at your life as it is in the present moment, compare it to where you want to be, and do whatever you can to bridge that gap. You must feel it all to heal it all. You won't be able to ignore the things that you need to change this month. Don't fight it. Don’t be afraid to lean into any frustration, anger and confusion that you are currently facing.  Don’t be afraid of change. Your evolution is inevitable.  Something must give.  Investigate. Face all parts of yourself in order to get in tune with your higher self.  Know that even in death there is movement. Keep moving and October will be a potent time of transformation and rebirth for you.

VIRGO // The Moon

We’re all being asked to examine our lives and make some much needed adjustments this month.  Eclipse season and Mercury retrograde illuminated our subconscious fears and inconsistencies.  Under such a spotlight we can no longer find peace in the dark.  Sleepwalking through our lives is not an option anymore. We must wake up.  Although we will all be granted the gift of clarity in some way or another this month, you may feel it on a much smaller scale, Virgo.  Have faith.  Even if you can’t quite see where you are going yet trust that you are on the path.  This is not the time for analyzing or making plans.  Your innate analytical powers won’t help you out this month.  It’s time to quell the mental chatter and be still. Investigate your dreams.  Indulge your senses.  Above all else, spend October getting in touch with your intuition.  Get quiet.  Listen to your inner voice and pay attention to the synchronicities that are popping up in your life.  Suspend your disbelief.  The signs are real and they are trying to communicate with you.  Your ability to perceive the messages the universe is sending you directly relates to your willingness to receive them.  Be willing to not have the answers.  Be willing to receive them from another plane.

SCORPIO // Five of Cups

October will challenge you to see things in a different light, Scorpio.  The truth is that the world is full of turmoil, negativity and violence.  There is always someone or something to blame for our frustrations and fears.  This month you must ask yourself where you consistently put your focus.  Have your perceptions been holding you back?  Are you an optimist or a pessimist?  Could you benefit from a change of heart or mind?  Watch your thoughts.  Be aware of your feelings.  Are they always yours and yours alone?  Do you ever take on the thoughts and feelings of those around you?  If you feel triggered by a person or situation, stop before reacting and investigate why.  This work is worthy of your attention.  Be willing to transform the way you interact with your own thoughts, feelings and emotions.  We can’t always control our circumstances, but we can always control our reactions to them.  Don’t take yourself so seriously.  Be willing to relax.  Be willing to see another way.  You always have the power of choice, so be vigilant about your choices this month and know that you always have the power to turn it around even if you feel completely stuck.  Keep moving.  Shake things up, and you’ll be feeling in much greater balance by the end of the month.

CAPRICORN // Queen of Cups, reversed

Libra is the archetype of intimacy and relationships, and during Libra season we will all feel a greater push to examine how we commune with others and ourselves. What is the current state of your relationships, Capricorn?  Who can you always call on for support?  Who is an energy drain?  Who inspires you?  Who intimidates you?  How do you see yourself in relationship with others?  What role do you play? Do you take on multiple roles?  How is your relationship with yourself? Are you happy? What is your relationship to the Earth?  What is your relationship to the Divine?  Do you feel supported?  Where do you feel a lack?  What changes need to be made?  You are being invited to ask yourself these questions, Capricorn, and if you do, you are sure to receive the answers you need.  This isn’t easy work.  When we take a long hard look at our relationships we inevitably take a long hard look at ourselves, and we won’t always like what we find.  Don’t be afraid to do your personal work.  If you don’t like what you find, have compassion for yourself and others.  Make changes, but be kind and always treat others how you want to be treated.  This month has the potential to be truly transformative for you if you’re willing to put in the work required.

PISCES // The Chariot, reversed

The aftermath of September's cosmic climate with Eclipse season and Mercury retrograde still has many of us feeling scattered and confused. A great deal was exposed for us individually as well as collectively, and at times it's difficult to know exactly how to move forward. Don't be afraid to feel all your feelings, Pisces. Don't be afraid to take a break. You may want to run from all of the discomfort, but make sure there is clarity and purpose in all of your movements. If you're feeling particularly fearful, know that feelings change, often times much sooner than we expect them to. Don't flee from any dis-ease you may be working through. Stay present in the moment and work to understand why you feel the way that you do. Your feelings are valid and worthy of investigation, but don't let them run your life. Keep coming back to your body for grounding and support.  Seek out the people, places and spaces that make you feel safe. Take note of the people, places and spaces that make you feel anxious and detached from your body. Weed out the ones that consistently make you question yourself and your relationship to your body.  Trust that no matter where you are or what situation you are currently facing, you are always rooted and at home in truth and love.

September Tarotscopes

By Jillann Morlan
Spirit Speak Tarot Deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans

ARIES // Page of Wands

Sparks are sure to be flying all around you this month, Aries.  Sparks of passion, sparks of creativity, sparks of anger, sparks of anxiety, sparks of clarity - no matter the source, things are sure to be heating up for you both internally and externally.  Although there will be lots of inspiration and fuel for your projects, as well as, passion for your personal life, be wary of where you put your energy and how you use your time.  All the creativity and passion in the world won't get you anywhere unless you have the clarity, drive and patience to funnel your energy toward a higher purpose and clear-cut goal.  Don’t force anything to happen, and don’t let yourself get too distracted this month. Tune into your superpowers and get to work, but don’t burn yourself out on people, projects or opportunities that may not be what they seem.  Trust your gut. Take a step back and really assess for yourself what you want and what you don’t.  With Mercury in retrograde and Eclipse season upon us, things are going to be moving a little slower for everyone this month.  Even if it feels like go time, go slow.  Let the inspiration come in.  Let there be an easy flow and exchange of ideas.  Get rid of anything that isn’t working. Get excited, but hold off on solidifying big plans and commitments until the end of the month. 

TAURUS // Two of Cups

On a macrocosmic level, September is asking us to get grounded and go slow.  September is asking us to find a deeper connection with the Earth, our bodies, and to reevaluate the different people and places that we call home.  These requests will prove to be an easier task for some than others, but it very well may prove to be the easiest for you, Taurus.  The realm of the body, sensuality and earthly pleasures is where you thrive, so lean into the slow-moving energy of the month and use it to find a nourishing and sustaining balance that will carry you into the next.  Get really rooted in your truest desires, higher self and soul purpose this month, and watch as others flock to you for guidance and support.  This is bound to be a very successful month for you in the realm of relationships. Lean on others and let others lean on you. You are being given the opportunity to really step into an equal exchange of energy with those closest to you this month.  You have the ability to approach all situations and relationships with a composed and strong center.  What needs to be communicated?  What needs to be worked through?  How can you help create a better balance for everyone?  Don’t be afraid to take the lead and be the light that guides others home to themselves.

GEMINI // Ace of Pentacles

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the first of the month beckons in a time of great transition and transformation.  There will be a lot of energy moving around and through us, both individually and collectively.  There will be abrupt endings and expansive beginnings happening simultaneously.  Be aware of the projects, opportunities and relationships in your life that are coming to an end, Gemini.  Be aware of the energy that will be freed up as a result of these closures.  Free up as much energy as you can, and create space in your life for the new because it will be coming into your life with full force this month.  Endings can be difficult, but yours are being fully supported by the universe this month to help you get more aligned with your soul purpose and onto the next phase of your evolution.  Be particularly cognizant of career opportunities and creative endeavors coming your way.  You have every reason to be optimistic!  There has been a lot of discomfort within the collective this year. We are all being asked to work through our fears in different ways at different times.  This is your time, Gemini.  All of the breakdowns have been leading you to this breakthrough.  The cosmic climate is still requesting that we all go a bit slower than we might like, but if you feel called to do something new this month, don’t let any fear hold you back – go for it! 

CANCER // High Priestess

With the intense and ever-changing energies that are swirling all around us this month, you are bound to feel particularly ungrounded, Cancer.  A very complex creature indeed, and arguably the most intense sign of the Zodiac, you are sure to be feeling a bit extreme.  Do what you can to let the ebb and flow of your emotional tides transpire with as much ease as possible.  If you find yourself feeling particularly down or stuck, get moving.  Go for a walk, ride a bike, or do some gentle stretching.  Come back to the body whenever you can.  Don’t get caught up in or attach to other people’s emotions. When the outside world gets too loud, go within. Carve out time to hang out with your higher self. Get to know your soul. Listen to your intuition.  You have an acute ability to sense the unseen. Spend September honing your intuitive abilities.  If you get a gut feeling about something or someone, trust it.  September is asking you to go it alone for a bit.  Go it alone so you can get to know yourself better.  Get to know yourself better so you can be unwavering when questions about your abilities, creativity, and worth arise from others, or even from yourself. Get clear on what you know. Own it.  Stay true to yourself and don’t be afraid to be a lone wolf for a while.  Times are changing and your true tribe is on the way.

LEO // Six of Wands

It may be Virgo season now, but you’re likely to still be basking in the after-glow of your own time in the sun, Leo.  Keep riding the wave of self-love, success and fulfillment as long as you can.  Even though the cosmic climate is slowing things down for all signs across the Zodiac, you’re likely to be experiencing some positive outcomes for the work you put in prior to Eclipse season and Mercury going retrograde.  If things are aligning for you in unexpected ways this month, don’t be afraid to capitalize on your success.  You have a lot to be excited about, and a lot to be thankful for, but make sure your celebrations aren’t premature or excessive.  Things will be shifting rapidly after the Solar Eclipse on the first, so make sure you keep your options open and don’t burn any bridges.  Right now we are all being called to see how much we need each other on a much grander scale. Be the born leader that you are, Leo.  Show up for others.  Show them how it’s done. Don’t be greedy. Let others share in your success.  We all need a little more encouragement and hope right now. This is a great time for strengthening bonds, making new connections and inciting new collaborations.  Link up with others and start a crusade if you feel called to do so.  The world needs your fiery energy and indomitable spirit more than ever!

VIRGO // Ace of Swords, reversed

This may be your season, Virgo, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be free from scrutiny.  Be careful not to get caught up in all the mental noise this month.  Learn how to differentiate between your intuition and your ego. Work to turn down the volume on your ego. What do you truly want? What is truly in your highest and best? We are all apt to be hearing a lot of different things for ourselves this month, and it will undoubtedly, be difficult to discern the truth from the lies at times.  This is why you must do our inner work.  You must work to hear your intuition above the cacophony of voices vying for your attention. Stay vigilant.  Don’t take anything at face value. Use your natural intelligence and keen analytical abilities to garner the truth from all situations. Get in touch with your senses. Take a break from the mental plane and explore your sensuality.  Stop thinking about what life could be like; go out and live it. Let yourself connect with others.  Connect with your Earth element.  You will especially want to connect with your body this month.  Listen to the things your body has to say.  You might find that it has a lot more to say than you thought.  Be willing to approach things from a new perspective, and you’ll be able to move through the complicated energies of this month with much greater ease.

LIBRA // Ten of Swords, reversed

It’s been a rough year for all of us, but your gentle, kind and peace-loving soul has had to bear the brunt of our collective dis-ease, Libra.  You might be feeling especially down and out this month with Mercury in retrograde, but things are not nearly as bad as they seem. In fact, the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the first is bringing you beautiful and soft winds of change.  If things haven’t been going well for you, they will soon be shifting and you will be able to see a light in the distance.  The worst very well may be behind you, but that doesn’t mean you can charge ahead with haste. Pare down your social calendar this month and carve out some much needed time for yourself.  Take a long look at where you’ve been and everything you’ve done.  Honor all that has transpired before setting intentions for the future. What has fallen away? What remains? What still needs to be mourned?  What can you rejoice in? You might not be able to change your circumstances, but you always have the power to change your mind. Be optimistic! Work to find a better balance in the mental realm this month. Avoid extremes. Choose to rise above and tune into your higher mind.  The universe has your back this month, and always. Trust in the support you are receiving and believe in the future.

SCORPIO // Justice

You are being asked to really take stock of your past this month, Scorpio.  Before you can be fully present and take on the shifting and transformative energies of the month, you need to take a moment to honor your past – the good, the bad, and everything in between.  Atone, forgive, and most importantly, let go.  Bring the bigger picture back into focus and get yourself and your priorities back in balance.

All of us are being asked to slow down this month, but you, Scorpio, are being asked to make a full stop.  Commit to clearing the air.  Suspend your disbelief.  Could it all have happened for a reason? You don’t have to commit to finding a reason, but believe there is one and then let it go.  Give all your worries and fears to the Earth.  Write all of your regrets on a piece of paper and bury it in the ground or light it on fire.  Trust in the power of alchemy.  Nothing ever stays the same.  You are evolving no matter how you feel about your current circumstances.  Justice will always be served when the time is right.  Don’t wait around.  Keep living your life.  Keep looking ahead.  Have faith in the cycles you are going through and don’t worry about anyone else’s.  If you find yourself lost or stuck, go back to the Golden Rule: Treat others how you want to be treated.  It never fails, and neither will you.

SAGITTARIUS // Four of Swords

September is asking all of us to take a step back and assess where we’ve been before moving forward.  We are all being asked to do this in different ways.  For some of us this will be an outward and active endeavor, and for some of us it will be a more receptive and solitary one.  It may be surprising, but you fall into the second category, Sagittarius.  You are being asked to get quiet.  You are being asked to go against your natural impulses and withdraw from your usual routine for a while.  Cancel plans.  Stay in.  You won’t be able to hear the inner guidance you are receiving if someone or something else is vying for your attention.  As the bonafide extrovert of the Zodiac, September’s slow pace may make you feel a bit stir crazy, but do what you can to go with the flow.  Things will speed up again soon enough.  You have been given this cosmic climate for a reason, so use it to your advantage.  Now is the perfect time for you to prepare for the next chapter of your life.  Take time out to set a solid foundation before you move ahead.  How are you fairing these days?  What’s working well for you?  What needs to be changed?  If you don’t think there’s any work to be done, quiet your mind and just listen.  Be open to receiving guidance from the universe and you’ll be surprised at what comes through.  

CAPRICORN // Two of Swords, reversed

You’re being called to find a better balance in your relationships this month, Capricorn.  We are all in great need of each other right now, but you are especially in need of the people in your inner circle this month.  We are moving through some intense energies and a lot of unknown territory, so figure out who you can reach out to for support and don’t be afraid to ask for it.  If your relationships have been feeling a bit off balance lately, trust that they will be reaching equilibrium soon.  However, you will have to assess for yourself who is serving you and your higher purpose and who is draining your energy and bringing you down before things balance out.  Don’t be afraid to let some people go.  Trust yourself and follow through.  Release everyone else’s opinion and expectations.  You know what’s best for you. When we let go of anyone or anything that doesn’t serve us, we create space for something new and better to step into our lives.  The more you can let go, the more greatness you can call in.  You already have so much greatness in you, Capricorn; call in more of it! September is all about creating the space we need to invite in more love, light and magic into our lives.  Find a better balance, let go, create space, open up, and believe that there’s no limit to what you can receive.   

AQUARIUS // Nine of Pentacles

Things are looking quite good for you this month, Aquarius!  You have many good omens coming your way, but don’t get ahead of yourself.  You still have to slow down with the rest of us and show up to do the work that the cosmic climate is requiring of the collective.  As the visionary of the Zodiac, you are great at coming up with innovative ideas and planning for a better future.  Let this Mercury retrograde period gift you with the time and mental space to work on your future plans.  Take all the time you need.  Think about yourself.  Think about the collective.  Think about your role within the collective. Work your magic. You may be feeling more self-assured throughout the month, and abundance will certainly be coming your way, but don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.  You may be flying high now, but what about next month?  Make sure you don’t get too caught up in your own world.  Tap into your natural abilities, but don’t get trapped in the mental realm.  Don’t isolate yourself.  Stay connected with your people.  Reach out to others who you know might be in need of a little more help.  You never know when you’ll be in a position of need again yourself.  Use all the positivity and good fortune that you are receiving this month as inspiration to step up and serve others.  Keep giving and you will keep receiving, tenfold. 

PISCES // Strength, reversed

You are being called to tap into your inner reserves of strength this month, Pisces.  These are trying times, and it’s often difficult to see oneself clearly.  You are so much stronger than you think you are.  Go on a journey, both within and outside of yourself, this month.  Find the strength that you need to get you through this challenging time.  It is never as bad as it seems.  You have the ability to overcome any obstacle that is placed on your path.  What do you need to do in order to believe it?  What do you need to do in order to feel strong?  Where do you need to go?  Who do you need to be with?  If you’re at a loss, look to the past.  When were you strong?  What were the circumstances that birthed your strength?  Don’t be afraid to go back to that place and bring the wisdom of the past to the present moment.  This month is all about taking a few steps back in order to move forward with greater faith and purpose.  We all have to go back a bit, but you are being dually reminded that everything you need to enter this next phase of your life is already within you.  Take the time you need this month to activate your dormant hopes, dreams, and ambitions.  They are closer than you know and you have all the strength and support you need to achieve them.